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Navy Imagery Insider Jan-Feb 2012

  1. 1. NAVY INSIDER U S N AV Y   IN F FO E O R M AT FIC IMAGERY OF IO N For members of the PA/VI community Jan - Feb 2012 NI L NISI VERUM MC New T r a i n i n gDoD photo by Ms. Jessie Perkins 703.614.9154 AMERICA’S NAVY: A GLOBAL FORCE FOR GOOD Full story on page 8
  2. 2. ON THE COVER — MC1 David Holmes interviews with one of his students, Ft. George G. Meade, Md.,Jan. 17, 2012. Holmes instructs at the Defense Information School in the Basic Mass CommunicationSpecialist course designed for Sailors new to the career field. DIRECTOR’S CORNER Happy New Year! On behalf of RDML Moynihan, thank you for E D IA the tremendous support in telling our incredible story through your eye in 2011. Each year brings many new opportunities and invariably an equal or greater number of challenges. Who could have LM anticipated the catastrophic events that unfolded in Japan following a 9.0 earthquake and tsunami, or escalating S O CI A hostilities in Libya and NATO led coalition in the central Mediterranean, a part of the world where we certainly have a significant presence but had not seen sustained US offensive Tumblr with us to follow operations in years? In each of these events, imagery played a significant part in communicating the Navy’s role. Clearly, the conversation on the CNO’s Sailing Directions put the events of 2011 into sharp focus: “Warfighting First, Operate Forward, Be Ready.” social media best practices However, nothing happens without planning. As the Roman philosopher Seneca once said, “Luck is what happens when We know there are social media junkies out there who can Tweet and preparation meets opportunity.” Like changing the batteries blog with the best, others that feel pretty confident and then some in your smoke alarms at New Years [Have you?], now is a that are completely intimidated by the immediacy of the social media good time to ask yourself, “Are we ready with trained and “conversation.” equipped personnel to deal with possible events in 2012?” If not, what are you doing about it, and can we help? Regardless of the category you fall into, the social media team has strived to provide tools to help you . We’ve used several methods to do In the past weeks I have spent hours personally reviewing all the imagery submitted to CHINFO in 2011. Over 16,000 that, and now, in an effort to “build a better mouse trap,” we have gone images were posted to last year, continuing a trend to a tool some of you may know called Tumblr ... yes, a social media of steady increases in both the number of images submitted site. Here’s the scoop: and the number posted to I invite you to go to the Tumblr is a microblogging platform and social networking website following link id=158 and view the “Year in Pictures 2011 Photo Gallery.” that has over 900 million unique visitors a month and over 38,000 You could call it a director’s pick if you like, but the effort posts per minute (Mashable). The platform combines the simple blog was definitely collaborative with many selected from the authoring and publishing capabilities of Word Press with the social daily top four photos of the day. networking capabilities of Twitter to provide a hybrid “social blogging” solution. With Tumblr, blog owners can effortlessly post text, images, In addition to this gallery, CHINFO submitted 20 photos for consideration in the 69th Pictures of the Year International videos, links, quotes and audio to a short-form blog. They are also competition (www. sponsored by the University part of a larger community in which they can find, follow, and repost of Missouri School of Journalism. Images were submitted updates of other Tumblr users. on behalf of the MC with fees paid by CHINFO in the Tumblr has a number of key differentiators: mainly, it emphasizes short- following categories: news, sports, feature, portraits, and technology. Judging began February 8 for three consecutive form, highly visual blogging and ease of setup and use. Using one of weeks. CHINFO plans to make this an annual event to help Tumblr’s free pre-built themes (there are hundreds to choose from) a recognize the tremendous work our MCs are doing each user can establish a polished, sleek-looking Tumblr blog within minutes. year. Your work is very competitive and deserves top-shelf There is no cost to host, maintain or upgrade a Tumblr blog (yet). opportunities for recognition. Many government entities, including DoD (, GSA CHINFO is dedicated to ensuring Navy photojournalism ( and the State Department ( have remains a critical communication tool essential to the joined Tumblr. Now you can find “us” at success showing the public what their Navy is doing every day. As I write this edition, a sole source contract has The Navy Media blog will have the latest in digital tools, trends, and been submitted to Fleet Industrial Supply Center (FISC) tactics, which were previously shared in lengthy emails or posted Philadelphia to reestablish university level training at the and stored across disparate sources. Although the Navy Media blog Newhouse School of Photojournalism, Syracuse University. is still in its infancy, we plan to continue to grow the site and to use it Match that with the herculean efforts of senior MCs to to centralize and co-locate information on a range of topics, from the reshape the basic MC training at DINFOS making it Navy strategic use of photo and video to online event promotion. exclusive with more emphasis on practical camera operation, I, for one, feel very optimistic about the future of Navy VI. To learn more about Tumblr, check out this Tumblr Guide. DIRECTOR Christopher Madden Staff Writers MC1 Jason Graham Navy Office of Information DEPUTY DIRECTOR CDR Gary Ross MC1 Arif Patani Pentagon RM4B514 Tracy Johnson Washington, D.C. 20350-1200 EDITORIAL LAYOUT/ART Office: 703-614-9154 DSN: 224 Editor CDR Gary Ross Director Tim Mazurek Staff Writers Oscar Sosa Contributors Crystal Raner Download Insider at: Damon J. Moritz MC1 Patrick Gordon 2 AMERICA’S NAVY: A GLOBAL FORCE FOR GOOD
  3. 3. INSIDERPerspective by Kristina MillerMarketing theThousand Words What about video? Other than the fact we don’t have enough, it is marketed in the same way. You all saw the coverage of Operation Tomodachi on major newsImagery has the power to do many things, which is why outlets, but we also sent material to small town online newspapers like thewe place such high value on the video and photos you Kingstowne Patch in Kingstowne, Va.send us. That is also why I want to share a little-known role Another event this year that we were luckyNMCS has … proactively marketing the material you send enough to get imagery (stills and video)us to external organizations. Some of you could guess from and market around the world was the assistance USS Kidd provided to an Irani-where some of your videos and photos go; products cov- an-flagged fishing dhow in early January.ering hot news events go to the big wigs like AP, Reuters, And that brings me to my pitch ... our bestCNN, Fox, etc. However, your imagery has also gone to marketing efforts, particularly for timelyplaces that are probably a little surprising. events, happen when we know about the event ahead of time. Even if you don’t haveOne such example is National Geographic, published a double-truck of images show- a newsworthy event, but have a Sailor withwhich used a Navy image of a 550-year old ing Sailors working out in their April 2011 an interesting story that you are tellingPeruvian mummy in November 2011. Naval issue. Our office sent out a small selection visually, please give us a heads up. ForMedical Center San Diego has special of fitness images, that you had recently example, you have a Sailor who is on theimaging equipment, which is unique in sent to us, to a variety of publications and Navy marksmanship team. We can marketthe area, and they were able to help San the Men’s Workout publisher was elated to imagery (stills and video) to gun enthusi-Diego’s Museum of Man learn important highlight Sailors in the two-page spread. ast publications and websites, and to thatdetails without harming the historical find. Sailor’s hometown.Besides the images from the CT scanner, We also send your imagery to organiza-MC3 Samantha Lewis documented the tions that may want to use it for their online Obviously, we can’t do this for every image,evolution, and her photos added to the presence as in the case of the National Ri- but we do try to increase the visibility of yourcomplete package we sent to the magazine. fle Association website, which highlighted imagery as often as possible. When you’re the material in a gallery of “Guns of the U.S. going about your busy days, please keepAnother publication using your mate- Navy” this in mind and let us know if you have anyrial was Men’s Workout magazine, which leryltem.aspx?cid=22&gid=120&id=1049. ideas we can provide you support for. Instruction We are storytellers… and not just for the present; we also tell the story of the Navy for history. OPNAVINST 3104.1A (9 OCT 09) provides general guidance on the imagery standards we must Nugget maintain to tell that story with the quality you’d want to see when you’re showing your grandchildren. Call if you have questions.703.614.9154 AMERICA’S NAVY: A GLOBAL FORCE FOR GOOD 3
  4. 4. OUTTAKES by MC1 Arif PataniNavy Media The first time I remember dealinwg with them one-on- Conten one was when I was off the coast of southern California working with Maritime Expeditionary Security Squadron One. I U S E D T O H A T E Navy Visual NewsWe were doing all kinds of cool stuff. We were out Here at Navy Visual News, now known as Navy on small boats, conducting tons of live-fire exercis- Media Content Services, our obligation is to ALL es, escorting high-value assets and even working of you - to the Navy as a whole. It’s also to history; with sea mammals. when I got here, I learned that much of the imagery not selected for is sent to the National I couldn’t understand for the life of me why only Archives … and saving our imagery for history is no some of my imagery was getting posted. small mission. Well, the Navy is an ironic place, and here I am now Many of you might not know the lead photo editor working behind a desk and probably frustrating for the Navy, Oscar Sosa. Since being here I’ve ex- some of you. perienced his sometimes ridiculous commitment to getting your imagery posted - a commitment that The point of all this is I’ve been where you are at, often keeps me from getting home on time. and this is my time to reach out and let you know I am here for you. Images don’t get put on the back burner. What slows or stops image posting is quality, poor cap- First, a little about me: tions or timeliness. My name is MC1(SW/AW) Arif Patani, and I am a Let me first start with quality... new photo editor here. I’ve been in the Navy for just over seven years. I’ve deployed on an amphib, an Some of you may have seen this before, and I think aircraft carrier; I’ve done the small-boy thing, been it is a great tool to help you understand what we stationed and worked around in the 5th Fleet AOR, think makes a quality image (please excuse my worked in expeditionary environments, and now “awesome” graphic). I’m stationed at the Pentagon working for the Chief LOOK AT LIGHT of Information. 1-3 I have to admit, in my short time here at the Pentagon I do see things in a different light. However, even though I’m sitting behind a desk these days, it doesn’t mean I don’t get where the average MC or PAO out in the fleet is coming from. CONTENT It was very easy to think what I was doing out there 1-4 with MSRON-1 was the most important thing go- ing on in the Navy. But our Navy is massive, and the reality was that it was one tiny piece of the big picture. THE MOMENT COMPOSITION 1-3 1-3 4 AMERICA’S NAVY: A GLOBAL FORCE FOR GOOD
  5. 5. ant Services Once you get this embedded in your head, it’ll make things a lot easier. We look for adequate exposure, proper composition, the right moment and the content of the image. Simply look at each element and rate them accordingly. If things add up to at least 7, there is a good chance you can send a link to your mother of your newest photo Lastly, let’s talk timeliness. Again, I know how much of a pain it is to get an image off a ship or from a remote location. Just please do your best. Recognize the urgency to get it out. on Next, let’s talk captions… When it comes to caption writing the best tool out there is itself. Not only can you utilize it to see how to properly identify subjects within a caption, but also you can look to see any changes we have made to your caption. Learn from your own mistakes. Also, beg your command to get you Photo Mechanic™. We have seen time and time again U.S. Navy Photo where a photographer embeds EXIF info in Adobe® Bridge and for whatever reason the info gets lost when you email us. This is the info we are looking for: Maersk-Alabama Capt. Richard Phillips, right, stands alongside Cmdr. Frank Castellano, commanding officer of USS Bainbridge (DDG 96) after being rescued by U.S Naval Forces off the coast of Somalia. This photo on an event with world interest was received about two hours after it was taken. The global reach it had in print, broadcast and online media can be directly attributed to the speed at which the photographer and everyone in the ap- proval chain pushed it through to us. Once again, I just want to say I’m here for you. I understand there will be those times where I miss images. If you catch me not posting what you feel is a strong image, please let me know, and I will be happy to have a discussion with you.EXIF information provided by MC3 Kenneth Abbate aboard USS John C. Stennis I think what we do as MCs is important, and I respect the hard work you all do. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at any time (though please be aware I will be at school March through May.) | 703-614-9154 703.614.9154 AMERICA’S NAVY: A GLOBAL FORCE FOR GOOD 5
  6. 6. GOTB-ROLL? by NMCS staff ? holas Hall O know oto by MC3 Nic n Warrior 11. Ph during joint exercise Sa xo m a helicopter s your C ords video fro (CVN 77), rec e H.W. Bush to USS Georg lter, assigned Doe Wa MC3 imothy e stor y of er to proactively tell th have the pow ership that you the public and Nav y lead their command to W e have a lot on our plates at any given time, and, unfortunately we end up being in the reactive mode instead of the proactive mode. However, I’d like to share some ideas that can help you with a video plan. It will enable your command’s story to MCs attached to Defense Media Activity document NFO get to the places that it needs to, and Naval Flight Officer Timothy “T.J.” Stecker during his status evaluation. Photo by MC2(E XW) Todd Frantom we can help amplify your efforts.6 AMERICA’S NAVY: A GLOBAL FORCE FOR GOOD
  7. 7. USS Barry (DDG 52) launches a Tom an under way- to support Joint ahawk cruise mis MC2 Gregory E. Badger videotapes Task Force Odyss sile MC films a Purple Heart medal en the Military Sealif t Photo by MC3 Jon ey Dawn. awards ceremony, for replenishment operation betwe ath an Sunderman EOD1 John Kremer who lost his USNS Mercy (T-AH 19) legs while serving in Command (MSC) hospital ship USNS Pecos (T-AO 197). Afghanistan, at Naval Base Point and the MSC replenishment oiler Loma. s Photo by MC3 Kristopher Regan Photo by MCC dward G. Marten . Along with b-roll, another part to consider is prac- tice. Have your videographers work on capturing video and transmitting it in a hurry. Utilize runners. Thanks to modern technology, a lot of video is shot on compact flash cards. A runner is handy to help change out those cards. You might also want to create pre-defined slates, which will reduce your editing time significantly. Mock drills are perfect on slow days. These drills can be tailored to fit any MC3 Dustin Good records video of flight deck operations scenario. Operation Tomodachi is a great exampleMC using a GoPro 2 HD camera to shoot underwater aboard USS George H.W. Bush (CVN 77). to highlight this point. We had good flow of videovideo of Navy pilots during training evolutions at the Photo by Gunnery Sgt. Joe AlleyAviation Survival Training Center (ATSC) at Naval Air content even when videographers had to beStation Jacksonville. Photo by MC2(EXW) Todd Frantom switched out in the middle of the operation. In recent months, the Navy has been in sharp focus in the media I would also suggest technician, producer and talent. Make sure thanks to piracy interdictions and SEAL operations. However, there is your videographers can do each other’s job. This redundancy will be a SERIOUS gap in our Navy video archive, and it is hurting our public beneficial when you lose one of your key videographers on another affairs/visual information efforts. assignment. There is no greater headache than not having the right personnel in a time of need. The same is true about equipment. If One of the best places to start is to ask yourself: “Is my command rep- you have one camera, you know it will break. resented?” This question is actually made up of several other ques- tions. When was the last time my command submitted video to Navy The final section should include archiving. In this day of digital ef- Media Content Services? Does my video include new uniforms? Does ficiency, the chance of accidentally deleting footage is high. Another it include recent changes to hardware? How much of my command reason to archive is quality of the b-roll. A small file can be sent to have my videographers actually covered? Is my command leadership the media to fill the urgent need for that file. However, once the on video? These questions are often overlooked. media is finished with that story, a production house may want that footage. They will need the original file. The national archives will Another significant factor, of course, is transmission capabilities. Do need that file as well. Transformers 3 is a good example. We were you have a way to transmit video after it has been shot? If the answer contacted by the producers, who were looking for footage of the to this question is no, please call. We can help. If your command missile launches conducted as a part of Operation Odyssey Dawn. is involved in a major incident, we need your video immediately. We had to jump through hoops to try and find the source file, and Media contact our office first when something happens, and video were not sure if it even existed. As it turned out, the videographer is on top of their list because it is the single most powerful item for had the file and was able to burn it to a DVD and send it to us. We a news story. Libya serves as a prime example. We were able to use considered ourselves lucky. email to transmit the video of missile launches the night Operation Odyssey Dawn kicked off, though it was only possible after months On the backside of this plan is transmitting your archived material of planning. That night, the Navy was the only service being talked to us. It is critical that we receive this material. It is this archived about because we provided timely content and showed them what footage that will be sent to the archives and entered into the historic our ships were doing. It takes a deft hand to be able to secure the record. Just think about how awesome the old footage from World bandwidth needed to transmit video, but the payoff is huge. War Two is. They archived it and saved it for future generations. We are conducting this same mission that they did over 60 years ago. A third part that needs to be looked at is content. Video should be captured every day. We want generic b-roll of your command. This I have one last note: know planning will take dedicated time. The should include equipment, evolutions, and perhaps most impor- more time spent planning now will save you when the rubber meets tantly, the launch and recovery of every aircraft type attached to your the road. Ultimately, the level of detail in the plan is up to you. In the ship. There will come a time when one of those aircraft goes down words of the time management guru Alan Lakein, “failing to plan is or is involved in an operation. The media will be clamoring for foot- planning to fail.” age of that particular aircraft, and with your plan, you will already have it teed up and ready to transmit or better yet we will already have it in our archive. 703.614.9154 AMERICA’S NAVY: A GLOBAL FORCE FOR GOOD 7
  8. 8. Nav y to ImprovePhoto by Michael W. Pendergrass Basic Mass Communication Specialist Course at DINFOS Basic Mass Communication Specialist Course (BMCSC) instructor Darryl Barnes critiques a video editing project as SN Kathleen Church looks on. In an effort to provide the fleet with the best Sailors who are trained in the fields of journalism, public affairs, VI, multimedia by MC1 Patrick Gordon and Crystal Raner and production, Navy instructors are redesigning the Basic Mass Communication Specialist Course (BMCSC) at DINFOS. MC community subject matter experts longer attend this course; a Navy-centric met with the BMCSC course developer Journalism and Public Affairs course of and instructors to address a way ahead to instruction will be added to BMCSC. eliminate redundancies and find ways to integrate materials necessary for our MCs “Five years ago when they built the course, to acquire the skills necessary to perform the fastest way to get it online was to take in the fleet. courses that already existed and marryPhoto by MCC Gregory E. Badger them up together,” explained Bruce Colkitt, “This is a major change that allows us to head of the visual communications depart- adjust the course as often as required, to ment at DINFOS, which is responsible for meet the needs of our community,” said the course. Rear Adm. Denny Moynihan. Results of that approach, however, were Currently, our Sailors attend the Basic redundancy in instruction and a lack of Public Affairs Specialist Course with other reinforcement of some material learned at services. One of the biggest changes to the the beginning of their training. SN Mayra A. Conde and her fellow classmates work new curriculum is that Navy students will no on a desktop publishing exercise. 8 AMERICA’S NAVY: A GLOBAL FORCE FOR GOOD
  9. 9. which focuses on photography, video and multimedia production. But what about everything they learned in functional area one concerning journalism, public affairs and media escorting?” Training in core skills will be maintained throughout the new course even while new material is being taught, said Bratt. A few highlights of the restructured course include five days of required English prepa-Photo by MC1 Herbert Banks ratory instruction, more time dedicated to certain functional areas and for instructor feedback to Sailors, and all core skills in- corporated into one field training exercise at the end of their Navy training. The scope of the changes required that everything from training materials to MCSN Jonathan Colon edits a video product during a field training exercise (FTX). training schedules be evaluated. “We were teaching the same things in the In addition, the joint and Navy portion of “We’ve been working on this since the different functional areas, and the flow was the course each culminate in field training whole mass communication special- not making any sense at all: too much here, exercises, but the joint exercise tests the ist ratings merger in 2006,” said Colkitt. not enough over here,” said Colkitt. Sailor’s ability to perform basic writing, “Again, this is what it took to get it launched public affairs and photography, which quickly, but ever since then we have been For instance, in the joint course and in the doesn’t include the videography and multi- constantly analyzing what we’ve been do- Navy course Sailors studied still photogra- media skills the Navy requires of its MCs. ing and how to make things better. We are phy basics and caption writing. always looking at better ways of instruction “The field training exercise for functional and getting our students trained.” “Fifteen days is just not a long enough time area one of the BPASC is where the Sailors to teach somebody to be familiar with a utilize the skills they learned there in that By adopting a more Navy-centric and video camera and how to edit,” Colkitt said. functional area,” said Bratt. “Then, they integrated approach to how the Navy “You’d be shocked at what these young come down to the Navy course and learn trains prospective mass communication people can do with the time they have. But functional areas two through six, which specialists, Colkitt expects a big payoff what if they had 21 days? Streamlining the are photography, video and multimedia with increased efficiency and more time for first 56-days of instruction of the BPASC will production, and where again, the end Sailors to have hands-on experience with allow us to devote more time in other func- result is another field training exercise cameras and other equipment. tional areas where we desperately need it.” MCC Herbert Banks gives video documentation tips to students documenting a field training exercise (FTX). After a period of study, DINFOS and Navy leaders agreed on a long-term solution. The result is the restructured BMCSC. “We want to make sure that the Sailors are trained efficiently and effectively,” said Chief Mass Communication Specialist (SW) Jackey J. Bratt, section chief for the Navy course. “We want the repetition to reinforce core skills.” For instance, in the joint course, students learn how to use cameras and write captions. Photo by Todd P. Cichonowicz “But when they come down with us to the BMCSC, the Sailors are going to learn that from beginning to end, so they don’t necessarily need that training beforehand,” Bratt said. 703.614.9154
  10. 10. [NAVY Style GuideTITLES ][ Schedule of Events Shootoffs ][In the Loupe] As we start 2012, we want to share Washington, DC with you the monthly communicationchief (select) rate Still – March 15-18, 2012 priorities or themes that we’ve Example: Chief (select) Hospital Video – May 3-6, 2012 planned for the year. Our primary Corpsman John Doe San Antonio, TX communication priority will be based Still – Sept. 14-17, 2012 on the CNO’s Sailing Directions,Commander in Chief revolving around the tenets of: Used only for the President. Always Photoshop World Warfighting First, Operate Forward capitalize. Do not hyphenate. and Be Ready. March 24-26, 2012commanding officer / Walter E. Washington Convention Our secondary monthly communica-chief petty officer Center – Washington, DC tion priorities are listed below: Do not capitalize unless used as a January Surface Readiness preceding name. ViewBug Photo Contests Cold Weather February Building thecivilian titles contests/cold-photo-contest Future Force Use full name and title or job Deadline April 2, 2012 March Total Force description on first reference. Outdoor Capitalize the title or job description, contests/outdoor-photo-contest April Undersea Warfare and do not use a comma to separate Deadline April 12, 2012 May Global Operations – it from the individual’s name when Operate Forward it precedes the name. Lower case DoD 20th Annual Worldwide titles when they follow the name. Military Photography Workshop June Partnerships Use last names only on second July Navy Expeditionary and all following references. This mpw/index.aspx Forces applies to both men and women. June 3-9, 2012 August Accelerating thedoctor The Missouri Photo Workshop Information Advantage Navy doctors are identified as Cmdr. September Warfighting Readiness (Dr.) John J. Jones on first reference Sept 23-29, 2012. Deadline for applications July, 12, 2012 October Energyofficer in charge November Air Dominance Do not hyphenate Canon DLC: Videography December None LINKS to KNOW Nikon Canon Digital Learning Center (video) World Press Photo 2012 Link to Nikon schools and workshops, All kinds of training for Canon video Contest winners plus educational materials professionals, and with NPASE and Now this is inspiration we can all the DPL buying the Canon XF-305/105, appreciate. These storytellers Explore/Nikon-School/ this is an invaluable resource. have captured the “thousand words” and then some Pictures of the Year International videography/videography.shtml Great annual competition – in gallery/2012-world-press-photo fact, we sent 20 of your images VII The Magazine on your behalf… more to follow! Online project where leading photojournalists share insight to their work through photos, commentaries Photo by MC3 Travis K. Mendoza My Modern Met and multimedia products. A social networking site where people have linked a lot of photos and digital art. Great place for Ideas! www.mymodernmet.comAll references to commercially available sites and services are provided for informational purposes only, without Department of the Navy endorsement. 10 AMERICA’S NAVY: A GLOBAL FORCE FOR GOOD
  11. 11. Calling all E D IA those who S O CI A LM love doing Engage with your Social Media Team: LCDR Chris Servello LT Shawn Eklund MCC AnTuan Guerry MC2 Xander Gamble Jessica Faller Kristina Miller feature The current numbers on Navy SM: Facebook: 474,424 followers Twitter: 50,771 followers YouTube: 3,163 followers Flickr: 6-10,000 views a day NavyLive (blog): 17,000 views a day stories… The Navy blog ( has had a facelift, comparable to a Hollywood A-lister (might be an exaggeration). If you haven’t been to it yet, please come check it out because we’d like your help in developing what we hope will become another great tool to showcase your imageryDesperately and the Navy story. What the Navy blog is, or really any blog could be, is a great way to integrate multimedia with an interesting story to really give the person consuming thatSeeking... material a more rewarding experience. Once you go there, you’ll see that there is already a fairly broad spectrum of stories, ranging from Sailors in an ice sculpting festival to exercise Bold AlligatorDesperately Seeking… 2012. We also have technology pieces, like the new prosthetic thought-controlled arm, and personality profiles, like an HM1 aboard USS Abraham Lincoln.Video and still imagery of Navy Chiefs The beauty of the blog is that imagery can be mixed in with the story. While therearound the fleet. isn’t the flexibility of design that regular websites offer, the simple format of the blog resonates well.These products will be for a “YEAR So, all of that to throw out a pitch… we need stories. We’ve pulled Navy.milOF THE CHIEF” special display at the stories out more than once to begin research for a blog, but if you’ve never writtenNavy Memorial in Washington, D.C. one it’s important to note that a blog is a conversation and the writing is much lessEach year the Navy Memorial selects formal than standard AP and Navy style. In fact, if you read the post on tax scamsa community to highlight and they ( you’ll notice thatneed our help in making this year’s they often feel like editorials.display a well-rounded representation Write editorials in the Navy? Are you crazy?of the chief petty officer community. Don’t get us wrong, the goal is to tell a broad spectrum of stories and not all ofThis special event begins on April 1, them lend to the funny writing of our financial blogger (ERB, for example) but theythe birthday of Navy chiefs. all at least attempt to “speak” to the audience with a voice. Interested? We are looking for ideas, including getting some regular bloggers fromCheck out different communities. If you have a story to tell and think this forum and style could befor more information. the right fit, give us a call at 703-614-9154 or email at 703.614.9154 AMERICA’S NAVY: A GLOBAL FORCE FOR GOOD 11