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PAEPARD PIW1 (Mauritius) - Presentation 2


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PAEPARD PIW1 (Mauritius) - Presentation 2

  1. 1. Workshop objectives and Activities Presented by: Ms. Nawsheen Hosenally
  2. 2. Workshop Objectives Stakeholders get to know each other Stakeholders understand PAEPARD Stakeholders appreciate the importance of partnership within the consortium Understand and apply the value-Chain approach Stakeholders actively participate in different Group Activities Establish a framework for effective partnership
  3. 3. Objectives of Group Activities Stakeholders actively participate in different Group Activities  To conceptualize the breadfruit value-chain in Mauritius  To establish the status of knowledge of the breadfruit sector  To identify and agree on the role of each partner/stakeholder  To identify current knowledge gaps that can drive future R&D initiatives  To establish a mechanism for future collaboration
  4. 4. Consortium Wiki
  5. 5. Introduction to Group Work 11 themes identified:  Origin and Distribution of breadfruit  Germplasm  Environmental Requirements  Propagation Methods and Planting Materials  Agronomy and Cultural Practices  Fruiting  Harvest and Post-harvest  Product Development and Marketing  Markets/Export  Uses of Plant parts other than the fruit  Consumer Preferences, Education & Products
  6. 6. Introduction to Group Work 7 Groups for the 11 Themes: Group Number Theme Number 1 1-3 2 4 3 5 4 6 5 7 6 8 7 9-11
  7. 7. Introduction to Group Work Participants divided into groups 1 leader for each theme (the first person who shows interest in a specific theme becomes the leader) Other participants join the different groups by choice or allocated at random? For each theme, 5 questions to be answered Time allocated: 1.5 hours Presentation: 30 mins
  8. 8. Introduction to Group Work Questions:  What do we know?  Where are we now?  Where should we be?  What is missing to get there?  What questions are we asking ourselves? Colored papers and markers provided Note all answers on these papers Select someone from the group for presentation
  9. 9. Introduction to Group Work Some “rules”:  Look at all aspects around the theme  Try to get as many questions as you can  1.5 hours of discussion can generate lots of ideas  Use this time efficiently  In case a group has covered everything on a topic in less than 1.5 hours, they may join another group Questions? Are you ready to get started? 