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Final ppt maglev

  1. 1. MAGNETIC LEVITATION (MagLev) By Nazia Banoo Siddiqui (EEE,6th sem)
  2. 2. What is MagLev?MagLev Technology; -levitates objects in air - electromagnetic propulsion - caused by electro magnets
  3. 3. Technology in MagLev1)ELECTROMAGNETIC SUSPENSION; - uses attractive magnetic force of a magnet.2)ELECTRODYNAMIC SUSPENSION; -uses repulsive force between 2 magnetic fields
  4. 4. Basic Concepts Of MagLev are- - Halbach Array -Levitation Track -Propulsion system
  5. 5. Halbach Array•grade 38, Neodymium-IronBoron (NdFeB).•Posses “ one-sided flux” structure
  6. 6. MagLev “Guideways” or Tracks Track repels magnets on undercarriage of train, sending the train forward. Train levitates between 1 and 10 cm above guideway.
  7. 7. Levitation Track Using laminated copper sheets
  8. 8. PropulsionA Linear Synchronous Motor (LSM) propels the train. copper wire powered by 3ø AC
  9. 9. Inductrack Technologybasic concepts - propel & levitate
  10. 10. Velocity of train vs. height
  11. 11.  Advantages of Inductrack system are; low weight low power requirements non adhesive drive system Disadvantages are; early development status lack of control over levitation
  12. 12. Travel Speeds At 300 kmph cheaper than flying!!!! Maglev
  13. 13. MagLev vs. Conventional Trains MagLev Trains Conventional TrainsNo Friction = Less Routine MaintenanceMaintenance NeededNo Engine = No fuel Engine requires fossilrequired fuelsSpeeds in excess of Speeds up to 110 mph300 mph
  14. 14. Better for the Environment Less energy consumption because no rail- track friction Requires no fossil fuel MagLev guideways & trains take up less space than conventional trains Less noise pollution
  15. 15. Obstacles Expensive guideway. Existence of conventional high speed train. Health concerns due to electromagnetic fields. Lack of investment
  16. 16. MagLev Applications Disneyland’s California Adventure Coaster& roller coaster uses MagLev technology to propel car from 0-55 mph in less than 5 seconds! Disneyland® - California Screamin
  17. 17. Other applications are- U.S. military is looking into using MagLev Possible uses could include:  Rocket launching  Aircraft carrier launching pad  Space craft launching
  18. 18. Present Scenario Commercially viable It will run for commercial service At present countries like germany, japan & china have shown their interest. Since 1990 maglev has gained status of nationally funded project.
  19. 19. Conclusion Department of Energy, found that “maglev technology” is a technically feasible transportation system. The Inductrack technology will require a long and expensive development period
  20. 20. References [1] R. F. Post,The Inductrack; a simpler approach to magnetic levitation. [2] Richard F., RYUTOV, Dmitri D. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory “THE INDUCTRACK APPROACH TO MAGNETIC LEVITATION SYSTEM. [3] Post, Richard F., Kratz, Robert, “Halbach Arrays for Maglev Applications,” Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. September 1999. [4] Post, Richard F., “Inductrack Demonstration Model,” Report UCRL-ID-129664,February 3, 1998. [5] Dusty Funk & Kyle Getsla Project Advisor: Dr. Anakwa, May 12, 2006; MAGNETIC LEVITATION FINAL REPORT.
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  22. 22. THANK YOU