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Navy Imagery Insider May-June 2011


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Navy Imagery Insider May-June 2011

  1. 1. NAVY INSIDER U S N AV Y   IN F FO E O R M AT FICIMAGERY OF IO NFor members of the PA/VI community May - Jun 2011 NI L NISI VERUM ト モ ダ チ作 戦 OPERATION TomodachiPhoto by MC3 Kevin B. Gray Cover Story on page 8
  2. 2. INSIDERPerspective By MCCS Melissa Weatherspoon Extra! ! public affairs and visual information – and to review and update the MC advancement agreeing upon tables of content for each. exam. These seven senior-enlisted MCs E DIA DIRECTOR’S Then, we rolled up our sleeves and jumped ensured that the new RTMs were properly Live from Extra CORNER head first into the old manuals, which we embedded into the MC exam question thought would just need modifications. bank and that the questions and manuals “Everyone start your track changes … and, were on the same sheet of music. A few changes and additions were made, but LM If we are going to shoot digital content, halt!” New York . . . then we need to stop treating that content overall, the RTM was ready to go. The team quickly realized that most IA like film. Instead we need to be developing of the legacy manuals were too As a result of the hard work and dedication our training programs to execute a SOC from the RTM and exam teams, CSS T workflow that takes full advantage of instant outdated, as were most, if not all, of the acquisition on every job. Transmitting hat’s right everyone, the Center for instructions and directives used to feed scheduled their roll out in January 2011, By LT j.g. Shawn P. Eklund just in time for the first change, the VISION imagery during an event is the standard in Service Support (CSS) in Newport, D into the legacy manuals. It was time for the commercial industry and should be for uring the morning of May 25th Sailors assigned to CHINFO and the Navy element R.I., has officially released the ID. We made the necessary changes and reinforcements! Enter coffee, donuts and the U.S. Navy. of DMA streamed live video of ships passing Battery Park, New York to multiple MC non-resident training courses, also CSS sent it to print. other baked goods made by our hosts at Timeliness is the key to success in online sites. The idea was originally conceived as a feasibility test of existing technology, known as rate training manuals (RTMs), the NATO Supreme Allied Commander Although the chapters were available for today’s Internet based visual conversation. but it quickly morphed into collaborated effort to provide live video to an engaged online via Navy Knowledge Online and the Navy Transformation command. We were once download on NKO at that time, actual Social media has driven that argument, but audience. Advancement Center websites. again pumped up and ready to tackle the printing and availability of the RTMs had to it is not the exclusive property of Facebook or YouTube, and not an invitation to visual The principle point of delivery was to a site called Livestream which offers the producer Production of the first MC basic RTMs enormous challenge. be vetted through the Navy Advancement mediocrity just to achieve timeliness; our a video studio arrangement and provides the viewer with chat and the typical social began in May 2010 with a working group of Center … thus the May 2011 release. The building blocks for the rate training MCs can and want to do better than that. media sharing features and embedding tools. experienced MCs who reviewed previous manuals came from the following sources: Updates, changes and new ideas, like the Tony Hicks, AP Photo Editor for Before I dive into how chasing this technology will change everything we do, let’s first rating manuals, current instructions, chapter 23 of VISION ID, are part of the MC way of life; Europe and Africa, puts it this way “. . . DINFOS training material and more. satisfy the techies with the nuts and bolts of how it was done. the Navy therefore, CSS has pledged to review the photographers must use good judgment However, research and the makings of the documents annually. If you have ideas, as to when to keep making pictures and To break it down to a PAO’s level we basically streamed standard definition, (and yes when to peel off to transmit. We strive to be current RTMs began years ago with retired requested additions or changes, please it’s possible to stream high def) over commercial cellular signal to a video-hosting first, right and relevant. . . . there’s [sic] no MCCM John Barnett, who also served contact me at melissa.weatherspoon@ service optimized for social media. Yes, kiddies live video on your NMCI screens - well point getting inaccurate or irrelevant [poor] as the MC training manager or catch up with me on MCs Talk almost - most NMCI users were able to see the streaming video, but I’m still not giving photos sent in record time.”[1] at CSS. He and a team of Shop, our ISP any love. On May 16, 2011, MCs from NPASE- MCs built new occupational East and 2nd Fleet HQ were deployed on The test used hardware, basically a backpack sized cell phone, from a company called standards and personnel the pier during the homecoming for USS LiveU. The specifications on this unit can be found at qualification standards that Kearsarge with a plan to move content The backpack receives video from the camera in any one of the following: HD/SD-SDI, served as the cornerstones for the in near real-time. While the ship was still HDMI, Analog (any), IEEE- 1394, Ethernet. It uses up to 14 cellular (3G/4G) cards, to new RTMs. preparing to shift colors, video shout-outs transmit the stream to Livestream where it can from family members on the pier were be shared to just about anywhere. Many of you may ask why it took so transmitted from laptops on site using long for these manuals to come to life, Verizon air cards; prior coordination with The scope of the playing field for today’s communicator is anywhere, anytime to a since our rating is going to turn 5 in July. CHINFO ensured timely posting to Navy targeted audience or to the general public in live or pre-produced productions. Don’t I guess, I could throw in a “better late Facebook and YouTube. Concurrently, HD get me wrong, the idea of streaming video is not new. And providing an online point for than never” cliché, but I will spare you all video and still images were transported social interactions and collaboration is the basic reason the Internet was created. But from that remark. The truth is, rate training on flash cards by a runner to NPASE HQ, providing both in an easy to reach and easy to produce package is a game changer. manuals became somewhat obselete when where waiting video editors prepared a Or maybe it’s a player changer, in that in addition to telling the story via a professional the Navy no longer required completion Enlisted Manpower prime cut for transmission and distribution through OI-7. Many lessons were learned, product we also have to facilitate the online conversation and allow our viewers to of them. Therefore, Sailors shelved these and Personnel but the project and communication effort guide the camera and ultimately the topic. Or it may prove that chasing technology awesome references and then dusted them Classifications was a success. should take a back seat to sticking to the principles of good story telling. Or maybe - just off come test time. and Occupational In today’s digital environment the sheer maybe - it’s the first step towards weaving the power of storytelling with the enterprise’s Standards manual, current The bottom line is that CSS needed money volume of content requires speed if your desire to inform, educate and persuade the public. instructions, DINFOS training guides, and and people to make our rate training imagery is to have value and your story to the expertise and experience of the RTM In fact without any forward media engagement or targeted marketing the Washington manuals a reality. Both can be difficult. be relevant, externally, or internally. I think Post picked up the stream and re-casted on their own blog page. http://www. For example, a week prior to the initial conference team. Much attention was paid we are all in agreement; what the Navy conference the Navy answered the call for to the day-to-day life of an MC in a variety is doing everyday is both valuable and relevant. stream/2011/05/25/AGen6KBH_blog.html humanitarian relief in Haiti and many team of billets, and our mission was to get back ~CJM members were redirected. to the basics of what it means to be an MC. Planning is underway to test a competitor to Livestream, so please follow the progress at or look for additional stories in future When we finally met in the spring, team The yearlong process also incorporated 1. Coomes, P. (2011). Drowning in Pictures. editions of this publication. members spent nearly a full day deciding a separate group of MCs who traveled to BBC News. to break the manual into two modules – Pensacola, Fla., in early December 2010DIRECTOR Christopher Madden Contributors Barbara Burfeind Navy Office of Information InstructionDEPUTY DIRECTOR LT j.g. Shawn Eklund LCDR Mike Morley Pentagon RM4B514 MCCS Melissa Washington, D.C. 20350-1200 DoD Instruction 5040.02 of 30 August 2005 is the current instruction thatEDITORIAL Office: 703-614-9154 DSN: 224 governs visual information at the DoD level. Weatherspoon NuggetEditor Kristina Miller LAYOUT/ART Download Insider at: corres/pdf/504002p.pdfStaff Writers Oscar Sosa Director MC2 Jay M. Chu Damon J. Moritz Designers MC2 Sharay Bennett MC2 Jason Graham AMERICA’S NAVY: A GLOBAL FORCE FOR GOOD 703.614.9154 AMERICA’S NAVY: A GLOBAL FORCE FOR GOOD 3
  3. 3. OUTTAKES MEASURING By Oscar Sosa framing, and many other visual elements draw the viewer either into or out of the image. Busy backgrounds, chopped off UP A PHOTO body parts and other distracting elements can relegate the composition score to a 1. M A clean background is probably the easiest any photographers consider photo editing more of an arbitrary art than a precise way to get an image up to a two and science; the selection of their photos depends on what mood the editor is in that possibly onto day and is not based on a formal process. Light is the easiest element to grade; a As a visual art form, photography can’t be scientifically quantified. It can, however, be photo is either well lit or not. A photo taken broken down into elements that determine how well it communicates with the elements of at noon on a bright sunny day on a flight light, composition, moment and content. deck is probably not going to have very good light. Neither is a photo in an office At NVNS we attach a numerical value to each of those elements. Light, composition, and under fluorescent lights. Both of these moment are each graded on a scale of 1-3 and content is rated at 1-4. For a photo to be situations, if not helped by a secondary posted on we require a combined value of at least 7. This gives us a tangible light source, are going to rate a 1. If the threshold of quality that provides more consistency than the Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe photographer waits for better light or style of editing. improves the light with a flash or other The photo at left was given maximum ratings for moment. It was a photo of the day, light source, then the light score improves posted on Facebook and Flickr and used in the Week in Review multimedia. It’s a great dramatically. Over or under exposed example of capturing a story-telling moment that will make people want to read the story. images will usually not be posted. Photo by MC2 James R. Evans Unflattering facial expressions, static subjects and people looking into the camera The most important element we judge are easy to rate low. Many photographers get impatient, take one or two frames and there will always be unique exceptions. Content Management System. For more is content. A poorly lit, badly composed leave. Others lose confidence and move around too much, taking lots of pictures, but information on local pages, please contact off-moment image can rate a 3 (1+1+1 = You can’t control content, but looking for not making any images. Capturing a moment requires patience, anticipation and an the Defense Media Activity at navynews- 3). If the content is strong enough to rate light, using proper composition and waiting understanding of the subject. or 202-433-3846. a 4, then we’ll post it. The Capt. Phillips for a good moment will guarantee posting The photo below was given a high score on composition. The photographer used the rescue photo is a classic example. Light, on If you have any questions about our Rule of Thirds and a repeating pattern of uniforms and faces to tell a story. Composition composition and moment all rate a 1, selection process regarding specific We typically put up about 20 percent of Photo by Gary Nichols is probably the most subjective of the first three elements. Leading lines, rule of thirds, however the content was off the scale. images, feel free to call us any time. We’re the images that come into NVNS every It’s also important to note that we look for happy to give a critique and talk about how day. If your photo didn’t make it to the images that will resonate with the Fleet, you and we can improve the way we tell main gallery, it can still be posted on your so typically we don’t select change of the Navy story. command’s local gallery with the command or retirement photos, however Content is KING Light 1-3 Content 1-4 Moment Composition 1-3 1-3 Photo by MC1 Todd Macdonald U.S. Navy photo4 AMERICA’S NAVY: A GLOBAL FORCE FOR GOOD 703.614.9154 AMERICA’S NAVY: A GLOBAL FORCE FOR GOOD 5
  4. 4. GOTB-ROLL?By MC2 Jason Graham Anytime, anywhere The NPASE response to the January 2010 earthquake in Haiti underscores theI came to NVNS from USS Nimitz a little expeditionary nature of NPASE. Within four hours, five PAOs and 25 MCs were readymore than a year and a half ago. Since and equipped to deploy aboard six U.S. ships heading toward Haiti, providing along thethen, I have taken a crash course in video way timely information and imagery for Operation Unified Response.journalism. I have also had the luxuryof seeing exactly where the products Operation Unified Response (OUR) was the first major evolution to prove the NPASEyou send us go. In the video division we concept. Instead of calling multiple commands to put together a PA/VI team . . . we weretransfer video files and tapes to the news able to provide the fleet with PA/VI teams that had already trained together as a unit,”media and Hollywood producers. These said Cmdr. Scott Norr, NPASE commanding officer.customers include CNN, Fox News, In total, six PAOs and 34 MCs, active and reserve, supported OUR, at sea, and withABC News, the TV show NCIS (and the NMCB 2 and at Guantanamo Bay.real NCIS), the History Channel and One of the latest changes at NPASE involves how sea operational detachmentsmost recently the major motion picture (SEAOPDETs) embark ships within carrier strike groups (CSG) and amphibious readyTransformers 3. groups (ARG). NPASE typically provides a SEAOPDET consisting of one PAO and upI am name-dropping, but it is to prove a to five MCs for CSG and ARG deployments. Previously, the entire SEAOPDET wouldpoint. We get requests from these various embark the high value unit for the workups and the deployment. While this bolstered theoutlets on a daily basis. The subjects they PA/VI capabilities on the large deck, it did not meet the Navy’s intent to tell the entirerequest cover a wide scope of Navy life. CSG or ARG story. Proper coverage of the entire strike group was at the mercy of airliftUnfortunately, there are many files I cannot and the great distances between units. In essence, there was always the risk that theuse due to poor video quality or the fact Navy would miss telling a story that needed to be told.that we have not covered the subject being Piloted first with ARG deployments, and after consultation with the numbered fleets,requested. It seems we need to remember the paradigm was changed. An emphasis is now placed on embarking MCs on allto keep an eye on the basics. We no ships accompanying the ready groups. For example, while deployed aboard the USSlonger use a tripod, producing shaky NPASE: Barry (DDG 52) in March 2011, MC3 Jonathan Sunderman documented some of thevideo; our aspect ratios are wrong when first tomahawk launches into Libya in support of Operation Odyssey Dawn. His imageswe export video files, creating stretched or of day and night launches helped to convey elements of the Navy’s maritime strategy:flattened video. But perhaps the biggestissue is we just don’t shoot enough video. power projection, forward presence, and deterrence.NVNS has to turn away requests becausewe simply do not have the footage.Remember these requests are often onvery short deadline. reduces the chance of letting a mistake get through. As for the lack of video, the only cure for that is to go out and shoot more. If about routine flight operations as being critical to Navy history; I had to be assigned to NVNS to believe it myself. Every tape Busier, Broader, and Better than ever you are interested in finding out the latest we receive is sent to the National Archives. By NPASE Public AffairsMany of these issues are easily correctible. subjects being requested, please let us One day, many years from now, someone New training, new facesBefore we post images or video files know or take a look on page 10. will want to know exactly how the Navy Both NPASE West and East have two MC billets dedicated to providing peers withonline, we make sure they are checked by once operated, and they will need to rely enhanced PA/VI training. Trainers offer four 10-day essential-skills courses - writing,someone else in the office. This gives us Feeding the media/Hollywood Producer on our video products to tell the story. A editing, video and still photography. Since its inception, nearly 400 Sailors and civiliansat least two sets of eyes on the product beast does not represent the end of our little attention to detail now will pay off in from more than 32 different commands have traveled to Norfolk or San Diego to takewe distribute. Of course we’re human video products. We also have to feed the the future. part in essential skills training.and don’t catch everything, but it greatly historical record. I know it is hard to think “Our essential skills courses build on the knowledge Sailors gain at DINFOS,” said Cmdr Norr. “Once Sailors are at their command, it becomes evident which areas of this multi- Fast File Transfer STOP using IP addresses to connect to DIMOC servers immediately!! faceted rating could use polish. That’s the intent of our 10-day course- to help the Sailor develop in all aspects of the rating.” (FFT) and File With DIMOC’s upcoming move to Fort Meade, Md., users should use the domain names rather than the IP address for transmission of imagery via FFT and FTP. With Value added, now and later Transfer Protocol the move, the IP addresses will change. Users should delete any and all documentation that references IP addresses since the user will fail to connect. All users connecting to Today, forged by plenty of trial-and-error and leaders who have pushed NPASE out of (FTP) Server the DIMOC NIPRNET FFT and/or FTP servers MUST USE THE FOLLOWING domain NAMES: its comfort zone, the Navy has a powerful PA/VI device, benefiting from the products produced today, and the MCs and junior PAOs it is training for the future. Addresses Change FFT: By the time MCs and junior public affairs officers leave the command, they will have experienced Navy public affairs on three different ship platforms - experience that would By Barbara Burfeind, DMA take another MC at least six years to accumulate. FTP: NPASE East Senior Enlisted Advisor, MCCM Michael Viola puts it this way, “At no other This notice does not apply to the DIMOC SIPRNET servers. When the Joint Combat command in the Navy will you find so many personnel with the diversity of experience to Camera Service began using the FTP server, and later the FFT server, the server’s IP groom our junior officers and MCs to meet the ever-changing PA/VI environment. When addresses where sent out to the field. This was simply expedient but was not the best you leave NPASE you will have a much better grasp of the maritime strategy and how practice from a long term point of view. This was remedied some time ago with the FTP public affairs . . . [is] executing it.” and FFT servers having domain names. However, the documentation containing the IP addresses is still out there and still gets used occasionally. Users should update these old documents and use the domain names to avoid failed connections. Photo by MC3 Jonathan Sunderman6 AMERICA’S NAVY: A GLOBAL FORCE FOR GOOD 7
  5. 5. ト A Personal Story Thank you for reading that e-mail. You are busy now. I and my father are happy. Thank you for Commander,U.S.7th Fleet and American citizen. and see if any of the Japan Maritime Self Defense Force ships in the area have reported contacts since 13 March. I wish you and your family the best of The day before yesterday, my father visited the Japan Coast Guard and the Self Defense Forces in Tokyo. Information and the photograph that Mr.モ luck in locating your ship, and returning Behind A Navy Image I encouraged my father. I said to “It has Morley had sent me were so much useful. it to service. Your family’s story touched hope without giving up hope” My father. Yesterday, at last, the Japan Coast Guard everyone in our office, and we are sorry we We are waiting for information from you found my father’s ship. couldn’t do more for you. with hope. I am praying for my father’s ship My father is going to bring his ship with to be found again. Thank you for reading Sincerely, the tugboat. My father’s ship was found this e-mail. Lt. Cmdr. Mike Morley thanks to Mr. Morley. U.S. Navy Sincery yours. Very very thank you Mr. Morley. we’ll never Shiho forget your kindness as long as we live. Shiho wrote back:ダ Shiho [last name] My team checked with the Navy ship that Dearest Mr. Morley Hokkaido Japan had found hers. We scoured databases Thank you for your kindness. I appreciated ト to see if any other ships had reported you. I and my family saw the photograph This was truly a needle-in-a-haystack sightings since the photo was taken. of missing HOUKIMARU, and tears fell. search and rescue effort. HOUKI MARU 23 Theirs was one of hundreds of vessels that I wish my father’s ship will be safe. was riding strong currents that could have went derelict at sea. I wrote back: put her anywhere between Alaska and the And so if you’ll get any information, Philippines, but using our coordinates the Shiho-san, Please let me know a little bit information. Japanese Coast Guard likely factored in Thank you again for contacting us. Your But Information that you obtained was the currents, narrowed its search grid, foundチ father’s ship, HOUKI MARI 23, was found best information for my and my family. the ship and plotted its location so it can on 13 March approximately at 1000 by We wish to express our gratitude from the be retrieved by tugboat soon. モ the guided missile destroyer USS Curtis mind. I like Commander and U.S.7th Fleet Wilbur. The approximate latitude/longitude The timing is in itself fortuitous. I am very much. Only it applies about me. at that time was 39.00N / 142.21E, about scheduled to depart USS Blue Ridge Thank you for reading this e-mail. Photo by ISC Michael Rouse 50 KM east of Ofonato. Since that time, no tomorrow and return to Singapore; it feels U.S. Navy ships operating in the area have Sincerely yours. great to know that despite never having reported additional sightings of your ship. Shiho set foot in the disaster zone, my shipmates hand survivor. She was asking for MY help. W hile much has transpired since the last edition, the horrific earthquake At that time, your ship was one of dozens and I have brought some measure of relief And in halting English, she was actually washed out to sea and photographed by Sunday, March 27, 2011 to one affected family. I dare say, this has作 and resulting tsunami in Japan helped to showcase the Navy’s incredible flexibility and capacity to be the Global Force for Good. Consequently, any EMBARRASSED that her family’s fishing boat had gone missing after being swept U.S. Navy ships, which were tasked with finding survivors on board any of these at 9:32pm been the most challenging yet satisfying operational event I’ve been a part of in my ダ attempt to cite all those who had a hand in supporting Operation Tomodachi to sea. Shiho wasn’t outwardly sad for her ships or on any of the floating debris The Japanese Coast Guard FOUND their 22 years in the Navy. would most certainly fail. So we offer just one example, where Navy imagery own misfortune; she was more concerned washed out to sea. Unfortunately, none ship! I came onto shift this evening and combined with Navy public information and the heroic efforts of a 14 year old girl, Gambaro, Nihon (“Hang in there, Japan”), that she was inconveniencing ME by were found. found the following e-mail in my box: helped to safeguard the livelihood for one Japanese family. ~ CJM and God Speed. asking for help. Whoa. With this information, we recommend Dearest Mr. Morley Material taken with permission from I am a daughter of the owner of this ship. In that one sentence, “We are very you contact the Japanese Coast Guard, Hello. I am Shiho. I want you to help. embarrassed,” it captured everything one needs to know about how the Japanese戦 We are very embarrassed.Saturday, March 26, 2011 We are seeking the ship named this HOUKI have endured this ongoing, trifecta of cascading tragedy(ies) with a stoic, quiet チat 3:15am MARU NO.23.(丸亀宝三十二第) dignity that has fascinated the world. My father saw this photograph and it gotI was just starting the night shift, So, I read and re-read Shiho’s e-mail. And hopes. This ship drifted from the Ofunatoanswering media questions about the I resolved that I would help this one person port due to this earthquake.Navy’s relief efforts in Japan, when the as much as I could. I wrote back:e-mail with a very unusual subject line I am searching for the whereabouts of thiscaught my eye. ship. This ship color is white. Shiho-san, The fishing boat number is HK1-955. Thank you for your e-mail. We are“I am a 14-year-old Japanese.” Please let me know if you check the researching details of the latitude/longitudeAnswering an e-mail like this could start position and the date when the above- and exact time that photo was taken (it 作a sequence of any number of events; as mentioned photograph was taken. was photographed on Mar 14). We are alsoinnocent as a routine “thank you” from Please teach to me if there is information researching to see if there is more currenta citizen thanking the Navy for flying on this ship. information on where the ship may be now.disaster aid into Japan, to a Nigerian Thank you for reading this mail. We will keep you informed of what we find.hacker emptying your bank account, to a - ShihoDateline NBC camera crew jumping out Sincerely,of the bushes believing they’d ‘caught a Lt. Cmdr. Mike Morley In that one e-mail, the personal scope ofpredator.’ But it looked more interesting this tragedy hit me. After two weeks of Shiho wrote back, almost instantly.than the other 220-plus e-mails begging watching videos of tsunamis brutalizingfor attention in the queue, so I bit. hundreds of miles of coastline, drowning Dearest Mr. Morley thousands instantly and wiping out homes Very very thank you Mr. Morley!I am a 14-year-old Japanese. and livelihoods for millions, here was my Photo courtesy of Orikasa family Thank you for e-mail.I saw the site of Commander US 7th Fleet. first contact with a real person. A live, first- taken after ship’s return8 AMERICA’S NAVY: A GLOBAL FORCE FOR GOOD 703.614.9154 AMERICA’S NAVY: A GLOBAL FORCE FOR GOOD 9
  6. 6. LINKS to KNOW IntheLoupe Digital Journalist Photography Competitions Strobist Blog Logo Info By Lt. j.g. Shawn P. Eklund News, training and events in Website for competitions and photo Blog dedicated to the fine art of journalism brought to you by awards programs from around the lighting your subjects, using a We receive a lot of questions about how a command can change their highly accomplished civilian world. variety of techniques and tools. official seal or logo. photojournalists http://www.photographycompetitions. Bad news first; there exists no specific policy on logo approval for DON net/ with the exception of Aviation Patches which have been historically approved [unofficially] by N78. The good news is that commands are free to develop their own logos. It is also recommended that logos be submitted to the Army Heraldry Office, in Ft. Belvoir, Va. If an organization wishes to trademark that logo, which is recommended, then they should contact the Office of Naval Research’s legal department, where Navy trademarks are managed. If you do create one, make sure we get it, so we can add it to the graphics gallery on For more information or discussion please feel free to post a comment on our facebook page Photo by MC2 James R. Evans Desperately Seeking Navy Style Future Events Listed items are video shots • Helicopter and SPIE rig from flight deck, getting ready to Sept. 11 Photoshop World Photoplus International NVNS has received specific launch / launching / and lifting SPIE rig Use “Sept. 11 attack” or “Sept. Conference & Expo Conference & Expo requests for, from media, • From the helicopter looking down on SPIE rig as it 11 terrorist attack.” Sept. 7 – 9, 2011 Oct. 27 - 29, 2011 documentary producers or prepares to launch / launching / and lifting SPIE rig Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino Jacob K. Javits Convention Center film companies. We request watchstander, Las Vegas, NV New York City • Main Machinery Rooms your help in fulfilling these watchstanding requests*: • Live fire exercise with towed target, Ship Deployed Use as one word Surface Target (SDST) or TDU targets Digital Video Expo Government Video Expo Sept. 20 - 22, 2011 2011 • DC Central during GQ (sanitized) plankowner Pasadena Convention Center Nov. 29 - Dec. 1, 2011 One word • Radars spinning on mast (particularly following yard Washington, D.C. periods) Persian Gulf Public Affairs Training • Climbing CVN masts (ETs working - POV cameras) Use Arabian Gulf. “Gulf” is * For the highest distribution Symposium • Base signs (Welcome to Naval Station.....) acceptable in second reference. Sept. 26 - 28, 2011 potential, we request camera- • From the ship OOD saluting as Sailors depart the ship Baltimore, Md. original tape/files or exported archive file (MXF). • From the pier OOD saluting as Sailors depart the ship chinfo/PANET/0_132aad All references to commercially available sites and services are provided for informational purposes only, without Department of the Navy endorsement.10 AMERICA’S NAVY: A GLOBAL FORCE FOR GOOD 703.614.9154 AMERICA’S NAVY: A GLOBAL FORCE FOR GOOD 11
  7. 7. Navy Imagery Decision Tree A guide to help you determine what imagery should be  released and where to use it. Is the photo released to the public by the command IAW  h h l d h bl b h d ISIC and/or theater guidance? YES NO Example:  Example: Photo of  Does the image depict events that  D th i d i t t th t Example: Close up  relief efforts  are topical, newsworthy and  of Sailor doing  in Japan relevant outside of local area? karaoke on the  mess decks YES NO Does the photo depict  Example: Photos  Example: Photos  your command’s mission  from awards  of ship life or operations? ceremony or  family picnic YES NO Obtain Command  Release to Navy Visual  Release Approval in  News Service (NVNS)  Release to command  coordination with ISIC,  AND Release to  , p g website, local pages  Theater Public Affairs  command website,  on, and /or  Offices as appropriate  local pages on  command social  before publishing to any, and /or  media sites  command website or  command social media  (not required to send  social media, then refer  sites to NVNS) to decision tree again No matter where you distribute, you still need to follow SECNAV instruction and the PA  Tactics Manual guidance when capturing photos for your command. Additional tips below: • Retain copies of all images locally for archiving • All images must have VIRIN and caption • When submitting to NVNS, send the highest possible resolution you can transmit • Do not crop images • Include contact information in email to NVNS or embedded in photo • When it doubt, email images to NVNS! 703-614-915412 AMERICA’S NAVY: A GLOBAL FORCE FOR GOOD