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Emotional Marketing - Ndela


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Emotional Marketing - Ndela

  1. 1. Emotional Appeal - The Modern Way of Marketing Ndela Sichizya – March 2015 EmotionalMarketing
  2. 2. EmotionalMarketing
  3. 3. Why Emotional Appeal? • It helps you break through the clutter and stand out……. Everyone is communicating something at the same time. • Creates a bond between consumers and the product….. You have to connect with your customers, build relationships with them. • “In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.” EmotionalMarketing
  4. 4. Some of the Emotions to Target Interest Surprise Happiness Affection Excitement Fear Trust Trend setting EmotionalMarketing
  5. 5. Extent Naming Brands Campaigns ProfilesSlogans Adverts, TV and Radio Color choices EmotionalMarketing
  6. 6. Examples Life’s good Live life today Make life better Enriching lives Redbull Monster Dragon Condom packaging Detergents Beers EmotionalMarketing
  7. 7. EmotionalMarketing
  8. 8. EmotionalMarketing
  9. 9. EmotionalMarketing
  10. 10. Importance to Marketing Emotions are critical to marketing. If correctly analyzed and targeted, emotional marketing content produces a better result than rational content. An analysis of 1400 case studies in the USA of successful advertising campaigns shows that those with emotional content performed twice as better than those with only rational content. People feel first before they think. EmotionalMarketing
  11. 11. How to use it • Study the demographics of your target market and know what triggers their emotions • Create a message, theme or ideas that gives meaning for the consumer. The themes should appeal to the person’s internal motivation • Your message should speak to the individual’s need for satisfaction, security, love, power, assurance etc EmotionalMarketing
  12. 12. How to use it EmotionalMarketing •The New Brain THINKS. It processes rational data •The Middle Brain FEELS. It processes emotions and gut feelings • The Old Brain DECIDES. It takes into account the input from the other two brains, but the old brain is the actual trigger of decisions
  13. 13. EmotionalMarketing
  14. 14. EmotionalMarketing Telling does NOT equal selling. Never turn a selling event into a telling event! Summary
  15. 15. Thank You ? EmotionalMarketing