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Biometrics and its hacking


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Computer Engineering
Biometric hacking

Published in: Engineering, Technology
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Biometrics and its hacking

  1. 1. Biometrics and its Hacking Neel Parikh 3rd year CP 110110107020
  2. 2. Subtopics • Introduction to the term Biometrics • How it is connected to Computers..?? • Parameters • How it works..?? • Applications • Future of this field • Conclusion
  3. 3. ‘Biometrics’
  4. 4. Relation between BIOMETRICS and COMPUTERS • Authentication • Make the work easier, faster • Managing accounts and users with ease
  5. 5. Types based on characteristics 1. Physiological characteristics :  Finger-Print  Face recognition  DNA  Palm Print  hand geometry  Iris recognition  odour/scent 2. Behavioural characteristics :  Typing rhythm  Gait  Voice
  6. 6. Parameters A.K. Bolle, R. Pankanti eds. (1999). Biometrics: Personal Identification in Networked Society. Kluwer Academic Publications • Universality • Uniqueness • Permanence • Measurability • Performance • Acceptability • Circumvention
  7. 7. How Templates are Generated???
  8. 8. Applications • Industries, Offices • Schools, Colleges, Classes • Smart cards, Passports, License • Residential security (Door locks etc.) • Gun safe • Cell phones
  9. 9. Attendance systems
  10. 10. Security purpose
  11. 11. Future
  12. 12. Value Chain Market Sizing 2013-2017 ($m USD X 10000) 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 Biometrics Core Technology Technical Integrated solution Application/point solution
  13. 13. •Apple takes a Giant Leap in Future “Biometrics” •Intel's McAfee brings biometric authentication to cloud storage
  14. 14. Companies in race for Biometrics
  15. 15. Conclusion Biometrics is the safest and easiest way for authentication and security. It has its advantages as well as disadvantages but finally it’s the newest and smartest solution to security problems…
  16. 16. Questions???
  17. 17. Biometrics and its Hacking Neel Parikh 3rd year CP 110110107020
  18. 18. Summary • Introduction to the term Biometrics • How it is connected to Computers..?? • Parameters • How it works..?? • Applications • Future of this field • Conclusion
  19. 19. Subtopics • Brief introduction • Major contributor • Methods: 1) On basic level 2) On professional level • Major Issues • Conclusion
  20. 20. The 6th Day •Science Fiction Action Thriller Movie •Directed by Roger Spottiswoode •Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger
  21. 21. iPhone 5S fingerprint sensor hacked by Germany's Chaos Computer Club Chaos Computer Club (CCC) Europe's largest association of hackers.
  22. 22. Major Contributor • Prof. Tsutomu Matsumoto • “gummy finger” concept: 1)Direct experiment 2)Professional level
  23. 23. Required Material Freeplastic used for finger print mold Gelatin sheet used for gummy finger
  24. 24. Creation of fingerprint mold
  25. 25. Creation of gummy finger
  26. 26. Professional Level
  27. 27. Creation of gummy finger from latent fingerprint mold
  28. 28. Hacking from the another point of view • In another test of biometric security, an Australian National University student was able to hack through the device using the information stored within the system itself. • Chris Hill worked on discovering the way the system stored the template information and then created images that had enough similar “features” of the desired fingerprint to trick the device. • He said, “Really all I had to do was crack the code of the template, so the images I created that were accepted by the security system did not even look like thumbprints they just displayed the characteristics required by the computer program.”
  29. 29. Major Issues • Other issues needing discussion are: What happens when the part of the body getting validated is somehow damaged, such as a finger getting badly burned or deeply cut Or if someone does manage to create a fake fingerprint from your finger, how is that issue resolved, since a finger can’t be easily changed like a password can?
  30. 30. CONCLUSION Biometric devices have flaws, but so does every other security hardware and software solution. Biometric security measures offer such a strong level of security, that they cannot be thrown out or ignored simply because a few flaws have been discovered. They need to be incorporated into an organization’s already strong defence in depth. Biometrics, especially in conjunction with passwords or passcards, offers the level of security that we need at this stage in the development of information security…