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Disney world


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This is a place I want to know. By Naydu Cárdenas

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Disney world

  1. 1. Disney world is located in Orlando, it is located in the Florida Center, to 75 millas of Tampa and Sanpetesburgo. It is know as Disney World Home.
  2. 2. You could come for International Airport or Orlando Sanford Airport.
  3. 3. The weather is semi-tropical. There area many hotels, restaurants and malls
  4. 4. You could visit the Universal studios, the Sea World, Wet and Wild, the Animal Park and Magic Kingdom.
  5. 5. In Magic Kingdom, you and your children could get your favorite cartoon, and you could take a photos with then.
  6. 6. This is a place very fun, you could enjoy it.
  7. 7. You could buy of Mickey ears for you put in your head
  8. 8. You could take autobus, mono-carriles an bots for that your can travel easyly to de differentes parks. Or you could rent a car.