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Envirothon - A Natural Resources Competition for High School Students


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Envirothon is a high school competition that starts at the regional level in Nebraska, goes to the state level and then to the international level. It focuses on teaching students about Policy, Aquatics, Forestry, Wildlife, Soils, Range and a Current Event regarding our natural resources. It's a fun competition that students get to do with their friends. Join the fun at

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Envirothon - A Natural Resources Competition for High School Students

  1. 1. Envirothon A Natural Resources Competition
  2. 2. Who Gets To Compete • 9th – 12th Grade Students • 5 Students per Team • You need a teacher or FFA Advisor or adult to be the team advisor. • For more information, go to to find out which region you live in and to sign up.
  3. 3. Competition • 6 Regional Competitions – February and March • State Competition - April • National Competition - July Regional Competition
  4. 4. Test your environmental knowledge with your friends! State Envirothon
  5. 5. Teams Tested on 7 Different Subjects • Aquatics • Wildlife • Range • Soils • Forestry • Policy • Current Issue
  6. 6. Wildlife Station
  7. 7. Wildlife Question: This animal could be found in what type of habitat? A. Woodland B. Wetland C. Tallgrass Prairie D. All of the above
  8. 8. Forestry Station
  9. 9. Forestry Question: Knots in lumber are the result of? A. branches on the tree B. injuries to the tree C. damage to logs in the sawmill D. all the above
  10. 10. Range Test
  11. 11. Range Question: Fire suppression on eastern and central Nebraska rangelands has resulted in: A. Increased forage production. B. Decreased forage production. C. Increased the canopy cover of eastern red cedar. D. B and C.
  12. 12. Aquatics Station:
  13. 13. Aquatics Question: It is reasonable to assume that a stream with good quality water has… A. Many species of fish and insects, but low numbers of each species. B. Stable populations of brown trout. C. Few species of fish and insects, but high numbers of each species. D. Greater ability to resist degradation.
  14. 14. Soils Station
  15. 15. Soils Question: What are the four tenants for beginning to develop healthy soils? A. Tillage, tillage, tillage, and more tillage B. Keep it covered, do not disturb, use rotations, get a soil health management plan C. No-till sometimes, bale stalks, use vertical tillage, rip in the fall D. Rotate crops, minimum tillage, use fungicides and insecticides, remove residue for disease control
  16. 16. Policy Station
  17. 17. Policy Question: What percentage of Nebraska’s land is in agricultural use? A. Less than 65% B. 75% C. 85% D. About 93%
  18. 18. Special Topic Presentation on Current Issue (topic changes every year)
  19. 19. State Envirothon Championship Team Goes to the National Conservation Foundation Envirothon to compete with other states, provinces in Canada and other countries including China! 2017 Maryland NCF Envirothon
  20. 20. NCF Envirothon – Maryland 2017 Go, Team Nebraska, Go!
  21. 21. NCF Envirothon Testing Day – Maryland 2017
  22. 22. Guess what??? We’re excited to announce the NCF Envirothon will be in Lincoln, Nebraska in the year, 2020!!!
  23. 23. Nebraska Envirothon
  24. 24. Answers to Test Questions: Wildlife: D Forestry: A Range: D Aquatics: A Soils: B Policy: D Special Topic Question: Judged on presentation