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What's a NRD? Why should I care what they do?


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In this two minute read, find out the facts about Nebraska's Natural Resources Districts. You may have heard of a NRD before, but now get the scoop on what they actually do to better Nebraska.

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What's a NRD? Why should I care what they do?

  1. 1. What’s a NRD? And WHY should I care what they do? (2 Minute Read)
  2. 2. What’s an NRD? You SHOULD know! 2 2/21/2018 Adda footer The Natural Resources Districts, also knownas NRDs, are locallygoverning entities across Nebraska that focus on sustaining the state’s natural resources.
  3. 3. This is great! The NRDs protect lives, property and Nebraska’s future. Now, for the good stuff! 3 2/21/2018 Adda footer “Keep Learning!”
  4. 4. Everyone in Nebraska lives in one of 23 Natural Resources Districts in the state. That includes you! 4 2/21/2018 Adda footer
  5. 5. Turns out you might haveA LOT more in common with the NRDs’ mission than you think. 5 2/21/2018 Adda footer
  6. 6. They love everything water. Drinking water. Gulp, Gulp, Ahhh! Groundwater. This is where most of Nebraska’s drinking water comes from. River and Lake Water. #boatlife 6 2/21/2018 Adda footer
  7. 7. They love water soooo much; They work hard to make sure ALL Nebraskans have enough of it now and for generations to come by setting up some rules and guidelines so everyone gets a share of it. 7 2/21/2018 Adda footer Lower Platte North NRD measures water levels.
  8. 8. The NRDs also want the waterYOU DRINK to be squeaky clean. They take water samples across the state and team up with other agencies in offering programs and education to keep Nebraska’s water refreshing and safe. 8 2/21/2018 Adda footer “The NRDs’ conservation methods can help deter nitrates.” “Call them up to get educated on how!”
  9. 9. Speaking of water… the NRDs work hard to prevent flooding. The NRDs focus on flood prevention by building dams to keep you, your family, your dog, cat and your home super safe. 9 2/21/2018 Adda footer “Good Thing!” Wilber Dam
  10. 10. Now… what’s even better... 10 2/21/2018 Adda footer
  11. 11. Instead of leaving flood prevention structures as is, sometimes the NRDs will turn the structure into a beautiful recreation area so it can have multiple uses that encourage healthy living. #familybonding #weekend #getoutside There are 80 rec areas to explore! 11 2/21/2018 Adda footer “Here, Fishy, Fishy.”
  12. 12. PROUD MOMENT PAUSE: Nebraska leads the nation in most irrigated acres. Thank you landowners for your conservation efforts!!! Now continue... 12 2/21/2018 Adda footer Irrigation "Hoorayfor good water management!"
  13. 13. The NRDs love wildlife. Animals get extra help from the NRDS through programs encouraging property owners to build wildlife habitat. 13 2/21/2018 Adda footer “What! No way. Me too!” “Call your NRD for ideas.They love to help!”
  14. 14. And the NRDs love TREES! Since 1972, the NRDs have assisted landowners in planting more than 95 million trees in Nebraska with their Conservation Tree Program. 14 2/21/2018 Adda footer Tri-Basin NRD plantingtree seedlings.
  15. 15. It’s like you two are practically BESTIES!!! 15 2/21/2018 Adda footer “Can I get a hug?”
  16. 16. The Natural Resources Districts are passionate about Nebraska’s soil. Sounds like a snooze fest, but actually, mud, dirt, soil… whatever you’d like to call it is a fascinating topic. The NRDs have programs to help encourage and teach people to keep their soil in tip-top shape. 16 2/21/2018 Adda footer “Got mud?”
  17. 17. The condition of the soil is especially important for farmers and ranchers, so their crops will grow and they can continue to feed the world. #covercrops #notillfarming #planttrees #bufferstrips #terraceplanting #windbreaks #croprotation 17 2/21/2018 Adda footer “What did you do today?” “Oh, I helpedfeed the world. NBD.” “Wow! I guess good conservation methods do payoff!” Cover Crops help use leftover fertilizeralready in the ground.
  18. 18. The NRDs are dedicated to educating Nebraska’s youth about natural resources too. We teach in the classroom, have camps, clubs, environmental competitions and more! 18 2/21/2018 Adda footer ACE Camp Envirothon ClassroomEducation
  19. 19. Go Earth!!! 19 2/21/2018 Adda footer
  20. 20. The coolest thing about the NRDs, is that they’re run by the public. When you vote, you can elect people to run on the local NRD board in your area. 20 2/21/2018 Adda footer NebraskaAssociationofResources DistrictsBoard of Directors
  21. 21. What’s even cooler? Every board makes local decisions that affectYOUR specific area. 21 2/21/2018 Adda footer This helps each area of Nebraska zero in on its needs to make the state sustainable.
  22. 22. Serious Talk Now: It’s important to know… The NRDs use 1 to 2 percent of property taxes collected in your county to make sure your natural resources are taken care of. 22 2/21/2018 Adda footer
  23. 23. Each NRD has board meetings once a month. Guess what… You’re invited to attend and give input! 23 2/21/2018 Adda footer
  24. 24. So, how do I find which NRD I live in? • Nebraska Association of Resources Districts • 24 2/21/2018 Adda footer Step 1 Go to our website! Step 2 Click on “FindYour NRD.” Step 3 Learn More! Step 4 TellYour Friends. HINT: Follow the arrows.
  25. 25. How do I find out how to buy trees and shrubs? • Or take the direct route: • 25 2/21/2018 Adda footer Step 1 Go to our website! Step 2 Click on “Tree Program.” Step 3 Search tree/shrub options. Step 4 Call your local NRD to order.
  26. 26. How do I pick which recreation area I want to go to? • Or take the direct route: • 26 2/21/2018 Adda footer Step 1 Go to our website! Step 2 Click on “Recreation.” Step 3 Search 80 recreation areas. Step 4 Go have fun! OliverReservoir and RecreationArea
  27. 27. Mind… Blown. The End Have a great day!