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Persona Targeted Blog Post through implementation of Content Strategy Tactics



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Persona Targeted Blog Post through implementation of Content Strategy Tactics

  1. 1. Step 1 Getting Started
  2. 2. Marketing Objective Get 100 unique page views for my blog post by the end of May 2019. Specific? Yes Measurable? Yes Achievable? Possibly yes, but hard to say without benchmark data. Relevant? Yes Time phased? May 2019, so yes.
  3. 3. KPI Unique Page Views by end of May 2019
  4. 4. Target Persona Background and Demographics Bay Area Marketing Pioneer McLovin Needs - Male: Late 20s - Single - Working in Tech as a Consultant - Undergrad in Engineering - HH income of 100k - Lives in San Francisco Bay Area McLoven - Experts in the field to help learn of new technology - Help outside of work - An online community to support education needs - Cheap and time friendly resources Hobbies Goals Barriers - Cooking - Music - Reading - Travel - Surfing the web - Coding - Change career into a different role in a different industry within 3 years - Expand knowledge of digital marketing foundations, and other new areas relevant to future career - Start a new business - Lack of relevant educational resources at work - Companies don’t value digital marketing as much as traditional marketing - Limited time and budget for education
  5. 5. Step 2 Write a Blog Post
  6. 6. What is the theme and framework of your blog post? Provide a brief summary of your blog post including the following: 1. Select a theme for your blog post: ● Why have I decided to take the Digital Marketing Nanodegree Program? ● Title: A traditional marketer’s journey going from Analog to Digital 2. What is the framework of your blog post? ● Situation: Traditional marketing background wanting to go into digital marketing. ● Complication: Hard to find an online community, ease of using online class in terms of time, well rounded class structure ● Question: Digital Marketing Nanodegree ● Answer: Reasons for taking the DMND course 3. Outline of Blog Post - Background of myself - Reason 1: Online community - Reason 2: Same role, different industry - Reason 3: Time advantage - Reason 4: Easy access to a wealth of info.
  7. 7. Write a blog post, with the theme you’ve chosen from the options above, in the space provided below. A Traditional Marketer’s Journey going from Analog to Digital I have a unique background that is only focused on traditional marketing. But what does one mean by “traditional marketing”? Conferences, exhibitions, PowerPoints, etc anything that involves communicating how a product meets a customer’s needs through a face to face interaction. Well, where would one find such an interaction in today’s digital age? Business to Business. Hardware. It very much exists, especially in large companies. But, surprisingly, my job called for a dive into Digital Marketing. So that is where the Udacity Digital Marketing Nanodegree program comes in. Why this over other offered classes? An Online Community An online community works greats for learning things in the new digital age. Offline courses which last a day are great for learning specific skill sets but cost hundreds of dollars. This course offers the chance for input, output, and to use Slack to engage with people to gain valuable feedback, as well as a wealth of resources. Those resources are especially helpful where I am aiming for Same role, different industry Unfortunately, I have been in the hardware industry for almost 4 years and I want to go into Digital Marketing for Software / Data Science software. This involves B2B marketing, but places a greater emphasis on Digital Marketing. For future roles, Digital Marketing is needed for the Software industry as changes happen a lot more faster than the upgrades in harder. Speaking of time.. Time advantage Studying through an online course has the ability to learn while working a full time job. I am able to control what I learn when I learn. The online Slack community is response within about 24 hours of asking a question. This is a lot quicker than having to go to a Professor’s office on a certain day of the week. Now, while college is a great place to learn within people offline, Digital Marketing courses are rare to find, especially those that have a... Easy access to a wealth of info After looking through many online courses, I decided to go with the Udacity offering since I needed access to the fundamental. Also, this course gives a basic understanding into all of the fields of digital marketing. Many offline courses split the information into very specific segments, but this online offering gives a basic overview over 10 weeks into all aspects of Digital Marketing. As someone who is starting to learn what Digital marketing from scratch, this course provides the right amount of information for a beginner as well as other experts in the field who wish to learn more of the other areas.
  8. 8. Blog Post Write a short blurb with an image summarizing what your blog post is about. Post the link to your full post on the bottom of this slide: My blog post talks about my personal and professional reasons for choosing the Udacity Digital Marketing Nanodegree program. The outline for my blog post is below. - Background of myself - Reason 1: Online community - Reason 2: Same role, different industry - Reason 3: Time advantage - Reason 4: Easy access to a wealth of info. The blog post is tailored with reasons that address the needs of the customer persona, with my experience as the example.
  9. 9. Step 3 Craft Social Media Posts
  10. 10. Summary Choose three social media platforms you will use to promote your blog.Write a short explanation about why you chose those platforms. In the following slides, put the copy and image you will use for each social media channel. Use this blog post from Hootsuite to help you understand image copyright. This will guide you in choosing the right graphic for your posts:
  11. 11. Platform 1 and Post LinkedIn - Customer Persona will be a heavy user of LinkedIn since he or she is looking to switch careers in a different industry. Also, they rely on LinkedIn for a lot of latest industry information. Image from Pixabay
  12. 12. Platform 2 and Post Facebook - Customer persona will most likely use Facebook since he is single to share moments of his daily experience online. He or she most likely networks on Facebook as well since it is heavily used in the Bay Area for events. Image from Pixabay
  13. 13. Platform 3 and Post Twitter - Customer persona will use Twitter to keep up with the latest influencers in his area. Since he or she is most likely in tech, they will use Twitter to follow the latest trends in the industry. Digital marketing will be how to leverage newer marketing skills. Image from Pixabay