Process of Creating my Page for Website


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Process of Creating my Page for Website

  1. 1. Process of creating Website Click to edit MasterPage ‘About us’ subtitle style
  2. 2. Here you can see I have started to create my page for the website. I have chosen to settle withhaving the text along one side with both the image and video on the other. Starting to create thewebsite wasn’t that hard. I was able to figure out what to do, after just playing with wix a little. Iwent onto the editor and started to edit my page. The main thing that I thought I would find mostdifficult was adding the video onto the page, but surprisingly it was really easy. However, one thing Idid struggle on was changing the colour of the text box. I had tried to do many things, but the way Iovercame this problem was by picking a thicker lined text box, and just changing the colour of theline, and I was able to get what I wanted.
  3. 3. Here you can see that I decided to change the sides where I had put the image/video and the text. The reason towhy I changed that was because I wanted to see if it looked better like this, and in my opinion it did so that’s what Idecided to leave it as. Also, for the title I tried to make it unique and fun, by having tree in the word treat, and Ithink it made the title a lot more fun, which is what I was going for. As for the font of the title, that was hard. Ifirstly thought that there were only a few fonts, but when I looked a little more, I got to know there were a rangeof different fonts. I decided to settle with this one because I thought it looked sophisticated and fitted well with mypage. I also kept in mind that if Michael who was in charge of the homepage kept a different font to this, I mightthink about changing it into the font he chose, as I want the title of the fonts on our website consistent.
  4. 4. Here I have added images. What I had to do was click on an icon which said ‘add images’ on it. Afterthat I had many options to choose from, which enabled me to pick a way in which I wanted myimages to appear. There were two different ways that I decided to try out, and the one that I likedbetter was the one I would settle with. The one above was one which had them rotating. I had toupload the images I wanted. I had three images that I wanted to have, but because there was spacefor 5 images I had to delete two of them. This was easily done because all I had to do was click abutton which said ‘delete’. I didn’t really like the way these images appeared because it just didn’tlook good.
  5. 5. This was the other way that I tried to have my images. This was a lot different as it would make myimages run as a slideshow. I was more fond of this way, and that’s why I decided to settle with this.However, some of the images I had chosen were too big, so they didn’t show up in the right size onmy page. I couldn’t find a way to solve this issue, then to just choose other images because it washard to figure out what I had to do. I tried to find a way, but apart from changing the images therewas nothing else I could do. Once, I had changed the images, they looked a lot better, and fit welltoo. So, I just chose to go with this way of my images showing up.
  6. 6. Once everything was done (text, images and video) I wanted to play around a little morewith the layout of my page. As I mentioned before in my opinion, they layout is key. So,what I have done here is I moved the text box to being right at the top of the page; andhave the images and video below it. I thought that by having a lot of text at the top ofthe page, it made my page look a little boring, so I didn’t stick to this layout and decidedto go to the layout I had previous to this one.
  7. 7. Once everything was in position, I had to give the final finishing touched to my page. This is when Iconcentrated on the colours. Firstly, because I had the word ‘tree’ in my title I wanted to make itbrown, so that when people read it they knew that the word tree’s in it. Also, it makes our messageclear to them too. After that, I looked at the text. By having it just black, it looked really boring and Iwanted my page to be anything but boring. Keeping this thought in mind I looked at the colourscheme of my existing page, and I thought that brown would look best, and it did. After that Ithought I was finished, but for some reason it still looked really empty. What I done then was addeda little image in the top left hand corner. That definitely made the page look a lot better.
  8. 8. FINAL PAGE DESIGNThis is the look of my finished outcome. I am very pleased with this, because I think it lookspresentable and very neat. The main thing that I wanted to get right was the layout, and I think I donea pretty good job. I really like the way this page ties together, and it all looks put together perfectly.There isn’t anything that I would change because if there was I could have done it as I was the onemaking this page. Overall, this page had definitely turned out to be how I wanted it.