Navy Imagery Insider JAN-FEB 2011


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Navy Imagery Insider JAN-FEB 2011

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Navy Imagery Insider JAN-FEB 2011

  1. 1. NAVY INSIDER U S N AV Y   IN F FO E O R M AT FICIMAGERY OF IO NFor members of the PA/VI community Jan - Feb 2011 NI L NISI VERUM VIRIN CHANGES TO PROTECT YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATIONS ince 1994 visual information (VI) SSNs from publicly facing DOD open submitting content for or DOD products have been uniquely government web sites. consumption must obtain a Vision ID. identified using the DOD issued Houston we have a problem! If you have never submitted VI content toVisual Information Record Identification There are 17 years of VI content, identified either DOD or then go to https://Number or VIRIN. This 15 character with SSN information, currently accessible Younaming convention requires four fields; worldwide. will be required to register for a DefenseDate, Service Branch, Personal ID, and Imagery Account; when complete the sitean Image/Scene Number. Example: The Defense Visual Information (DVI) will generate your Vision ID number. The110125-N-1234M-001. Field three contains directorate a branch of Defense new user site will also be the entry pointthe last four digits of the VI creator’s social Media Activity (DMA) has developed a for new MCs and Public Affairs Officerssecurity number (SSN). VIRINs apply to all remediation plan that modifies field three reporting aboard Defense InformationVI content to include photographs, digital with a unique “Vision ID” number. All School (DINFOS).still images, motion pictures, analog and persons producing VI content must registerdigital video recordings, multimedia and with the Defense Imagery Management When your Vision ID is issued you willhand or computer generated artwork and Operations Center (DIMOC) to obtain receive a confirmation email. You aregraphics. VIRINs provide the means to their Vision ID number. This service will directed to start using it immediately.catalog, retrieve and archive VI content in abe available starting February 1, 2011. If Organizational Vision IDs will NOT bewide variety of DOD and DON digital asset you have been a regular contributor of VI issued; contact DIMOC customer servicemanagement systems and web sites. content go to https://vipro.defenseimagery. at 1-888-743-4662 DSN 795-9872 if you mil; site requires CAC access. Input your require any assistance.17 years ago personally identifiableinformation (PII) contained in the VIRIN was current field three data [last four of SSN Work is underway to apply needed patchesnot considered a threat to an individual’s – first letter of last name], e.g. 1234M, to update digital assets contained inprivacy; those days are gone. Today, the system will recognize you by name the Navy Imagery Server (aka – Mediaidentity theft is a real and all too common and issue you a unique Vision ID. Verify Lighthouse) and on Theseproblem. On November 23, 2010, DOD and complete any requested profile assets will be handled separately with theissued a memorandum requiring the information. If the information returned is assistance of DIMOC customer serviceremoval of any reference to individual incorrect a trouble ticket will be generated and DVI software engineers. to assist you. All VI and PA AMERICA’S NAVY: A GLOBAL FORCE FOR GOOD Photo by MC2 James R. Evans703.614.9154
  2. 2. It is time to end the visual information (VI) urban legend that Navy imagery intended for public release is confined to Associated 5x7 @ 300dpi; it is not. In fact, altering perfectly good imagery to a standard Press Workflow lower than the capability of most commercially available point and shoot cameras is counterproductive and simply By ENS Haraz N. Ghanbari, USNR and limits the potential uses of that imagery AP Staff Photojournalist in major advertisement, magazine production, large display work, etc. NVNS takes calls on a regular basisI magery has the ability to instantaneously convey emotion and a lasting impact onthe viewer; this underscores the power and photographers to make sure the events of the day are covered. Once a photographer receives an assignment, it is their from calendar companies, book authors, designers and documentary groups expressing interest in using an imagepotential of imagery. responsibility to photograph, edit, caption found on, but require a higherTo be effective story tellers, we must adapt and transmit the imagery from location and resolution. All too often the version in theto the changing expectations and forms on deadline. gallery is the original and was alteredof communication used by our audiences. Depending on the assignment, a from a much larger file, down to theAs PAOs and MCs, I would argue that photographer may take as few as 15 legendary 5x7 @ 300dpi.we should think along the lines of a images or up to hundreds. An effective The guidance we provide is tophotojournalist who works for the “wire- workflow helps to cut down on the editing, shoot RAW-Jpeg [for cameras thatservice” and strives to tell a timely story captioning and transmitting time. can] or standard jpeg in the highestwith pictures. resolution your camera is capable of When I’m done with an assignment, I producing. Send the largest file sizeFor more than five years, I have worked as ingest my imagery into a dated folder, allowed by your ship or station, limitinga staff photojournalist at The Associated and then into a sub folder for specific compression in Photoshop to no lowerPress in Washington. My assignments have assignments. As the imagery is ingested, I than 8. Most professional cameras willtaken me to more than 20 countries as a apply a generic caption and my name and produce a file that exceeds 30MB whenmember of the White House Press Corps, title. In addition, I populate the following uncompressed, but at a compressionand a former member of the Department of IPTC fields: city, state, country, object setting of 8, will drop down to betweenDefense Press Corps. When not covering name, category, photographer’s name, 1-2MB. Limit attachments to no morethe White House, AP photojournalists in title, credit and source. than two per email to keep the total fileWashington are assigned to general news, I select photos that can tell the story, and limits well below the 10MB threshold forthe Capitol Hill beat, professional and look for wide, tight and medium secondary NMCI and most other legacy networks.some sports, as well as breaking news. photos. Five to 10 images make up a The mailboxOur deadlines are constant and we travel is sized to handle more than 2GB of typical wire package. Once my selectionswith our laptops in our backpacks, ready concurrent mail. are transmitted to the photo editor, I followto transmit imagery from anywhere. Obviously some ships and missions up with a phone call to make sure the where bandwidth is at a premium willGone are the days of waiting to see images arrived and address any questions. need to make necessary adjustments.your picture published in the morning’s The editor decides which images move. If We ask that organizations make a copynewspaper. Today, we not only shoot for all the images I sent appear on the wire, I of the original file before it is reduced tonewspapers and magazines, but for a consider it a great day. If he or she moves meet immediate transmission limits. By24/7 Internet-based conversation, which is only two or three I will ask why the others keeping the original jpeg or RAW fileupdated constantly as news develops and weren’t moved. There are also times when on station, requests can be made ofeditors look for imagery to tell the story. the editor asks for additional images, either the larger files when they emerge, andA typical day at the AP might involve to be moved to the wire or to be archived can be sent later when access to betterseveral assignments at different locations. for future use. transmission capabilities is available.The assignment editor keeps his finger ~CJMon the pulse of the region and assignsDIRECTOR Christopher Madden Contributors ENS Haraz N. Ghanbari Designer MC2 Jason GrahamDEPUTY DIRECTOR LTJG Shawn Eklund MCCM Priscilla Kirsh Jeff ElliottEDITORIAL Navy Office of Information Jeff WhiteEditor Kristina Miller Pentagon RM4B514Staff Writers Oscar Sosa LAYOUT/ART Washington, D.C. 20350-1200 Damon Moritz Director MC2 Jay M. Chu Office: 703-614-9154 DSN: 2242 AMERICA’S NAVY: A GLOBAL FORCE FOR GOOD 703.614.9154
  3. 3. Layout by MC2 Jason GrahamINSIDERPERSPECTIVEIt’s allabout YOUby MCCM(SW/AW) Priscilla Kirsh, CHINFO Senior Enlisted Advisor“I became an MC because We’re working on several projects I need your good ideas and your that need imagery, especially video, personal involvement to help find thethe classifier at MEPS told of MCs doing what we do best: telling people who will be part of our teamme about it… and he said the story of America’s Navy. You may in the future. Please send me ideasthere were spots open.” say that goes against what we have on what you can do at your level, and been accustomed to doing for so long recommendations that we can lookThis and other similar statements are because it’s our job to tell the story, not into from here. Contact me at priscilla.what we hear often when visiting our be the story. or on Facebook atBasic Mass Communication Specialist CHINFO Senior Enlisted Advisor.Course students at DINFOS. While In these efforts to identify future talentmost of those young men and women for our rating, you are the story and I A simple gesture, such as writing aare becoming top-of-the-line new MCs need you to tell it. letter to your high school newspaperthrough the quality education they get class telling them what you do for theat the schoolhouse, I’d like to think Not only does it benefit our recruiting Navy, can go a long way in recruitingwe’re also getting a cadre of people efforts, but also the historical record of future talent. Now let’s get to it!who come to the recruiter with an what we do, like the cover story in theinterest in becoming an MC because last Navy Imagery Insider. I can’t stress I look forward to hearing from you. Goof a skill set they already have and a enough the importance of making sure forth and do great things.passion for what we do. historical records reflect this exciting period of time for our community, soMost high schools produce take a few moments and document yournewspapers, online publications, fellow MCs.newsletters and video programs. Mostcolleges also have them, in addition toradio broadcasts and degree programsthat complement our profession.What are we doing to identifyand capture the interest of thoseindividuals? What are we doing to tellpeople about the opportunities the Navyhas to offer in journalism, photography,videography and graphic design?That’s where you can help shape thefuture of our community. Turn thecameras around and help tell our storythrough your eyes! AMERICA’S NAVY: A GLOBAL FORCE FOR GOOD 3703.614.9154
  4. 4. Photo by MC2 Jay M. ChuFast, FileTransfer ComingSoon . . . No,Really! by Jeff ElliottFast File Transfer, or FFT, documentation and approvalis a file transfer protocol process is laborious andfavored and championed the Defense ImageryManagement and Operations And that’s just at the DoDCenter (DIMOC). Many of us level. FFT was certified byhave heard of FFT and what it DoD through the Defensecan do for easing the transfer Information Systems Networkof large media files from ship Security Accreditationto shore, but few have actually Working Group in Januarybeen allowed to use it. 2010. Because the Navy has Thomson-Ravitz Award shipboard IT systems that areFFT was developed by critical to the ship’s survival,Northrop Grumman to we have additional certificationmove large, multi-gigabyte, requirements. We started thecompressed video filesover the Internet. FFT’s FFT approval process for Navy last February and it is nearing N avy Public Affairs awards are an exciting opportunity to collectively Units and individuals will submit entries via p-a- net and they may includefast and reliable transfers completion. acknowledge some of the a variety of documents:allow maximum efficiency Once the Designated community’s best work. The print products, newsof available bandwidth and Thompson-Ravitz Awards clips, photographs, audioautomatically resumes any Approving Authority (ODAA) for Excellence in Navy files, video samples,broken file transfer session at NETWARCOM signs the Public Affairs is one such communication plans,from the point of interruption approval letter for FFT, anyone program that highlights analysis, assessment and(something that occurs often in the Navy who wishes to public affairs campaigns research sea.) It is perfect for moving use the program will have and products produced and authority to use it. Simply Past entries have focusedfiles from ship to shore. distributed throughout the on safety and informational put, all shipboard PAOs can 2010 calendar year. The programs, job fairSo if this software is so contact their command’s submission deadline for all preparations, ship visits,effective why isn’t FFT Communication Officer and entries is March 25. commemorations and aavailable to everyone in the request to have FFT loaded Active duty, Reserve long-term television newsNavy? The answer is it has yet onto one or more of the component and civilian campaign used to elevateto be approved through the ship’s Integrated Shipboard professionals are eligible and community relationships justNavy approval process, which Network System (ISNS) encouraged to submit unit to name a few.includes the DoD Information workstations within the Media entries highlighting internal More information is availableAssurance Certification Department/Division. FFT is and external campaigns. at Accreditation Process already available for download Judges will also collaborate under the “Media Awards(DIACAP). from the DIMOC at www. to award Best-in-Show Programs” button or in p-a- Version honors from unit category net at DIACAP ensures that 2.4 is for shipboard use, not entries. mil/eRoom/chinfo/PANETinformation systems will not be version 2.6. Contact DIMOC Individual categories include under “Awards Programs.”harmed by installed software for username and password. Junior Public Affairs Officer For more information, pleaseor hardware throughout the of the Year, Junior Reserve contact Heather Payntersystem’s life cycle. Every piece For more info join the Public Affairs Officer of the,of software and computer conversation at www.facebook. Year, Junior Civilian Public (703) 693-1363.hardware must be laboratory com/navyvisualnews. Affairs Officer of the Yeartested by the DIACAP. The and Enlisted Public Affairstesting and subsequent Officer of the Year.4 AMERICA’S NAVY: A GLOBAL FORCE FOR GOOD 703.614.9154
  5. 5. OUTTAKES by Oscar SosaHDRA recent trend in the post- make one image. An HDR from a single frame divides the frame into layers and treats each layer as an individual image. In The HDR photo has better color saturation and shadow detail. It will certainly hold up well in publication and may also be NVNS is not alone in this line of thought. Jim Collins, an Associated Press photo editor and a former Navyprocessing of digital images both techniques the best areas closer to what was visible to photographer’s mate, calls HDRis a technique called High of the scene are selected and the human eye as opposed to an excessive post processingDynamic Range, or HDR. This adjusted independently from the digital camera sensor. Navy slippery a technique where several the entire image. For example, Visual News cannot use it forimages, or several layers in the sky, the subject and the commercial release. “We avoid that stuff,” Collinsone image, are combined and background can be separated said. “We have a very broadadjusted to produce an image from each other in three layers, I know this sounds no manipulation policy. Ourwith better tonal range than adjusted individually and then counterintuitive; the HDR image guidelines are stricter than whatcan be produced with a single recompiled as one image. is cleaner, crisper, has more we did in the darkroom.” Hecombination of aperture and detail and certainly illustrates goes on to say that when theyshutter speed. This type of The left image is the original the situation the photographer receive images they suspect ofpost-processing can be done image that came into Navy was documenting. However, having too much toning they callin Photoshop CS3 through Visual News Service. It was we require images with as little the source back and requestCS5, or in specialty software selected as an image of the post production manipulation the original image or they don’tsuch as Photomatrix Pro, HDR day with no adjustments. I as possible. We are very open use the photo at all.Darkroom, DynamicPhoto HDR then separated the image into to using: lens filters, lighting,and several other commercially three layers and adjusted each shutter speed, aperture, NVNS maintains the sameavailable software. layer for exposure, saturation lensbabies, vignettes-just no photo manipulation policy and contrast. The three layers about any creative thought the as the Associated Press. WeAn HDR image is essentially a were then recompiled with photographer can capture on accept effects done before thecompilation of images where Photoshop’s HDR plug-in to the sensor. Once the image photo is taken and even as thethe software takes the best produce the HDR photo shown is taken all we want is basic image is recorded, however, wetonal and exposure areas of on the right. cropping and toning. require post processing be keptthe scene and adjusts them to to a minimum. Official/Unofficial use…Where do I Start? What pictures can you post on social media distribution which is packed with tips, tools (SM) networks? Are command SM sites and best practices from inside and outside E DIA governed by the same rules as *.mil websites? DoD. Once on the list, you’ll also receive The Emerging Media Integration team at information on bi-weekly conference calls with CHINFO (OI-54) is actively working to provide special guests. Recently a representative from you with tools to navigate the social media Facebook addressed our questions. You can LM (SM) interstate and you’ll find a plethora of find a preview of these emails and recorded information on calls at S O CIA USNavySocialMedia LT Lesley Lykins maintains the distribution, so From that page you can download many if you’d like to be added email her at Lesley. tools, including the recently released Navy Command Social Media Handbook. The Answers to the above questions: Since SM publication includes requirements, checklists networks are public, the same rules apply as and customizable presentations. *.mil sites, including image considerations. The OI-54 team also has a weekly AMERICA’S NAVY: A GLOBAL FORCE FOR GOOD 5703.614.9154
  6. 6. Photo by MC2 Jason Graham GOTB-ROLL?Video Prime by Damon MoritzCut PreparationE diting prime cuts of your video may Recently we received video of an award it’s working properly but all you really get is not seem like journalism, but it is. ceremony where a Sailor was being hum, pulse and pop. You are effectively doing the edit for presented a Purple Heart for injuries Natural sounds and speech are critical;a major broadcaster like CNN or Fox News sustained in Afghanistan. The video was like shooting video, it’s almost impossibleso that they can go straight to air with your visually compelling, but the whole product to edit video without wearing during breaking news. This is why was almost unusable because the speakers Good headphones cover the whole earwe ask for shots at least 10 seconds with were cut off mid-sentence, even in the and help to isolate you from backgroundfull still-photo style slates and a “released middle of the Sailor’s name. audio in your shop. You can’t really hearby” statement at the end of the video. We’re Watching great video is refreshing, but what is going on without isolating all audiomeeting the media’s needs for editing and when the audio stops at an odd point it can to the scene and what your microphonesinformation. be like hitting your head at the end of the picked up. Then you need to edit with anIn a recent example, Fox News requested pool when doing laps. understanding of the visuals in context andUSS Harry S. Truman video to support correlation with the audio. As viewers, we want to hear the Bos’n Pipea deployment homecoming story. They calls. We want to hear the 1MC. We expect The second rule of recording audio is neverwanted Navy video even though they to hear whole sentences and complete talk when the camera is rolling. It is notembarked for the homecoming. speech patterns. unusual to receive video prime cuts whereWhen editing video pay attention to the the videographer is carrying on personal The first rule of recording audio is alwaysaudio. All too often we’re receiving video conversations while recording. wear headphones and never trust the meterthat looks great, but isn’t usable due to poor alone. Failing batteries and Electromagnetic As the saying goes, “Quiet on the set!”audio breaks. Interference can make the meter look like Helping You Tell the Navy Story by Jeff White, Defense Media ActivityAll Hands Update (AHU), formerly Daily Open your story with, “This is an All Hands For those without video capability, send 10 toNews Update, is a program produced by Update, I’m ____,” and close your package 12 released images, which can be edited intoDMA - Navy that includes four TV packages with, “from USS XXX (unit), I’m ____.” If you a sequence. You can email them to ahu@a day - one two-minute package and three need to, take the open off the front of the or let the AHU staff know that youone-minute packages. Our goal is to keep story. have sent the imagery to NVNS. We preferthe fleet informed through news and feature high resolution images in horizontal format.stories, but we can’t accomplish that mission The story needs to be accurate and clearedwithout your help. Here are some guidelines for release through your chain of command. If you’d like to provide a phone interview,for submitting material. All submissions need information about call 202-433-3549 and leave an interview or the reporter and anyone in the package, message on All Hands Radio News’ (AHRN)When considering a story for AHU we ask: including name, rank, title, command and telephone, just mention it is for AHU and • What is the tie-in to our Navy audience? home town. Please don’t add computer AHRN. We can also set up a date and time graphics, so we can add as appropriate. when we can interview your subject matter • How much of our audience is interested in expert, if you prefer. or affected by this story? If you aren’t producing a complete package, • What does it mean to our audience and to your submission should include a release, We encourage you to be creative with the Fleet? advisory or story outline - enough information stories – find the story behind the scenes, to write at least 45 seconds of copy. Please think outside the box and push the limit. DoIf you can produce a finished news package include at least three minutes of on-camera research, talk to people, dig deeper andwe can use it without the anchor providing a interviews and two minutes of b-roll to see what you can come up with. Play withlead. support the story. B-roll should also be sent different styles, and contact AHU/AHRNThe complete story needs to be 42-48 to NVNS to support a variety of activities, if you’d like ideas or help at (202) 433-seconds for a one-minute package or 1:42- including national and international media 3813/6255 or for a two-minute package. requests, documentaries, internal products and multimedia productions.6 AMERICA’S NAVY: A GLOBAL FORCE FOR GOOD 703.614.9154
  7. 7. LINKS to KNOW “There is no UNSUCK filter” -David duChemin David duChemin is a world & humanitarian photographer, best-selling author, and international workshop leader. Syracuse University DoD Memorandum Society of Professional Association for Education DoD Military PhotographyPhoto by MC3 Adam M. Bennett Website on the Military Link to memorandum Journalists Journalism and Mass Workshop Visual Journalism on Responsible and Nonprofit organization Communication Link to attendee Program. Tells about Effective Use of Internet- dedicated to quality Nonprofit site with information for the 19th the curriculum and based Capabilities. This journalism. Their bimonthly great information and annual DoD Worldwide provides links to projects includes social networking magazine, called Quill, educational tools for all Military Photography by former students. guidance. is available online and aspects of journalism and Workshop, hosted by http://newhouse. features articles on a range mass communications. DINFOS. Deadline is directives/corres/pdf/ of topics. Also posts best practices April 1. Military_Visual_Program/ DTM-09-026.pdf from around the world. Overview/overview.cfm# NavyVisualNewsService/ viworkshop Navy Style Guide Photo by MC1 Anderson Bomjardim Landing Craft Utility – For a specific LCU, capitalize and include boat number on first reference. For example: Landing Craft Utility (LCU) 1661. On second reference, LCU-1661. When not referring to a specific LCU, do not capitalize. For example: landing craft utility. Units – Same rules apply as LCU. For example: Assault Craft Unit (ACU) 2, Naval Mobile Construction Battalion (NMCB) 5. Miscellaneous – Use area of responsibility and not area of operations. Use ordnance and not ordinance when referring to ammunition. Use pierside and not pier side. Desperately Seeking… MC Imagery. We need video and still imagery of our community, [MCCM Kirsh’s article]. Please take any opportunity you get to capture images of what we do. Think about how you would shoot an MC if you were putting together a photo story on one… what would you include? If In the Loupe? by NVNS Staff you’re taking stills, the temptation may be to just get close Have you seen the 2010 Photos of the Year? You sent some up or medium shots, but there can be value in showing the amazing photos last year, so we collected our favorites and surroundings we work in. Add a caption and we can also put them in a video piece posted at consider the photo for and external distribution. usnavy. We’re also currently working on a special photo- How about broll? Since, we are trying to “advertise” our only issue of Navy Imagery Insider with a selection of those community more, next time you’re out on a shoot with images, so keep an eye out for it. other MCs, please shoot a couple of sequences and send Introducing… them our way. These can then be used in creating products LTJG Shawn Eklund has joined the NVNS team and we’re that tell our story and, more importantly, record our part in excited to have him as the new deputy director. Eklund historical archives. reports to us from USS Blue Ridge (LCC 19). All references to commercially available sites and services are provided for informational purposes only, without Department of the Navy endorsement. AMERICA’S NAVY: A GLOBAL FORCE FOR GOOD 7 703.614.9154
  8. 8. Ho me avy the work ans he ts m eric ough t e effor g A d thr N es win n h re t rnal sho es a a’s ptu e 5 , by muniti lso ca or ext nities: 200 com and a NS f mmu ric nce ging blic NV ith co e si a u nd l oca vents, me hom By eng h the p edia a avy w s : s avy us. it l m the N ith l it w e key e eek ffair t th e N in rac t w loca re s vi s ar A lic A broughhey havle to inteaterial to e to sh tions, plu ations sions. e a ub W ing s m mis ch P ve ent t ab he m we u avy a la m s ha ’re t aniz proc o trea y Week s investMCs, weprovidee events rvice org atorial county c m nd t) a ing Ou Nav dou and then of th N nity en se uber and and nd g ncils n the hos l Br s n e a mu trem ur PAO We ca re som ivic a u s to d loc h tie , atten om of o agery Here . a to c ayoral city co wit ols of C . ak spe rs. M ocal sels o ffice ammond in im keting i rals leade with l ves gh sch fficials . t cit ies y O usan H ma r Adm ness tings m (fro isit hi rea o hos ders to Nav • i bus re me e cre ws ey v ith a from the Lea By by MCC S as a es ake here t meet w h sts ugh th e oto am rea w and gue thro nity s n ed s mu Ph rin g in the a uests uish ration om “Cap e b from ial g ing pe gc ’s zed • W ailors s spec dist o intin avy li r of ’s fleet epa the N ospita S ts a um Na be vy m r ugh fro ro oh n an s, st eve lect e the ritie , th cap e se erienc . d cha . Also n ball lors • W exp m s an ams dro Sai t o pro gra tion l progr d squa and niza hoo n hoo hool ls Sea rga ip a et fit o fter-s ted sh c h sc igh sc nd me hig o h pro in a a on- ren ona a are eak t g unit s or n nt d for er f g child prese . ics ers sp Trainin nte in ilors es clin lead cer s uck ing volu ntor ess usic pp2011 a y ffi ai lors to me am, S us illn t m . Nav rve O dro sport ten • S nters progr serio duc ays ese s, coin giat re of e con d ce ids” hting nd areer area R oss d colle nies a K for ren fi g form a ol c isi t he s, t an mo es.Navy Week Schedule chil d per scho es, v ustr nds high iversiti on ind y. pitc onal first ofessi ng-in c remon ere i a ut a vy b ate in d un ucati w o s at pr weari ime ceTampa Bay, FL Jan 22-29 • N rticip ies an the ed thro ball s t at pa mbl s in ers and half rmAustin, TX Mar 19-26 e r l ead r game ments me or erfo nd ass leade avy ve ist -ga ft p s a • N d deli e-enl g pre rcra eMississippi (Meridian, Gulfport) Mar 19-27 with an ts. R durin av y ai parad vents, alDallas-Ft Worth Apr 10-17 n d N tivals, ular e at loc eve ucted s an , fes p sDenver, CO May 2-8 con d ard s t po tion r gu event e mos onstra olo ingNew Orleans May 5-13 s, c port h of t rm dem so and ne eek vyPhiladelphia, PA May 23-29 y B er of s d in o perfo av nn vy W le. Na n l yChattanooga, TN Jun 11-19 • N l ma s. A uent a y N hedu al onie req ver owsQuad Cities, MN Jun 16-22 er em ivers f nt onof e the sc ion sh c me s yd . l ele ven t levi senior jorChicago, IL Jun 25-July 4 Nav ariums g te aRochester, NY July 11-17 aqu cr itica very e ornin , plus ith m i s a arly e r on m alities ings w g theDetroit, MI July 18-24 dia r ne a rso n et in st me e ppe me durLos Angeles, CA July 25-31 cal to cov ilors a dio pe oard VNS oadca lo d a b r ging nvite Sa with r orial d by N cal bFargo, ND Aug 8-14 nga i and s dit de lo ks. • E ey are bands erview te in e l provi porting WeeIndianapolis, MN Aug 13-22 th ers, ct int icipa b-rol sup Nav y tCincinnati, OH Aug 29-Sep 5 lead condu ls par . Also, part in future ia tOmaha, NE Sep 5-11 and y offic papers ortan rtising p eNew England Sep 24-Oct 2 Nav news an im in adv d aily plays andAlbuquerque, NM Oct 1-9 k ts wee s outle andEL Paso, TX Oct 17-23 ew ing n xcit takes nSan Antonio, TX Oct 24-30 or e eek i ke f ted ma avy W nteres C forBack-up Navy Weeks: ities N i O ctiv o if a ou’re he P chSacramento, CA Jul 23-31 he evse a ents s and y ntact t for ea T you e co age y theRaleigh, NC Oct 15-24 bus e near , pleas nd a p elect top t fi S s at plac g par You’ll t u n taki week. vywee conta t hat lick on w c on k and wee age. of p8 AMERICA’S NAVY: A GLOBAL FORCE FOR GOOD 703.614.9154