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Shipping Container Facts


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Everything you ever wanted to know about Shipping Containers and more!

At Sunshine Self Storage, we use shipping containers for all of our storage needs.

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Shipping Container Facts

  1. 1. Shipping Container Facts
  2. 2. Shipping Container Facts These amazing structures are secure, strong, waterproof and vermin proof. You can drive right up to them and store or remove your goods very easily. It’s for these reasons and more that we believe shipping containers make the very best option for self storage.
  3. 3. Shipping Container Facts There’s no doubt or disparity when it comes to the strength of shipping containers. Containers are the strongest structure available – stronger than wood, concrete, and even regular steel buildings. Containers are resistant to any natural disaster, including tornadoes, earthquakes, and even cyclones. They are 100 times safer and stronger than a conventional housing structure.
  4. 4. First metal container was built in 1956 Containers were first invented by Malcom McLean in 1956. He had a trucking business and he was constantly frustrated by the way that he had to move goods from his yard to trucks, to trains and then eventually onto ships.
  5. 5. The old way of moving goods was called “break bulk cargo” This was time consuming and costly to move to and from boats, trains and trucks in the transit process. Replacing traditional methods
  6. 6. Ultimately, shipping containers fixed all of these challenges and today there are 530 million containers worldwide. A great testament to the work of Malcom Mclean. 530 million containers worldwide
  7. 7. At any one stage, there’s 17 million containers in circulation throughout the world. 17 million containers in circulation
  8. 8. 5 Million actively being used at any time And of the 17 million, five million are actively being used at any one time traveling around the world on ships, trains and trucks or being loaded or unloaded on site.
  9. 9. 200 Million Trips Per Year This map shows the different routes that these containers take particularly between America and Europe but also to many different parts of the world.
  10. 10. Twice Around The Globe If all the shipping containers in the world were placed end to end, they would stretch twice around the globe. That’s an incredible number of shipping containers worldwide!
  11. 11. 97% of containers are made in China 97% of containers are made in China due to relatively cheap and highly skilled labor and that most of the worlds goods are produced there as well making it an ideal location for production.
  12. 12. 675 Containers Lost At Sea Per Year Unfortunately, up to 675 containers per year are lost at sea and that is just the official number. Unofficially, we’re led to believe that thousands of containers are lost overboard every year, in situations like this where there are rough seas.
  13. 13. Lost Containers Are Dangerous Shipping containers that are lost at sea are extremely dangerous. Sometimes, they float above the surface but they can remain just under the surface because of their water tight nature. This is particularly dangerous for small crafts such as yachts that are sailing in open water and shipping lanes.
  14. 14. Many Are Abandoned Many containers are used on private properties or sometimes they are abandoned - and therefore we need more to be manufactured to replace them.
  15. 15. Or Used For Other Purposes… Of course there are also many other uses for containers such as buildings, houses, offices, sheds and other uses. Many of the most amazing buildings in the world are made from shipping containers.
  16. 16. New Vessels Carry Incredible Amounts The shipping liner industry has spent over 236 billion dollars purchasing new vessels that can carry increasingly astonishing amounts of containers.
  17. 17. In this image you can see the incredible growth of the container ships from the first ships in 1968 carrying just 1,500 shipping containers through to the ships currently being manufactured which will hold over 22,000 shipping containers.
  18. 18. 95% Of The Worlds Cargo Moves By Sea 95% of the world’s cargo moves by sea making shipping containers extremely important. Those good are brought to ports by trucks, trains and planes and loaded onto the ships bound for various worldwide destinations.
  19. 19. Shanghai, China - The Worlds Busiest Container Port The port of Shanghai is the world’s busiest shipping container port. It handles up to 33 million shipping containers in one year.
  20. 20. When packed correctly, a 20 foot shipping container can hold 3,500 shoe boxes. That’s going to keep a lot of ladies very happy! A 20’ container can hold 3500 shoe boxes
  21. 21. If shipping containers are taken care of with regular maintenance, they can last over 20 years. Many of our containers at Sunshine Self Storage are older and have been looked after extremely well making them a perfect storage solution for years to come. Well maintained containers can last 20 years
  22. 22. The structural integrity of shipping containers are truly amazing. There is a post on each corner of the container that holds the weight of container stacked on top of it and the corrugated sides, ends and doors of shipping container make the integrity of the structure extremely robust. Amazing Structural Integrity
  23. 23. Containers Can Handle Up To 230 km/hr Winds The containers can even handle up to 230 km/hr winds. They can withstand all sorts of weather conditions without damaging the contents stored inside.
  24. 24. … And Be Stacked Up to 6 Containers High Shipping Containers can be stacked up to six high and in fact, if secured correctly can be stacked even higher. We love our shipping containers and hope that you’ll enjoy storing your goods with us at Sunshine Self Storage.
  25. 25. We trust that you have enjoyed learning a little bit more about the humble shipping container and look forward to seeing you soon at Sunshine Self Storage. For more information, please visit our website at