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Final slaid 14 group


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Aviation technology in tomorrow and Bangladesh

Published in: Engineering
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Final slaid 14 group

  1. 1. PRESENTED BY Nazmul Hasan Kollan Sarker Rafia Nishat Kamruzzaman Hridoy GROUP -14
  2. 2. Aims • To familiarize with aviation technology and its future expansion
  3. 3. Aircraft Development Aircraft Structure Aircraft Engine Aircraft Operation Airport Future Aircraft Design Future technologies Our thoughts
  4. 4. What is aviation? • Aviation is the practical aspect or art of aeronautics, being the design, development, production, operation, and use of aircraft, especially heavier-than-air aircraft.
  5. 5. Kites Airships Balloons A sky lantern EARLY FLYING MACHINES
  6. 6. First Modern Aircraft 1) Invented by Sir George Cailey.(Father of aeroplane) 2) Model Glider with layout of modern aircraft 3) Concept of modern aircraft as fixed wing flying machine 4) Concept of thrust, lift, drag and weight 5) Design of full size manned glider or governable parachute.
  7. 7. The Wright Flyer: The first sustained flight with a powered, controlled aircraft. ( Invented by the Wright brothers in 1903)
  8. 8. Wright brothers technology • Wood and cloth • Wing warping for control (three axis control) • Engine made in their bicycle shop • Spruce frame –but wood is a composite containing cellulose fibres in a lignin and hemi cellulose matrix • Muslin for surfaces- textile structure of cotton fibres
  9. 9. Wright1903Flyer
  10. 10. Modern Engine Wright Flyer Engine
  11. 11. Cockpit: The area usually in front of the aircraft from which it is controlled and operated FLIGHT INSTRUMENTS : Attitude Indicator Airspeed Indicator Magnetic Compass Heading Indicator Vertical Speed Indicator Course Deviation Indicator Radio Magnetic Indicator Altimeter
  12. 12. Location for take off and landing of an aircraft Take Off: The phase of flight in which an aerospace vehicle goes from ground to flying in the air Landing Part of flight where a flying aircraft returns to the ground
  13. 13. Aviation at present • At present times aviation has been modified and developed to a great extent. • Speed,luxury,safety have been increased • Use of drones in military and civilian aspect • Improved radar system
  14. 14. Aviation in Bangladesh  At present Bangladesh have 3 international airports in Dhaka, Chittagong and Sylhet. Other than that there are eight domestic airports. The airlines in Bangladesh are Bangladesh Biman Airlines, United Airways, Regent Airways, NovoAir. In Bangladesh Air force is currently using combat aircrafts like MiG-29, F-7, Shenyang FT-6. Lockheed C-130
  15. 15. 1)Reduced structural load. 2)Reduced stability requirements. 3)New Airfoil designs. 4)Flow control. 5)Use of composite materials. 6)Propulsion 7)New configuration concepts
  16. 16. Helios cthomas
  17. 17. Icon II Green Supersonic Machine SUGAR
  18. 18. Joined Wing Concept Oblique Flying Wing
  19. 19. Lift to drag ratio 50% greater that conventional airplane. Wide airfoil shaped body. Efficient high lift wings. Increased fuel efficiency. Lower noise.
  20. 20. Bionic Structures Self reliant Materials Composite Materials Biopolymer membrane
  21. 21. Integrated neural network Morphing materials 3D prints Holographic technology
  22. 22. Energy Harvesting Ecological Materials
  23. 23. An autonomous renewably-powered taxiing carriage to be ready at ground. Quicker transportation of aircraft from runway. Faster turnaround of aircraft Operation of ground vehicles without human intervention.
  24. 24. 1) Aviation with solar power 2) Flight based on free energy 3) Flying cars 4) Flight without pilot 5) Improved systems to reduce death during crash 6) Reduction of pollution during flight 7) Eco friendly flight