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Operations of Estern Bank Limited

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  1. 1. Presentation on Operations of Eastern Bank Ltd.
  2. 2. Presented to: Tasneema Khan Lecturer Department of Banking & Insurance Faculty of Business Studies University of Dhaka Presented by: Shahadat Hossain ID: 22-042 Tasrina Akter Jery ID: 22-088 Moon Siddique ID: 22-128 MD. Redoy Hossain ID: 22-090 Jannatul Naim (21-002, re-add) MD. Rizwanul Hoque (21-084, re-add) Batch: 22nd Sec: A Department of Banking & Insurance Faculty of Business Studies University of Dhaka
  3. 3. Eastern Bank Limited (EBL) is one of the modern, fully online and technologically superior private commercial Banks in Bangladesh. Eastern Bank markets a wide range of depository, loan & card products. Eastern Bank has its presence in major cities/towns of the country including Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet, Khulna and Rajshahi. Tracing its origin back to 1992, EBL is serving the individual and corporate clientele alike with remarkable success offering innovative banking services since then. Company Profile
  4. 4. Vision: Creating long-lasting value for stakeholders and above all for the community. Offering a range of consumer, corporate, international trade, foreign exchange, lease finance and Capital Market service. Friendly and personalized services. Cutting edge technology. Tailored solutions for business needs. Global reach in trade and commerce and high yield on investments.
  5. 5. Mission: To be the number one financial services provider. Creating lasting value for clients, shareholders, employees and above all for the community it operates in. Delivering service excellence to all customers, both internal and external.
  6. 6. Values: Openness; Trust; Commitment; Integrity; Service excellence; Responsible Corporate Citizen;
  7. 7. Important Information about EBL First bank in Bangladesh to go online. Provided the first “Green Loan” in Bangladesh. First ever local bank to finance Aircraft purchase deal of Biman Bangladesh Airlines. Generates highest profitability per employee in Bangladesh Banking sector. Launched first ever Bank- sponsored Mutual Fund in Bangladesh.
  8. 8. Performance Evaluation Objectives of EBL: EBL will deliver service excellence to all his customers, both internal and external. EBL will ensure to maximize shareholders’ value. EBL will constantly challenge his systems, procedures and training to maintain a cohesive and professional team in order to achieve service excellence. EBL will create an enabling environment and embrace a team based culture where people will excel.
  9. 9. Strategic priority of EBL Further improvement of asset quality. Further change in deposit mix to increase pie of low cost deposits. To become cost efficient organization. Moderate growth in conventional products. Careful presentation in the capital market. Increased and focused Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Increase shareholders’ value. Create world class IT infrastructure to deliver superior service to our customers.
  10. 10. Technology: EBL started its journey from a meager information technology platform. The branches were operating in a decentralized environment using local software where limitations were in abundance. Described in 3 steps - Success story EBL with new ICT infrastructure features Benefits from changes
  11. 11. Success story EBL management consisting of dynamic bankers from foreign banks working environment could assess the benefits out of Information Technology [IT] in utilizing it to the maximum through their experience. Their guideline and streamlined decision making has played a pivotal role in the implementation process of Flex cube software in the branches. EBL is the pioneer Bank in laying foundation to the world class banking software in Bangladesh. No other private Banks in Bangladesh could implement foreign banking software with success in the past
  12. 12. EBL with new ICT Infrastructure features: High Speed DDN and Radio Link connectivity between Branches and the Head Office Local Area Network (LAN) - providing data network connectivity at the Head Office and the Branches Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) - connecting the DHK branches with HO, CTG branches with Agrabad and SYL branches with Chouhatta Wide Area Network (WAN) - enabling the data network circle between Head Office and the Branches
  13. 13. Benefits from Changes: At a glance - Benefits from Changes Standalone systems = > Centralized system Branch Banking = > Anywhere Banking Telegraphic Transfers = > Online Inter-branch transfer Produce MIS at Branch = > Centralized MIS Audit needs branch visit = > MIS available at Head Office On Card Signature/Pix = > Digital Signature/Pix
  14. 14. EBL Consumer Deposit Products EBL Current Account Features Unlimited transaction allowed Online Banking facility Comes with Visa Debit Card and Cheque Book facility Eligibility Minimum age 18 years Citizen of Bangladesh Free ATM Cash withdrawal facilities Free Internet Banking Free SMS Banking Free Phone Banking
  15. 15. EBL Consumer Deposit Products EBL Current Plus Features Unlimited transaction Pre-approved credit card Up to 2% waiver on loan products 2 lac free life insurance 50% waiver in demand Draft/Pay order facility 50% waiver in locker service Free Standing Instructions Features Standard Savings Account No limit on cash withdrawal Highest interest rate for a Standard savings Account Minimum balance required for Interest is BDT 15,000 Interest is paid twice a year Comes with Visa Debit Card & Cheque Book Facility EBL Classic Savings
  16. 16. EBL Consumer Deposit Products EBL Power Savings Features Has the lowest minimum balance requirement for interest. Interest calculated on day end balance-giving you a better chance to get interest. Has a handsome savings rate- paid monthly to your account Unlimited cash withdrawal Allowed-no loss of interest for transaction Comes with Visa Debit Card & Cheque Book Facility EBL max Saver Features Minimum balance required for Interest is BDT 30,000 Interest calculated on day end balance-giving you a better chance to get interest Has the highest savings rate in its class- paid monthly to your
  17. 17. EBL Consumer Deposit Products EBL Premium Savings Features Enjoy the highest interest on your savings Interest paid monthly to your account Interest Starts from BDT 100,000 Interest calculated on Average Balance Unlimited cash withdrawal Allowed-no loss of interest for transaction EBL Smart Women Savings Features Enjoy higher interest as you save more Interest Starts from BDT 25,000 Unlimited cash withdrawal Allowed-no forfeiture of interest for transaction Comes with Visa Debit Card & Cheque Book Facility
  18. 18. EBL Consumer Deposit Products EBL Millionaire Scheme Features Choose from three different tenures- from 10 to 15 years One Person can open More than one "EBL Millionaire Scheme” Maximum 90% Loan facility against EBL Millionaire Scheme Unlimited cash withdrawal Allowed-no loss of interest for transaction EBL FD Features Can be opened in any EBL Branches All EBL FD has auto renewable option with/without interest Attractive Interest rate Cstomer can open more than one EBL FD
  19. 19. EBL Consumer Loan Products EBL Women's Loan Features Loan Amount: Minimum TK. 1,00,000/-, Maximum TK. 10,00,000/- Repayment Tenor: 12, 24, 36, 48 & 60 months Competitive interest rate • Processing fee-1 % • Early Full and partial settlement allowed • One personal guarantee needed • No security required
  20. 20. Eligibility Any credit worthy salaried women Age: » Minimum : 22 Years » Maximum : 60 years Minimum Gross Monthly Income: » BDT 15000/= for Teacher & Govt. Employee » BDT 20000/= for Other than Teacher & Govt. Employee » BDT 30000/= for Joint application(Spouse only) EBL Women's Loan
  21. 21. EBL Consumer Loan Products EBL Assure EBL Assure is an any purpose lifestyle loan facility for any legitimate purpose with life insurance coverage. Features Loan amount minimum BDT 100000 – BDT 1000000 (or maximum 15 times of gross income whichever is lower) Repayment tenor maximum 12,24,36,48 and 60 month Processing fee 0.5% of the loan amount Competitive interest rate One personal guarantor needed Early full and partial settlement allowed No hidden charges No security required
  22. 22. EBL Assure Eligibility Age: Minimum 22 years Maximum 60 years(Salaried), 65 years (Professional) Length of experience: Salaried Executives: Minimum 1 year, 6 months with present employer Self-employed Professionals: Minimum 1 year practice in the respective profession Minimum Gross Monthly Income: Salaried Executives: Minimum Gross Monthly Income BDT 15000 for Govt. employee and BDT 20000 for Other than govt. employee Self-employed Professionals: Minimum Gross monthly Income BDT 30,000
  23. 23. Required Documents for Applicant National Identity or Passport copy Recent color Photograph-2 copies Business card / Office ID Latest TIN certificate (not more than 2 years old) Salary Certificate/ Letter of Introduction for Salaried Executive BMDC/ Professional Certificate for Doctors/Self-employed Professionals Latest (not more than 1month old during applying for loan) 6 months Bank Statement for Salaried Executives and 12 months for Self- employed Professionals/Landlords Having existing loan facility, sanction letters along with account statements reflecting 6/12 months loan installments Rent or Lease Agreement along with property ownership documents (if applicable) Any Utility Bill copy as confirmation of owned house (if applicable)
  24. 24. EBL Credit Cards EBL Credit Cards Classic Credit Card Gold Credit Card Platinum Signature EBL Corporate Cards Jet Airways EBL Platinum Card EBL Debit Cards Cool Card Debit Card Global Debit Card NRB Debit Card Signature Debit EBL Visa Business Debit Card
  25. 25. EBL Student Banking EBL Junior EBL Campus Account Education Finance Pack EBL Student File Services EBL Child Future Plan
  26. 26. EBL SMS Banking
  27. 27. EBL Internet Banking Features of Internet Banking Account information: Account Summary Account Details Term Deposit (Fixed Deposit): TD (FD) Account Summary Open Term Deposit (Fixed Deposit) Loan Management Bill Payment Online Payment Customer Services
  28. 28. EBL SKY Banking
  29. 29. EBL Green Banking ‘Environmental Risk’ as a core risk for its business. Development of effective procedures for management of environmental and social risks in its lending activities. Supporting business activities that contribute to the protection and improvement of the environment. Support economic activities of the flood, cyclone, and drought prone areas. Aim to protect the environment through resource recycling as well as efficient use of energy and resources. Providing in-house environmental education and support. Promoting environmental protection activities.
  30. 30. EBL SME Banking Small Segment Loan Products EBL Asha EBL Uddog EBL Agrim EBL Mukti EBL Uddom EBL Unnoti EBL Nobodoy EBL Udoy EBL Krishi Rin EBL Utkorsho EBL Utpadon EBL Projukti