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20yrs:1998 Society of Archivists Conference


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1998 – Preserving Digital Collections: current methods and research, presentation to the Society of Archivists annual conference, Sheffield UK.
This is 1 of 12 conference presentations selected from 20 years in Digital Preservation. It presented the first advocacy of a life-cycle approach to digital preservation (as published in A Strategic Framework for Creating and Preserving Digital Resources) and the work on the digital collections policy of the recently established Arts and Humanities Data Service.

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20yrs:1998 Society of Archivists Conference

  1. 1. The Arts and Humanities Data Service Preserving Digital Collections:current methods and research Neil Beagrie Funded by the Joint Information Systems Committee
  2. 2. Overview growth of electronic records A Strategic Policy Framework for Creating and Preserving Digital Collections Neil Beagrie and Daniel Greenstein pro-active programmes collaboration new approaches legal issues what you can do further information
  3. 3. Growth of Electronic Records Computer Disk Storage after Michael Lesk In the USA it is estimated that 75% of federal government transactions will be electronic by 2000 AD 1.5 kilometers of paper records transferred to PRO each year:estimated 95% originate from electronic source
  4. 4. Awareness & Preparation Digital Preservation Needs and Requirements in RLG Member Institutions M.Hedstrom and S. Montgomery Dec 1998
  5. 5. Preparation 2
  6. 6. The Study One of seven digital preservation studies life-cycle(“continuum”) of a digital resource and preservation policy framework Desk-top survey and 15 interviews with archives, libraries and museums 5 Case studies, best practice guidelines, resources and other studies
  7. 7. The Framework Framework based on the life-cycle of a resource » creation (planning and implementation) » management and preservation » use » legal & business environment Documents relationship and dependencies identifies involvement of different stakeholders with any one resource
  8. 8. The Case Studies Funding agencies digitisers data banks institutional archives academic archives legal deposit/copyright libraries
  9. 9. Pro-active programmes NERC Data Policy data/#DATAPOLICY EROS (Electronic Records In Office Systems) » records management guidelines » records process:appraisal pilot projects » long-term transfer and access strategy AHDS/AHRB » joint C&IT Policy » Guidance for depositors and data creators
  10. 10. Collaboration international efforts DLM-FORUM » publications & training programme » legal implications » information for the citizen TASI (JISC Technical Advisory Service for Images) » Building Image Archives (data capture and creation, data access and delivery, data collections management)
  11. 11. New approaches digital preservation methods: » migration » emulation » technology preservation “bundling” and technical metadata
  12. 12. New approaches BSI Digital IDT/1/4 Universal Preservation Format (UPF) » “Rosetta Stone” conceptual model » proceedings/DELOS6/index.html
  13. 13. Legal issues copyright confidentiality and data protection licensing and contract law public records legislation Preserving the U.S. Government's White House Electronic Mail: Archival Challenges and Policy Implications David Wallace proceedings/DELOS6/index.html
  14. 14. What you can do Increase awareness Into the Future: On the Preservation of Knowledge in the Electronic Age develop collections policy pro-active programmes - early involvement collaborate continuous professional development
  15. 15. Where to get more information A Strategic Policy Framework for Creating and Preserving Digital Collections Neil Beagrie and Daniel Greenstein website- <> published by JISC as Elib Supporting Study No. P3 by Library Information Technology Centre, South Bank University, London 1998, ISBN 1 900508 47 8, 78 pages £20 also as BLRIC Report No 107 on demand photocopy or microfilm email list - AHDS-ALL (send email message: join ahds- all [first name] [last name] to