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Music Mag Evaluation


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Published in: Education
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Music Mag Evaluation

  1. 1.  In the process of constructing the magazine, I have learned new Photoshop and In Design skills. Although familiar with Photoshop, In Design is a completely new program and getting used to it was very challenging It was a very interesting experience, mainly because I had to work with something new and therefore it felt less monotone or repetitive. Other technologies used were prezi and survey monkey, which are very new to me. It was both fun and helpful in using them, as it not only gives a more professional feel to my blog, but it also provided a challenge in learning how to use them efficiently.
  2. 2.  While taking the photographs, I also learnt how to use studio equipment, which not only helped me understanding the process of a real magazine but also provided me with a great insight towards aspects that are not usually visible: communicating with the models, making them stay in interesting poses that are relevant to the genre, learning how to handle the equipment properly and using the time efficiently.
  3. 3.  Lookingback at my preliminary task and comparing the Student Magazine with the Music Magazine, I feel that I improved a lot in terms of layout, use of colours, image manipulation and text.
  4. 4. My music magazinehas a much moreprofessional feel,compared to mystudent magazine,mainly because ituses forms andconventions that areappropriate for itstype and its genre.Colours no longerblend with thebackground imageand are no longermonotone, the housestyle is much moreinteresting, the textis much moreinformative and thephotographs havebetter quality.
  5. 5. The fonts used areless standard, but stilllegible. Pickingcolours that go welltogether and using theappropriate languagefor the targetaudience is anotheraspect that I had tolearn, which is veryuseful. Learning howto attract them is verychallenging, thismaking me realisethat you always needto be informed withthe latest things thatthe target audience isinterested in.