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Formation of a Private Company (ΙΚΕ) in Greece


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This is a summary guide to the incorporation of a Private Company in Greece, a new company type that minimises hassle and expenses, being a good fit especially to startup companies.

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Formation of a Private Company (ΙΚΕ) in Greece

  1. 1. Incorporation inGreeceThe Case of IKENayia Antoniou, Attorney at Law
  2. 2. QuestionsWhere do I incorporate?Which are the options?What is the cost?What do I need to know?
  3. 3. Company types inGreecelowcosthighcostpersonalliabilitylimitedliabilityOE EE EPE AEsweetspotIKE
  4. 4. Company types inGreeceminimumcapitalnotarialdeedpublicity accountingOE 0 no no lowEE 0 no no lowIKE 1 no low mediumEPE 4,5k yes medium mediumAE 24kkyes high high
  5. 5. Public Company(IKE)Capital: non capital contributions availableLanguage: English acceptableSignatures: email is sufficientRegistered office: not always requiredSet up cost: starting from 400 euros
  6. 6. Remember...Do not panic!Each type of company has pros and consThe decision is yoursChoose your team wisely
  7. 7. Thank you!Nayia