Concept of relationship building


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This presentation will be helpful to have an idea about Public relation, sponsorship and corporate advertising.

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Concept of relationship building

  1. 1. Relationship Building : Public Relations Sponsorship Corporate Advertising
  2. 2. Presenting by: Maria Naz --- 24 Qurat-ul-Ain --- 31
  3. 3. “_____A mutual affiliation or connection between individuals or groups of people or entities.______” “____Individuals mutual connection.____”
  4. 4. “_____The management function that focuses on the relationships and communications that individuals and organizations have with other groups for the purpose of creating mutual goodwill._____”
  5. 5. oTo manage a company’s reputation oTo help in building public consent for enterprises o Help in Relationship marketing o To develop and maintain goodwill with publics o To improve public opinion o Helps in Integrated marketing communications
  6. 6. o News Release o Press Kit o Photos o Features/Articles o Printed Materials o House Organ o Exhibitions o Bulletin Boards o Audio visuals material
  7. 7. “______ When PR activities are used for marketing purposes, this term is called marketing public relations.______”
  8. 8.  Raise Awareness  Inform and educate  Improve understanding  Create a climate of consumer acceptance  Give reason to Buy
  9. 9. Public Relations Advertising • Non-Paid • Paid • High Credibility Level • Low Credibility Level • Objective is to create goodwill. • Objective is promotion of sales. • Distinctive management function • Mass media Content • Short Shelf Life • Long Shelf Life • Nose for News • Creativity
  10. 10.  Publicity “____A major activity of PR to generate news about a person, product or service that appears in print or e-media is known as Publicity._____”  Objectives: o Marketing o Enhance Reputation
  11. 11. Press Agentry “____ The planning and staging of events to generate publicity is called press agentry.____”  Stakeholders oIn Print Media oIn E-Media
  12. 12.  Crisis Management “______How to plan and remove risk and uncertainty from a negative and gain control?______”  Crisis Communications “_____Creating a dialogue between an organization and its public prior to, during and after a negative occurrence.______”
  13. 13. o Detection o Prevention o Containment o Recovery o Learning
  14. 14. “____ A cash or in-kind fee paid to a property (which may be a sports, entertainment, or nonprofit event or organization) in return for access to the exploitable commercial potential associated with that property____”
  15. 15.  Public approval  Customer’s involvement  Face to Face access to current or potential customers  Enhance the Company’s public Image
  16. 16.  Costly  Clutter  Loss of Credibility
  17. 17.  Sports marketing  Entertainment  Festivals, Event marketing  Arts & Culture
  18. 18. “____Advertising that is more public relations than sales promotion has an objective that is to build a firm's corporate image, reputation, and name-awareness among the general public or within an industry is called corporate advertising._____”
  19. 19.  Corporate Advertising Covers the broad area of non product advertising including:  Public Relations advertising  Institutional Advertising  Corporate identity advertising  Recruitment Advertising
  20. 20. “____Advertising by a corporation that focuses on public interest but maintains a relationship to the corporation's products or agencies is called Public Relations Advertising.____”
  21. 21. Uses of PR ads: o To improve company’s relations with its Publics o To promote the programs and it sponsorship o To enhance their community citizenship o To create public goodwill
  22. 22. “_____The promotional message aimed at creating an image, enhancing reputation, building goodwill, or advocating an idea or the philosophy of an organization, instead of sales promotion. When employed by an organization to market itself (instead of its products), it is called Institutional advertising.____”
  23. 23.  Purposes to use Institutional Advertising o To report company’s accomplishment o Position the company competitively in the market o Reflect a change in corporate personality o Improve employee morale o Avoid communications problems with company’s Public
  24. 24. “_____What dose a Company do When its changes its name, Logos, trademarks or corporate signatures, as when it merges with another company? This is the job of corporate advertising._____”
  25. 25. “_____An advertisement for a job position, where the company goes looking for a employee instead of the employee searching out a company is known as Recruitment Advertising._____”
  26. 26.  Placing Of Recruitment ad o Appears at classified help-wanted section o By Human Resource Department