PAEPARD PIW1 (Mauritius) - Presentation1


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PAEPARD PIW1 (Mauritius) - Presentation1

  1. 1. Partnership InceptionWorkshop - Mauritius Food and Agricultural ResearchCouncil (FARC) Conference Room Reduit 9th February 2012
  2. 2. AGENDA – Day 1Time Session09:00-09:30 Welcome address; Intro09:30-10:00 Introduction to PAEPARD10:00-10:30 Concept Note/Presentation of partnerships10:30-11:00 Tea Break11:00-12:00 Workshop objectives & Activities; Role of Leader/Facilitators; Introduction to group work12:00-13:00 Lunch10:00-14:00 Group Work14:00-14:30 Tea Break14:30-15:30 Group Work/ Presentations15:30-16:00 Debriefing Session
  3. 3. Introduction to thePAEPARD Project Presented by: Mr. Toolsee Gunesh
  4. 4. PAEPARD DefinitionPlatform forAfricanEuropeanPartnership onAgriculturalResearch forDevelopment
  5. 5. Context of PAEPARD Agriculture is sector with largest potential for enhancing economic growth on African Continent (SSA countries) Support for agriculture – Funds for agriculture research reducing EC funding (EDF,FP7) for agricultural research Challenge : Research be demand led - Quality of partnerships improved
  6. 6. Objectives Overall: Build joint African-European Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships in ARD contributing to achieve the MDGs Specific: Enhanced, more equitable, more demand- driven and mutually beneficial collaboration of Africa and Europe on ARD with the aim of attaining the MDGs
  7. 7. PAEPARD Expected Results Increased awareness of partnership opportunities in Europe and Africa for agricultural development in Africa; Improved mobilization and coordination of European ARD stakeholders and African non– research stakeholders; Increased knowledge on European funding opportunities among African ARD stakeholders and support for partnership development will lead to increased number of high quality ARD proposals.
  8. 8. Major Activities Mobilization of European stakeholders and African non-research stakeholders; Information and knowledge management of opportunities for partnership between African and Europe; Capacity building on partnership building within a multi-stakeholder innovation partnerships; Partnership brokerage between African and European stakeholders; Advocacy for agricultural research for development
  9. 9. PAEPARD – 2nd Call for Concept Note Published May 31, 2011 69 Concept Notes received on July 15, 2011 10 Consortia Selected Mauritius consortium among the 10 selected
  10. 10. Federating Themes Food security and climate changes Post harvest technologies Knowledge management and indigenous knowledge inclusion Capacity building and institutional development Market access, value chain, pricing Water use and management Financing mechanisms, access to credit
  11. 11. Consortia Themes /ObjectivesGhana (Citrus Producers Control of Angular leaf spot disease ofAssociation of Ghana) Citrus in GhanaBenin (Sojagnon, Farmers Appui a la sécurité économique desFederation) ménages ruraux par la production, la commercialisation et la transformation du Soja au BeninBurkina-Faso [Association BIOPROTECT-B, un groupement d’intérêtpour la Recherche et la économique pour la protection biologiqueFormation en Agro-écologie des cultures et la fertilisation organique(ARFA)] des sols pour une agriculture saine et durable au sahel.Mauritius (Food and Micro propagation and cultivation of inAgricultural Research vitro breadfruit plants andCouncil, Reduit, development of novel products fromMauritius) Breadfruit as an alternative source of carbohydrates in Mauritius.Cote d’Ivoire (Centre Suisse Agriculture pour l’éducation (A.P.E) desde Recherches scientifiques) enfants en âge scolaire (5 – 15 ans) en milieux rural et périurbain
  12. 12. Consortia Themes /ObjectivesNigeria (Department of Animal Low cost and high quality livestock feedScience and Technology, Federal production knowledge delivery to Nigerian poultryUniversity of Technology, Owerri, industry (NIPOFERD)Imo State, Nigeria)Burundi [Confédération des Développement participatif des technologies de laAssociations de Producteurs culture pomme de terre et promotion desAgricoles pour le Développement innovations sensibles au genre et à la(CAPAD)] conservation de l’environnement au BurundiUganda (Farm Gain African Ltd) Extensive Collection and Characterization of African Solanaceae PlantsUganda (Women of Uganda Enhancing soybean and cowpea value chains forNetwork (WOUGNET) increased productivity, incomes and nutritional security of smallholder farmers in East and Central Africa.Cameroon [Concertation Innover pour l’intensification, la diversification etNationale des Organisations la transformation de l’agriculture familiale enPaysannes du Cameroun (CNOP- Afrique Centrale à travers la recherche – action enCAM)] partenariat : cas de CNOP-CAM dans la région du Centre Cameroun
  13. 13. The Mauritius Consortium Presented by:Mrs. Indira Boodhram
  14. 14. Title of Proposed Partnership Micro-propagation and Cultivation of in- vitro breadfruit plants and development of novel products from breadfruit as an alternative source of carbohydrates in Mauritius
  15. 15. Opportunities In context of food security and sustainable livelihood  Identified as a potential source of carbohydrate  Potential for processing as well as export  Local research stations has experience in in- vitro propagation  Income-generating opportunity for households/small-scale orchard  Breadfruit offers potential for production of gluten-free flour
  16. 16. Expected outcome of partnership Establishment of production techniques and guidelines for local production of breadfruit Development of commercially feasible in-vitro mass propagation techniques Promotion and establishment of backyard production in Mauritius Establishment of commercial orchards Development of community-based processing techniques Development of marketing channels for input into large-scale processing of breadfruit Development of healthy and nutritious value added breadfruit products
  17. 17. Current Partners involved FARC (Research) MAMCF AREU (Farmer (Research and Organization) Extension) UoM (Research EU Partner and Training) Conserverie Sarjua Ltee (Private Sector)
  18. 18. Value-Chain Approach Presented by: Ms. Nawsheen Hosenally
  19. 19. Current Partners involved FARC (Research) MAMCF AREU (Farmer (Research and Organization) Extension) UoM (Research EU Partner and Training) Conserverie Sarjua Ltee (Private Sector)
  20. 20. Inclusive Demand-driven partnerships Credit Researchers suppliers Policy makers Advisory services Wholesale Consumer Breadfruit Planting organisations growers material Supplier and retail Suppliers of Growers’ inputs, organisations equipment EU Importers Facilitator
  21. 21. Value-Chain ApproachValue-chain Definition: Describes full range of activities required to bring a product/service through the different phases of production (Including physical transformation, input of various producer services and response to consumer demand) Include inter-dependent processes that generate value for the consumer Focuses on value creation, innovation, product development and marketing
  22. 22. Role of the Facilitators Neutral  No relation with the partnership Encourage full participation by all partners  Ensure interest of all partners represented Promote mutual understanding between partners  Guide partners to agree on objectives, roles and responsibilities. Promote communication Promote Social Learning by Partners  Promote & guide joint reflection by partners
  23. 23. Leader v/s Facilitator Facilitator:Leader:  Assists (builds capacity Responsible for the of) all partners to partnership understand/achieve the (direction, task (objectives, role) management,  Assists all members of partnership to actions) participate equally & Responsible for function as team communication within  Assists all members to partnership learn - reflect on joint experience and Responsible for group consolidate lessons outputs learned Accountable for joint  Assists in resolving external inputs conflicts (without taking sides…)