Navy Imagery Insider Mar-Apr 2012


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Navy Imagery Insider Mar-Apr 2012

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Navy Imagery Insider Mar-Apr 2012

  1. 1. NAVY INSIDER U S N AV Y   IN F FO E O R M AT FIC IMAGERY OF IO N For members of the PA/VI community Mar - Apr 2012 NI L NISI VERUM 2 0 12 D C Shootof f: Photos, Cigars, and Lifetime Mentors Photo by Lance CheungPhoto by Charles Oki 703.614.9154 AMERICA’S NAVY: A GLOBAL FORCE FOR GOOD Full story on page 8
  2. 2. DIRECTOR’S CORNER You have the power, so use it. What do I mean? Well, frequently we get queries from the fleet wanting to know why a photo is not linked to a story on; the answer is varied. Sometimes it is a simple matter of an image not being selected for the site. This is an editorial decision and one that, can, and often results in disagreement. When that happens you are invited toTake Time to Get it Right call our office and speak with an editor, particularly if no image is selected from a series of two or more photos. My standing order to the team is simple, when no imageThose of you who have personal One easy and important thing to en- will support a story due to an editorial decision, they must contact the source for feedback and discussion.Facebook pages or are administrator sure on the image is that it fits nicely. This is manpower intensive so I ask that we workof command pages may have According to Facebook, the “optimal” together to ensure mutual communication is established.already seen that Facebook has size of the banner is 851px by 315px.(once again) made a significant You can have an image as little as Some disconnects takes place when images are notchange lately, with its new layout 399 px wide, but there seems to be received at the same time a story is submitted through the CMS. This happens frequently because the reviewcalled Timeline. no height limit. You will have to scroll process for imagery is historically delayed at the the image, though, to select what source; add in a lack of caption data, errors of fact thatIf you haven’t migrated to this new area of the image is visible. need researched, and no release information and thedesign, plan on it because as of this problem is quickly compounded. While no editorialwriting Facebook has announced You also have a profile picture, process is perfect it remains critical to a flagshipthat all users will eventually go to it. separately, that is a square. Face- resource like, and is absolutely essential to our book trims off part of any image credibility with external media and the American public. Whether you like it or not [and you want to use so, again, make There is a tool in the CMS that gives the submitter the Timeline does have some frustrating sure you play around with it to get ability to preselect images for any story you submit.“quirks”] there are some things you it the way to want. When you add a story through the Create Navy News need to be aware of to make the face Service Story option, you will see a bright red banner on of your command look professional. Also, a sidebar note: All official the lower left of the page that says “Enter/Edit VIRINs” command pages should be listed (Visual Information Record Identification Number).The first item is the new Timeline as a “Government organization” – All image files must use this DOD standard naming con-cover photo. This horizontal banner if not, you need to change it to that. vention. Select that option and enter up to five VIRINs inacross the top is visible to everyone. All you do is go to the Admin panel the fields provided. Be very careful to enter this infor-It is a great opportunity to use a nice (for Timeline) and click on “Manage” mation so they are exactly the same as the photo filepicture that represents your com- then “Edit Page.” Select the “Basic name. Select the “Save VIRINs” button and completemand. You can change it as often, Information” tab on the left, then your submission. When the images are selected and posted to the gallery, the CMS will recognize the VIRINor little, as you like. use the category option left drop- and automatically associate that photo with that story, down to first choose “Companies & before and after it is posted. It is that easy.On the Navy FB page, we’ve gone Organizations” then choose “Gov-to changing it several times a week. ernment Organization” on the right We owe it to the fleet to continue our own processOn Monday we change to the Navy scrolling menu. improvement and business rules, and additional manpower has been directed to the daily photo editingphoto that our fans have voted as task. We are moving to create a brief SOP on this issuetheir favorite from a list of 6-8. On That’s it for this nugget, but if you and will post as a link on the log-in page of the CMS.Thursday, we change it to a picture have other questions or want to(or collage of pictures) that are from share ideas with the community, I hope this has been helpful in your continued effort to tell the Navy’s story. As my old mentor, Mr. Russ Egnorthe fans. This is based on various check out our microblog at often said, “Without a photo you have no story.” Thattopics we ask them to send us pic- is as true today as it was when I first heard it over 20tures of and it has worked out nicely. years ago.DIRECTOR Christopher Madden LAYOUT/ART Navy Office of InformationDEPUTY DIRECTOR Paul Taylor Director Tim Mazurek Pentagon RM4B514 Contributors MCC Leah Stiles Washington, D.C. 20350-1200EDITORIAL MC2 Christopher Church Office: 703-614-9154 DSN: 224Editor Kristina MillerStaff Writers Oscar Sosa Download Insider at: Damon J. Moritz Nancy Harrity AMERICA’S NAVY: A GLOBAL FORCE FOR GOOD
  3. 3. INSIDERPerspective by Nancy Harrity, OI-8Finally!SECNAVINST 5720.44C is done:Secretary of the Navy Instruction 5720.44C, Department ofthe Navy Public Affairs Policy and Regulations, was signedFeb. 21. This is the third revision of the PA Regs and thefirst since 2005. This article highlights some commonly of Publicly Accessible Web Sites. Chapter 7 is a must read. Among the chapter’s new content is guidance on official and per- sonal use of social media. Public Affairs remains responsible forused policies that have changed to get you started. content on Navy websites and all pub- licly accessible web presences includingPA Principles: The principles we operate ago. However, as Navy PA professionals pri- social media. DoN CIO and the appropri-under have not changed – tell the truth, tell vacy issues have become more complex. In ate departments at the local level remainit accurately and tell it quickly. Chapter 1 of cases of wrongdoing, an allegation does not responsible for the technology behindthis version of the PA Regs has an expand- outweigh the individual’s privacy interest. the websites. Commands are required toed discussion of what Navy PA profession- register Navy web sites annually at www.als have been taught from day one. However, senior officials are a different story. These officials must have and retain pages/registeryoursite.aspx and socialVisual Information: The PA Regs codify the public’s confidence and trust to be ef- media sites at Navy Media Content Services (NMCS) fective in their roles. See Section 0202 for Chapter 7 also contains a list of requiredOI-2 is the Navy’s central repository for more on this. and prohibited content for every Navyimagery [video and still] and the Navy’s website. An easy-to-use checklist of theseDoD-directed component coordination Be particularly careful when captioning items is available at[accessioning] point (CCP). Take a look at photos or video, applying issues of privacy mil/fcc-c10f/niocnorfolk/pages/regis-Chapter 6 for details on submissions. as you would in any story. This is particu- teryoursite.aspx. If you have questions larly important when family members are regarding web site or social media content,Privacy: 5720.44C reiterates the provi- depicted in imagery. Do not reference a contact OI-2 at forsions of Health Insurance Portability dependant’s name without obtaining a review and discussion.and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 2003 written release.prohibiting the release of protected health Surveys: It’s easier than ever to developinformation without specific authorization Media Embarks: Section 0302 states em- and release a survey to our audiences,of the patient. This includes imagery and barks for national and international media especially using web-based tools. Theinterviewing those receiving health care still require CHINFO’s approval (via OI-3) at updated PA Regs provides guidance on thein Navy facilities. See Section 0210 for least 24 hours in advance. conduct and use of surveys and identifiescomplete details. other policy and organizations to consult Internet – Websites and Internet-Based PRIOR to conducting a survey. See Para-In today’s social media environment, the Capabilities (Social Media): SECNAVINST graph 4 of Section 0702 for details.meaning of “privacy” for most Americans is 5720.44C cancels SECNAVINST 5720.47B,different than what it was just a few years Department of the Navy Policy for Content Instruction DODI 5040.2 Enclosure 10 provides specific guidance on prohibited alteration of official DOD imagery. Look for future updates regarding this matter to help clarify use of new technologies Nugget like High Dynamic Range (HDR) techniques, particularly when more than one frame is used to produce a single image.703.614.9154 AMERICA’S NAVY: A GLOBAL FORCE FOR GOOD 3
  4. 4. OUTTAKES by Oscar SosaImageCompressionT file is two megabytes or less, saving you a lot of transmission ransmitting image files is never fun. time and frustration. You’ve busted your butt on the For example, the above photo was a whopping 34 megabytes when opened using Photoshop CS5.5. The original file was 6.5 megabytes closed at the default setting. However, when savedshoot and sweated out the captions, at a compression setting of “8,” the file size was reduced to 1.6 megabytes, and reopened as a 34-megabyte file, without lossnow it’s time to babysit a computer and 80 percent smaller. DO NOT resize your images to 5x7 inches; this is a 1990s urbanas it sends your images at data legend that won’t die. When you downsize your images you lose image value. Invari-rates that compare to watching the ably a news source or agency will ask for an image that the fleet felt compelled to resize, and will always ask for the originalgrass grow. Worse still, those eight- higher resolution file. This requires OI-2 to stop reviewing and loading imagery to track it down. Our customers, who are typi- cally media, rarely have room in their deadlines for an unneces-megabyte files are held up in servers sary scavenger hunt. All you’ve done is reduce the size of the image and you still have a huge file that has less value to itsto allow smaller traffic to pass adding potential user. Compressing the JPEG to an “8” or “10” before transmitting is the best option for reducing transmission time while maintaining image quality for a wider variety of internalto your transmission time. and external applications.The best part of working with today’s JPEGs is that you can Note, JPEGs compressed below a setting of “8” begin toturn a six-megabyte file into a two-megabyte file with no mea- impact image quality. As a rule of thumb we would like shoresurable loss in size or detail. All you have to do is adjust the commands or organizations that have access to higher band-compression when you save the file in Photoshop. width to compress the files at “10” and deployed afloat units with less bandwidth to send us files compressed at “8.” AnyWhen you save an image in Photoshop a small box will appear compression below “8” and you may start to see digital artifactsasking you at what quality you want to save the file. The default and other image “12.” That will give you a compressed file at around six toeight megabytes for a full-frame, high-resolution image with Photoshop is typically the photo finishing application used inmost cameras. If, however, you choose a quality of “10” or “8” the fleet. If you have other applications please experiment withyou reduce the file size considerably. Now your six megabyte your settings to achieve these desired results.4 AMERICA’S NAVY: A GLOBAL FORCE FOR GOOD
  5. 5. SEALs and divers from SEAL Delivery Vehicle TeamHow’d I Get That Shot? (SDVT) 1 swim back to the guided-missile submarine USS Michigan (SSGN 727) during an exercise for certification on SEAL delivery vehicle operations.By Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Kristopher KirsopI got the idea of having the sunset, Once we had started talking about divers, and the submarine in the getting all three of the subjects into frame from a few of the guys that one shot, I made it my goal to makeI was with on the shoot. As the sun it happen. One thing I learned whilegot closer to setting on the horizon, shooting this assignment is not to bethe submarine surfaced and I guided afraid to take control of what’s goingthe coxswain to a good position to on around you, you would be sur-capture everything in one frame. prised how much people want to helpSince I was on a boat there was wave ensure your success with the shot.motion to consider. Shooting at a highshutter speed and a low aperture, When shooting uncontrolled actionabout f/4.0, did the trick. My lens there is so much that you can’t controlselection was an 18-200mm telephoto so look for opportunities to explainto reduce the need to switch lenses what you are looking to capture whilewhile bouncing around in a boat, preparing your assignments. Thisand to provide a variety of viewing applies to any environment afloat,options. I used continuous focus to ashore and in the air.follow my subjects without losing thefocus between waves.703.614.9154 AMERICA’S NAVY: A GLOBAL FORCE FOR GOOD 5
  6. 6. GOTB-ROLL? by Damon Moritz H ow do you reference your work in video? Do you refer to yourself as the videographer? If so, it might be time to rethink your work.6 AMERICA’S NAVY: A GLOBAL FORCE FOR GOOD
  7. 7. Editing Meshel’s video for use in news stories, documentaries andWork as an audio technician first and as a videographer second. other media packages is much easier because the audio is clear and intimate with the action. He also pays close attention when“The one thing that separates video from photos is sound,” said creating prime cuts to not cut through important audio. He lets theNavy Chief of Information video editor Jonathan Snyder. “Without audio play out just like action in the, it’s just 30 pictures a second.” “Audio tends to have a subconscious impact upon the viewer,”That is to say, audio is really, really important. Give it as much – if said Meshel. “Very rarely are we actively aware of sound in video;not more – attention than you do for the visual side of our craft. that is, unless it’s distracting or jarring from the visual experience. When the audio is distracting, the investment of your audience canThere is a fairly well-known instructional video saying that viewers be hindered, you can lose their focus and, at worst, it can poten-will tolerate bad video if the audio is good, but few will tolerate tially make the scene generally uninteresting and unwatchable.”bad audio. If you want to see the references, search for “viewerswill tolerate bad video” in your favorite search engine. The results Audio isn’t hard to do, but can take teamwork and planning to donumber in the thousands. well. Take your time and practice good audio-gathering techniques.Retired Defense Media Activity audio technician Pete Peters is • Always get a minute of ambient room tonenoted for telling people that “video without audio is just surveil-lance footage.” • Make sure your mic is in the same place after recording room tone for interviews. Audio bounces and mic placementSo, get good audio and plan for contingencies. can be vital.Recently CHINFO’s Social Media Deputy Director Lt. Shawn Eklund • Take a breath after the subject starts talking before starting aheaded to Norfolk for a last minute video shoot to support the new question. That empty audio isn’t completely empty andSexual Assault Awareness Month campaign. The plan was to editing will be a lot easier.record a few Sailors reading some lines for a PSA. • Always have the person say their name and spell it for properWith help from MC3 Betsy Knapper and MC3 Deven King both pronunciation by reporters and use in lower thirds graphicsassigned to NPASE-E, Eklund set up his equipment on a pier andbrought out the first actor (Sailor) to read his lines. • Put the mic as close to the subject’s mouth or work as pos- sible without being distracting.Eklund and the MCs had mic’d up the actor with a lavaliere andwere using a shotgun microphone on a boom-pole. The lav went • Write down nouns the subject says while conducting inter-to channel one and the boom was on channel two. views. Get b-roll of those nouns and get the sound those nouns make too!It was a great plan. The lav was preferred, as it was in closerproximity to the actor’s mouth and offered great pick-up, but it • Audio can have sequences too. Wide, medium and close up.also picked up a lot of wind noise. The boom saved the day, and Consider the audio effect of keystrokes in a room, at a deskbecause they were set up to record to different channels, the audio and at the finger level.could be separated in post-production. • Check your audio before you leave the scene. You probably“At the end of the day, I listened to the audio from each channel,” make sure you have video, but is the meter moving becauseexplained Eklund. “I was really amazed at how much better – and you have clean audio or dead lavaliere batteries?I’m talking night and day better – the boom mic was.” • And above all, wear your headphones. The supply guy gotThe over-modulated wind noise on the lav made the audio unus- them for you for a reason! No, seriously put on the head-able. Had Eklund not thought ahead, the entire shoot would have phones. You wouldn’t try to record video without a videobeen useless. camera, why would you gather audio without headphones?While this may be clear for interviews, it is often times overlooked Reshoots and edits around bad audio are a lot easier when youfor b-roll. have access to the source and original media. Once you have exported the video, it is very hard for someone at DMA, CHINFO orMC3 Daniel J. Meshel is TAD to USS James E Williams from USS out in the external media to make bad audio useable.Enterprise (CVN 65). His video is great and his audio is spectacular. Always remember that your name is on the video package you are“As a tool for video editing, audio can be used to connect video, submitting. Bottom line is that if the audio isn’t right, fix it. Make ithelp transition from one scene to another, and add or gain empha- a part of your production plan, along with your content, composi-sis to a particular action, subject or scene” said Meshel. tion, color, exposure and the script.703.614.9154 AMERICA’S NAVY: A GLOBAL FORCE FOR GOOD 7
  8. 8. The Navy Memorial is currentlycelebrating the year of the ChiefPetty Officer, April 2012 throughApril 2013, with a theme that reads“Anchoring Seaborne Leadership.” Sowhile developing this edition’s coverfeature, MCC (SW/AW) Leah Stilescaught our attention as one who inour view has displayed the traits ofleadership and resourcefulness thathave come to exemplify the uniquerole of the Navy Chief Petty Officer –The Year of the MCC. This is her story.Last month, when I looked up at mycalendar and saw “D. C. Shoot Off!” inred on March 15th, I made a decision toget as many Sailors to it as I 2 0 12 D Ccould. What a great opportunityto expand their horizons’. AtExpeditionary Combat Camera,I had five MCs chomping at thebit for the opportunity to attend.Unfortunately, operational Shootof f:commitments allowed only oneMC to attend from COMCAM.I had planned to take a group,so I began reaching out to MCsall along the waterfront. Theinterest truly impressed me;we formed a small group ofcommunicators from CombatCamera, USS Harry S. Truman,and USS Theodore Roosevelt. Photos, Cigars, and Lifetime MentorsWith tight budgets, I did notwant money to be an issue limiting MC2 Christopher Church, USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71)attendance. So I worked with retiredMCC Johnny Bivera, executive directorand producer of Visual Media One andthe founder of Shoot Off Visual Media Take a single theme, The DC Shoot Off began on a Thursday evening, when I had the opportunity toWorkshops. Together we found ways tosecure lodging so our Sailors could attend give slightly less than show my portfolio to Nikki Kahn, a Pulitzer Prize winning staff photographer at theAT NO COST! 24 hours to gather Washington Post.I was particularly thrilled that our MCshad the chance to meet and learn from photographs that tell Kahn commended me on my ability totwo of my personal mentors, Chip Maury take pictorials but explained that for(Ret. Navy PHC) and Ken Hackman (U. S. a story, subtract a my portfolio I needed more of a humanAir Force). In my opinion they are staples substance. I learned that I needed moreof the military photography community, few dollars for cigars, photos capturing special moments and“Pass it on as freely as you received it,” events between people.were inspirational words passed to me add the mentorshipfrom Chip years ago. Before the event 7 A.M. the next morning, lectures beganbegan, I asked each one of the MCs to set of some of the great- with many renowned photographersa goal for the weekend. They each came sharing different aspects of photography,up with a variety of things to achieve; est photographers including Ken Hackman, considered “Thefrom meeting a new mentor, overcoming Godfather” of U.S. Air Force visual infor-shyness when meeting possible story alive and you get my mation, and a group who have garnered 11subjects, learning to capture emotion or Military Photographer of the Year awardsto mastering off-camera flash. I am proud experience at the DC among them, Chip Maury, Master Sgt.and happy to report that we had 100% Jeremy Lock and Preston Keres. They allgoal accomplishment by Sunday! Shoot Off. pushed one similar idea: all photos need to be driven by emotion.The following story is from one of thoseMCs. 8 AMERICA’S NAVY: A GLOBAL FORCE FOR GOOD
  9. 9. Keres drove the idea home with his photo The first night was disheartening, and I ing to his customers. With only two hourshierarchy: informational, graphically ap- went to sleep hoping I could bounce back left, I sprinted to the metro station, took twopealing, emotional, and intimate. “Emo- the next day. different lines to the mall where I proceededtional” is where all of us should strive to in getting a few more photos and returnedbe at, and “intimate” is the level the best The next morning, I sought a little more with 15 minutes to spare.photographers achieve. According to guidance from Kahn, Edrington and Stiles.Keres, the intimate photo isn’t just a photo I managed to find a cigar shop that was At the end of the day, my pictures didn’tcapturing emotion, but a photo that really willing to let me take some photographs. quite measure up to some of the moretells a whole story that can be strongly felt seasoned photographers at the shoot off,by the viewer. The shop was a beautiful small space in a but they were much better than the basic local mall where customers were allowed flat lit, unemotional photography I was ac-After the lectures is when the real fun to smoke their cigars. Everything I learned customed to shooting before. One of thebegan. Everyone waited anxiously in the the previous day kicked in and I imme- photos has even made it into my to hear the shoot off theme: Space. diately began taking shots from different angles, using different lenses, different I was proud of myself and thrilled that IIdeas started floating around the room lighting, all the while trying to capture the had the opportunity to take part in suchabout what to shoot. Some people were true emotion behind the smoking space. an incredible event. I would certainly rec-thinking the Smithsonian Air and Space ommend the DC Shoot Off to any militarymuseum, the metro; while others had more I then took my photos back to the workshop member no matter what their shootingunique ideas like gaps between teeth. and edited them with my mentors. They level may be. After all, not only did I get showed me the areas I could improve on a few cool photographs and purchaseI struggled slightly and thought to myself, for my story and helped refine everything a couple of amazing cigars, I also got aspace? What am I going to do with space? to create the best story possible. However, wealth of knowledge and mentors that ILuckily, all of the staff and mentors were there was one piece missing; I didn’t have a will continue to speak to for the rest of myvery approachable and receptive. I talked strong enough photo of the employee talk- photography my mentors Kahn and Michael Edring-ton, civilian deputy director of the DefenseImagery Management Operation Center(DIMOC), as well as Chief Mass Communi-cations Specialist (SW/AW) Leah Stiles, whohelped guide me to my topic: A cigar shop.The hardest part of the competition wasactually going out and finding places toshoot. At 9pm Friday night most cigarshops were closing, so I went downthe street to a local hookah shop who’smanager said I couldn’t photograph there.Next, I went to a bar where I wasn’t ableto tell much of a story relating to space.Finally, I found what I thought would bea great story. The workers at anotherlocal bar with a closed off space wherea group of teenagers were smokinghookah allowed me to take some pictures.Unfortunately, a couple of photos in, a callto the owner had me leaving without muchto work with.703.614.9154
  10. 10. [AP Style GuideAircraft Names - Use a hyphen when ][ Schedule of Events Apple Bootcamp ][In the Loupe] Fast File Transfer (FFT) Update.changing from letters to numbers; We have a temporary solution for FFT aboard ships, so if you have an immedi-no hyphen when adding letters to AppleBootcampBlast.html ate operational need for it, the following isnumbers, e.g. F/A-18E, C-5A. Orlando, FL the geek explanation of what to do. Your comms officer should be able to translate... 14-23 May, 2012 if not, have them email Damon Moritz atBattlefield - One word Corcoran Gallery of Art But first… why should you care about thischild care - Two words IT stuff? In short, you now have the ability to install the FFT client application that willFirefighter - One word Washington, D.C. allow you to use the current DMA server to Through May 20, 2012 move large media files off your ship.Half-mast and Half-staff - On ships The FFT client application is a commercial-and naval stations ashore, flags are Backpack Journalism Workshop off-the-shelf (COTS) application which isflown at half-mast, elsewhere ashore registered in DADMS and is approved by the functional area manager (FAM). Shipsthey are flown at half-staff. Washington, DC will need to fill out the firewall form for port 17-20 May, 2012 923 to be opened, and submit it to theoceangoing - One word no hyphen ODAA PPS SME, Clifford Ramsamooj, who will send an email to the FLTNOCs (with BlogWorld and New Media Expo NY the request form). Once the FLTNOCs haveMedal of Honor (MOH) - Refer to the form, they will place it in their file for Medal of Honor recipient not that unit/ship for future request usage. This New York, NY satisfies what the FLTNOCs are requestingwinner. Do not refer to the MOH as the June 5-7, 2012 until the long term solution is in place.Congressional Medal of Honor. Long term, CHINFO is working with Photoshop World SPAWAR to complete the Certification andPrisoner(s) of war - POW(s) is Accreditation (C&A) package for the FFTan acceptable second reference. server that will include the FFT client appli-Hyphenate when used as a modifier: a Las Vegas, NV cation and the port usage and will obtainprisoner-of-war trial. Sept. 5-7, 2012 an Authority to Operate (ATO) signed by the ODAA. LINKS to KNOW Barnstorm: The Eddie Adams Workshop The photography workshop is tuition-free, and the 100 students are chosen based on the merit of their portfolios. Trigger Happy Android and iPhone App to turn your smart phone into a remote for your professional SLR. Time Lapse Photography Apps Time lapse photography apps for the iPhone. time-lapse-photography-apps Adobe Photoshop CS6 Beta Sneak peek at Photoshop CS6 (Supporting Video) photoshopcs6/?trackingid=JQDRI Photo by MC1 Jason Graham The Image, Deconstructed The story behind the photos by the journalists on assignment [Warning – Powerful Imagery] references to commercially available sites and services are provided for informational purposes only, without Department of the Navy endorsement. 10 AMERICA’S NAVY: A GLOBAL FORCE FOR GOOD
  11. 11. OI-2’s Fleet Visit E D IA LM S O CI A Program Demystifies Engage with your Social Media Team: LCDR Chris Servello CHINFO’s Content Demand Signals LT Shawn Eklund MCC AnTuan Guerry MC2 Xander Gamble Kristina Miller The current numbers on Navy SM: T Facebook: 555,000 followers Twitter: 59,186 followers he Navy Media Content Services (OI-2) relies almost YouTube: 3,828 followers Flickr: 6-10,000 views a day NavyLive (blog): 17,000 views a day entirely on communication product submissions from the fleet to tell the Navy’s story globally. The fast- paced nature of modern mass media, through which the Navy engages internal and external audiences, requires compelling communication products to be timely, targeted and relevant. DesperatelyPhoto by John Land Seems pretty simple but what does it mean to the fleet PAO who wants to get their story on the Navy Live Blog, their photos on, their video in the Seeking... hands of CHINFO’s marketing team, and gain an understanding on how to best leverage the power of social media to get their boss’s messages out? To help explain the process and provide useful tips and guidance and to We need imagery, video and stills answer questions directly from the fleet, OI-2 has instituted a series of quarterly of “green” initiatives. A green energy visits to fleet concentration areas in an effort to meet directly with fleet collateral roadmap is a SECNAV priority so duty PAO’s and professional Navy communicators. there is a continuous demand for The first of these visits took place in Norfolk Jan. 18 and 19. The second is story telling imagery that speaks planned for the Jacksonville, Fla., area in the coming weeks. to the Navy’s on-going effort in Topics covered in the training include: this area. The key here is story • What is the mission of OI-2 Anyway? telling. It is hard to communicate • Putting CHINFO to Work for You: A Primer for Collateral Duty PAOs the scope of any initiative with a on Leveraging Owned Media (Editorial, Still Photo, Video and Social) single image and an AHU. Get to Tell Your Stories creative and provide a picture • Content is King: A Primer for Professional Communicators on Editorial, story about your unit’s program. Still Photo and Video Content that Sells and Tells Your Story (And Once You Have the Content, How To Effectively Move It in a format Whether it’s a green roof, alternative that provides the greatest reach) energy, solar panels, recycling… • Social Media for Communication Professionals we can’t get enough. Don’t forget Special emphasis is given to social media as PAOs and MCs receive only the imagery you send us is also cursory initial training on the constantly developing and evolving social media for the National Archives and we environment. However, it is a critical source of information and means of want to make sure we don’t miss communication for a growing percentage of Navy people. covering these steps the Navy The overall objective of the fleet visit program is to ensure PA professionals are is taking now for our future. aware of and know how to use the CHINFO communication tools and expertise available to them, and to begin the process of establishing better awareness and Email our office if you would like understanding of how best to leverage social media as a communication tool, to make your GREEN programs a while continuing to support traditional media. feature on the NavyLive blog. As the visits are arranged, invites will flow from regional public affairs offices or the local NPASE. 703.614.9154 AMERICA’S NAVY: A GLOBAL FORCE FOR GOOD 11
  12. 12. 2011 Visual Information Awards Program Defense Information School 6500 Mapes Road, Suite 5620 | Ft George G. Meade, MD 20755-5620 PICTURE STORY DOCUMENTARY S 1st MSgt Jeremy T. Lock, USAF 1st MC1 Brett P. Cote, USN Reconstruction U.S. Navy Concert Band 2nd SSgt Brehl M. Garza, USA 2nd SSgt Vernon M. Young, USAF Warrior Challenge That Others May Live 3rd MC2 Andrew A. Breese, USN 3rd SSgt Nicholas J. Pilch, USAF R Pearl Harbor Final Wishes Commanding, Jumping And Checking FIELD PRODUCTION PICTORIAL 1st MC2 Andrew A. Breese, USN 1st TSgt Bennie J. Davis, USAF U.S. Navy Drill Team Upside Down 2nd A1C Brandi L. Hansen, USN One Fight E 3rd Sgt Tanner M. Iskra, USMC 2nd MC2 Mark G. Logico, USN Who We Support Four Fishermen 3rd MSgt Jeremy T. Lock, USAF Spooky COMBAT DOCUMENTARY 1st LCpl Jacob M. Lagoze, USMC PORTRAIT/PERSONALITY Georgetown Attack N 1st MSgt Jeremy T. Lock, USAF 2nd TSgt Matthew K. Pardini, USAF Reconstruction A Day At The Range2011 MILITARY PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR 2nd SrA Grovert Fuentes-Contreras,MSgt Jeremy T. Lock, USAF ANIMATION USAF Against Racing Water 1st MC1 Douglas P Bedford, USNRunner-up SSgt Nicholas J. Pilch, USAF USS MAKIN ISLAND (LHD 8) 3rd TSgt Manuel J. Martinez, USAF Don N Raider Report Intro SPORTS 1st Sgt Sean K. Harp, USA CRESTS AND LOGOS 1st MC3 Erick L Kogler, USN Calm Around the Bend USS Mount Whitney Challenge Coin 2nd LCpl Sharon D. Kyle, USMC 2nd Sgt Branko Bilicich, USMC I Water Running MCAS Yuma ComCam Logo 3rd Cpl Tyler L. Main, USMC 3rd MC1 Joshua J Wahl, USN JID-FCPOA Intimidation factor DIGITAL ART FEATURE 1st LCpl Reagan P Lodge, USMC W Belleau Wood 1st Sgt Alvin D. Parson, USMC 2nd TSgt Jason A Carmony, USAF A Grand View Air Force Staff Sergeant 2nd SFC Mark C. Burrell, USA Night Ride 3rd MC2 Christopher M Dollar, USN 3rd Spc Tristan D. Bolden, USA American Jets Landing On French Carrier Christmas Festival Y FINE ART2011 MILITARY VIDEOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR COMBAT DOCUMENTATION 1st SFC Amylouise M Brown, USAMC2 Andrew A. Breese, USN 1st SSgt Ashley M. Hyatt, USAF Watermans’ Cabin 2nd Spc Karen S Sampson, USARunner-up A1C Brandi L. Hansen, USAF National Training Center Heart As A Hare 2nd Sgt Sean K. Harp, USA Frag Out! 3rd Sgt Shawn P Sales, USMC R 3rd Sgt Christopher R.Rye, USMC Tuskegee Airmen Operation Godfather ILLUSTRATION NEWS 1st Sgt Shawn P Sales, USMC 1st SrA Marcy l. Glass, USAF Texture Of War 2nd SFC Amylouise M Brown, USA O A Father’s Salute MOPP Level 4 2nd SSgt Zachary J. Wolf, USAF 3rd SSgt Karl F Overman, USA Sailor Girl Fighting Fires On JBER 3rd SFC Mark C. Burrell, USA Loss LAYOUT AND DESIGN 1st MC1 Chad D Runge, USN unbeaTEN ILLUSTRATIVE 2nd MC2 Christopher M Dollar, USN G 1st TSgt Samuel A. Bendet, USAF LA Navy Week 2011 Alternate Poster Pedal To The Medal 3rd Spc Christopher L Rosario, USA 2nd TSgt Aaron D. Allmon, USAF Anti-terrorism MEDCAP 2011 MIXED MEDIA A 3rd SrA Lauren R. Main, USAF 1st MC2 Gina K Morrissette, USN The Measure Of An Airman For The Boys! 2nd SFC Anna Waddell, USA MULTIMEDIA STORY - FEATURE The Battlefield Challenge 1st SSgt Russell M. Scalf, USAF 3rd MC1 Joshua J Wahl, USN Navy Cyber Forces T Pink Kisses Cancer My Way 2nd MCC Leah Stiles, USN PUBLICATION Operation Communication 1st SSgt Nicholas F Salcido, USA Third Army Pamplet MULTIMEDIA STORY - OPERATIONAL 2nd MSgt Jeffrey B Allen, USAF 1st SFC Mark C. Burrell, USA Most A Air Force Truckers Dangerous Road In Afghanistan 3rd TSgt Samuel A Bendet, USAF 2nd SFC Mark C. Burrell, USA Gun Joining The Fight Club2011 MILITARY GRAPHIC ARTIST OF THE YEAR Dogs Unleash In The Pech WEB DESIGNSgt. Shawn P. Sales, USMC 3rd SSgt Russell M. Scalf, USAF 1st MC2 Larry A Wolfe, USNRunner-up SFC Amylouise L. Brown, USA C Ruckmarch To Remember USS NIMITZ (CVN-68) Official Website w w w.dinfos .dma .mil /event s/via p/ ind ex _via p. as px