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  1. 1. Done by :Bijaad saif Saeed ALHajriID: 201103381
  2. 2. Contents Introducation Location History Hawaii is the 50th State of the USA The Hawaiian flag The Hawaiian Sights Hawaii Volcanoes-Nationalpark Water Activities Conclusion References
  3. 3. LocationHawaii is in the middle of the pacific ocean
  4. 4. History  Native people: Polynesian  discovered 1778, by the Englishman Captain James Cook
  5. 5. Hawaii is the 50th State of the USAIt consists of a long chain of islands in the Pacific Ocean.  Capital: Honolulu  Size: 28.000 square km  Population: 1.3 Million  Highest Point: Mauna Kea (4,205 m high)  Climate: The air temperature is between 22-27°C.The water temperature is always 22°C.
  6. 6. The Hawaiian flagThe Union Jack (theflag of Great Britain)is in the upper leftcorner of Hawaiisflag,honoring Hawaiislong relationship withthe British. The eight stripes of white, red and blue represent the eight main islands of Hawaii.
  7. 7. The Hawaiian Sights The well-known sights are the large beaches. The most known: Waikiki Beach with Mauna Lea in the background. •A further characteristic are the Hula Dances, which are today still danced.
  8. 8. Hawaii Volcanoes-Nationalpark The two 4000 Meter Volcanoes on ‚Big Island’ are the highest mountains on earth, if we consider the submarine parts.
  9. 9. Water Activities Surfing Wind Surfing Diving
  10. 10. other activities trekking biking
  11. 11. Conclusion Thanks for listing for this project and got the best information about this beautiful island and if anyone have any question ask me.
  12. 12. References  According to the Geographic Names Information System, Island of Hawaii is the preferred name, see U.S. Geological Survey Geographic Names Information System: Island of Hawaii.  "Table 5.08 - Land Area of Islands: 2000" (PDF). State of Hawaii Data Book. State of Hawaii. 2004. ook/db2004/section05.pdf. Retrieved 2010-02-12.  Highest Mountain InThe World  G.A. MacDonald and A. T. Abbott. 1970. Volcanoes in the Sea. University of Hawaii Press, Honolulu.