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  1. 1. THE VISITOR BYS.S.S.N<br />CONTENTS PAGE<br />PAGE 3: CAST LIST, TECHINCAL INFORMATION, OVERVIEW OUTLINE<br />PAGE 4: OUTLINE (BEGINNING, MIDDLE AND END), SYNOPSIS<br />PAGE 5: SYNOPSIS CONTINUED <br />THE VISITOR<br />CAST LISTYoung childBabysitterMotherFather<br />TECHNICAL INFORMATION- Set: Present Time- Location: Outskirts of London- Rating (BBFC): 15- Film Running Time: 127 Minutes <br />OVERVIEW OUTLINEThe lifestyle of a very busy/wealthy mother and father has driven them into hiring an inexperienced, young, and cheap au pair. Their sociable and playful child takes to the au pair with no issues. It isn’t until the parents begin to become extremely over protective of the child that the child minder begins to clock unnatural/unrealistic aspects of what seems to be the ‘perfect’ family. The child seems to become increasingly stressed and show signs of catatonic behaviour. This includes not answering to his name when called by the child minder and drawing pictures of another family in a completely different location. When the au pair overlooks the child’s behaviour, she begins to become extremely close to the child, gaining his trust. Once the loyalty between the pair has formed the au pair begins her own investigation into the so called ‘Bridges’ family and their unexpected past begins to unravel. <br />OUTLINE<br />BEGINNING: The busy lifestyle of wealthy middle-class parents leads them to hiring a young au pair, who becomes looked upon by the parents as an all round life-saver.<br />MIDDLE: As the child minder adapts to the needs of the family, suspecting that something is wrong, she turns directly to the child in attempt to gain his trust and get information out of him. This results in a series of clues forming which leads her to believe that the family is not a genuine representation of who they portray themselves to be.<br />END: As the clues form to a shocking reality, the au pair herself reveals that she is not a babysitter at all but someone who knows a lot about the ‘perfect’ Bridges family.<br />SYNOPSIS: The story is based around a lavish family set in the city of London. A mother and father who both have very busy and constructive jobs are forced to hire an inexperienced au pair who seems perfect for looking after their only child. She is bubbly and friendly and keen to learn deeply about the Bridges family. The child (Charlie of five years) automatically takes to the child minder which seems to strike corruption with the parents, especially the mother. As this behaviour continues to adapt, the parents become increasingly protective which makes the babysitter believe that something is not what it seems. <br />Furthermore, in attempt to find out the truth lurking behind the family, the au pair cleverly becomes worryingly close to the child in apparent order to gain his trust and find out information from him. As their bond develops and becomes exceedingly close, clues begin to form which add up to an unexpected reality. <br />The child minder, after collecting enough clues to disadvantage the family, gradually begins to alert the parents that she knows more about them than they may think. Stunningly to the audience, it then becomes clear that the ideal ‘Bridges’ family do not go by that name at all, but are in the hands of witness protection and on the run from a terrible crime that they witnessed. However, the twist does not end there. Once it is revealed that the family have changed their identity we begin to learn that the au pair herself has many hidden secrets. The question left to answer, is who are the family on the run from?<br />