Young Professionals in Agricultural Research for Development


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Marina Cherbonnier, Web and Communications Officer, YPARD

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  • Age, graduate as well, Multi-stakeholders=…… , !Why YPARD?youth are often doing a lot of the work but not getting adequate recognition and their voice and key concerns are not heard nor taken into consideration. ‘Silent’ performers; passive participantsLimited access to trainings, meetings aor attending conferences like this one.It’s not always easy for youths to speak up in their organisations, to give their viewpoint, to ask questions or to voice their concerns. YPARD can help to allow them to discuss these issues with other youth are the key stakeholders for the sustainability of the ARD arena
  • Mentorship: learn from seniors, create your network, first entrance in professional worldPromoting: Media, role modele, fresh look/image of ag.Curricula: mistmach, entrepreneurship, soft skillsRespond to rural transformation, unemployment, intergenerationnal role
  • Young Professionals in Agricultural Research for Development

    1. 1. A movement by youth, for youth, for agricultural development
    2. 2. What is YPARD?• A global platform• YPs under 40• Active in Agricultural Dev.• Multi-stakeholders• Decentralized movement
    3. 3. Why YPARD?Because youth need…• To Participate/commit• Access Professional opportunities• Be given a voice• Be interested in agricultural education• Sustainable ARD = their future!
    4. 4. Objectives 1. Exchanging information & Connecting people 2. Contributing to strategic ARD policy debates 3. Promoting agriculture among young people 4. Facilitating access to resources and capacity building opportunities
    5. 5. Our priorities for 2012 Mentorship programme Strengthening our regional and local offices Promoting agriculture Curricula Changes Policy debates opportunities
    6. 6. Recommendation for Youth strategy?-> A “Work-together” strategy • Multi-stakeholder • Multi-level • Bring-in different perspectives and expertise • WITHIN and outside organisations
    7. 7. Success story:Collaborative GCARD2 Youth YPARD = International Youth voice GFAR = strategic and policy support CGIAR = capacity building in social reporting CTA = networking for more Youth on board Uruguay committee = “Local” Youth participation => +30 YP having an impact on GCARD2 outcomes, reaching out and getting online participants involved, and building capacities in social reporting (ICT4D)!
    8. 8. Recommendation for CTA Strategy? • Don’t restrict the strategy to one aspect/domain • Embrace all the needs of the Youth in Ag • Build a strategy that supports collaborative work with different stakeholders strong of their own expertise, among CTA departments/ programmes and with other partners
    9. 9. How can we work together?Suggestions… Ardyis: promoting agriculture through stronger media Other CTA programmes?Let’s discuss!
    10. 10. Thank You! andSign up now (if not yet done)! @