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Presentation on Kinesics


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Name - Neel Patel
EN no - 160210116033

Published in: Engineering
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Presentation on Kinesics

  2. 2. PRESENTATION ON KINESICS (STUDY OF BODY’S PHYSICAL MOVMENT) • N A M E : PAT E L N E E L K U M A R S U N I L B H A I • E N R : 1 6 0 2 1 0 11 6 0 3 3 • B R A N C H : I T • S E M : 1 • S U B J E C T : C S
  3. 3. Kinesics • Kinesics is a study of body’s physical movement. It is the body communicates without words , that is ,through various movements of its part. Also, we can say that kinesics is interpretation of body language such as facial expressions and gestures or more formerly non-verbal behaviour related to movements , either of any part of body or body as a hole.
  4. 4. Developed by Anthropologist Ray L Birdwhistell in the 1950s, Kinesics is nothing but a study of body movement ,facial expressions and gestures . Kinesics studies include the study of following elements : Face Eyes Gestures Postures Shapes Ray L Birdwhistell
  5. 5. Face And Eyes The face is where we’ll look for most expressions of what is going inside us . Within the facial areas ,the eyes tell us much more than facial features . Thus ,we know to face and eyes we want to determine much of meaning behind body language and non-verbal communication .
  6. 6. Gestures In addition to face and eyes, other body parts move and convey meaning. We refer to this movement as gestures: the physical movement of arms , legs , hand , and head.
  7. 7. Postures Posture conveys a wealth of meaning in an economic way. It is an important part of body language. It refer to the way one stands , sits and walks. The movement of body, position of legs and hands other parts of body revealed and individuals personality
  8. 8. Sign language  don’t know :  A little:  Time :  Money,expensive,how much?:  Oops!!!:  Nice to see you: