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a specified rank/level. OARS permits NTMPS to            FLTMPS Logon (shore):control the level of Privacy Act data that a...
NTMPS – Navy Training Management and                  activities assigned to a parent UIC for each ship with a    requirem...
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NTMPS brochure


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NTMPS brochure

  1. 1. a specified rank/level. OARS permits NTMPS to FLTMPS Logon (shore):control the level of Privacy Act data that a user sees the account level, manage all accounts, and ETJ Logon (shore):perform password maintenance. Why Use FLTMPS? OARS (Online application):FLTMPS provides the following benefits: Business reports have been designed and are on.aspavailable for single activities, customized UIC Email Supportgroupings, or at the Budget Submitting Office(BSO) or all-Navy level. Type, Group, Squadron and Wing Commanderscan track and manage critical manpower and training Technical Supportdata against readiness requirements with a few Technical Support is available from the NTMPS How do 30,000+ Sailors get answers tomouse clicks using the FLTMPS Command Support Office located in Pensacola, FL. The NTMPS Manpower, Personnel and Training questions?Summary reports. Support Office is fully staffed with NTMPS Manpower,c) ADHOC reports can be requested and provided Personnel and Training (MPT) Subject Matter Expertswithin minutes for almost any Manpower, Personnel (SMEs) between the hours of 0630-1700 (CST)or Training data call via an email or telephonerequest.d) Sailor’s are able to view career progression data Monday through Friday. NTMPS SME’s can assist with navigating FLTMPS, developing special ADHOC Navy Training reports, or answering questions concerning datathrough the numerous tabs located in the PersonnelModule under the Individual Data Search option. integrity. For assistance outside normal business hours, users can email or leave a voice message with a Management and Planning Command-Delivered Enlisted Leadership Training commercial or DSN phone number and an NTMPS /Mandatory GMT Training Analyst will return their call the next business day. The NTMPS Support Office can be reached at Toll FreeThe Learning Event Completion module is availableto document the completion of Selectee LeadershipTraining and Mandatory GMT. Standard reports are (866) 438-2898, Commercial (850) 452-1867, DSN 922, or email at . Systemavailable for Selectee Leadership Training which Fleet Concentration Area Supportallows users to pull everything from an All-Navypercentage status down to an individual by-name Training on the use of FLTMPS and Technical Supportreport for a UIC. The GMT completion report from NTMPS Manpower, Personnel and Trainingdisplays by name completion of the mandatory (MPT) Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) is also availablecourses. in San Diego, Ca and Norfolk, Va. Analysts may be reached at: Norfolk - (757) 836-9799 DSN 836 San Diego - (619) 437-2781 DSN 577 Website URLs
  2. 2. NTMPS – Navy Training Management and activities assigned to a parent UIC for each ship with a requirements reports to afloat units with a NIAPS Planning System Navy Integrated Application Product Suite (NIAPS) Distance Support server version 2.3 or later. As part Distance Support server installed. The datamart of the Sea Warrior Program Navy Career ToolsNavy Training Management and Planning System provides the data required to support the ETJ and (NCT) suite of Afloat applications. Each FLTMPS(NTMPS) is the umbrella term used to describe the FLTMPS Afloat applications and also contains Learning Afloat application and its associated datamart, whichData Warehouse (DW)/ Operational Data Store Management System (LMS) tables used by the Afloat is updated weekly, is tailored to the Active Duty and(ODS) and suite of applications/business solution Integrated Learning Environment (AILE). In order to Reserve personnel assigned to each afloat unit. Astools managed by Sea Warrior Program Office reduce shipboard bandwidth requirements and leverage of June 2011, FLTMPS Afloat has been deployed(PEO-EIS PMW 240). NTMPS supports NIAPS replication processes, the data is transferred and onboard 87 of Navy Total Force (NTF) assets and loaded using a series of pipe-delimited text files.requirements analysis by senior and mid level Electronic Training Jacket – (Afloat andmanagement personnel including PEO-EIS Fleet Training Management and Planning Shore)(PMW-240), Naval Education and Training System (FLTMPS) – Shore The ETJ is a web application that provides theCommand (NETC), Fleet Forces Command (FFC), FLTMPS is a shore-based, low-bandwidth, Fleet-centric capability for any service member to access theirNTF Activities, and other Navy activities. NTMPS web application that integrates MPTE information into a complete Navy training and education record. TheDW/ODS integrates MPTE data from over 50 single reporting system. It enables Fleet Commanders, ETJ, utilizing the integrated training data from theapproved data sources. The DW/ODS provides a Type Commanders, Commanding Officers, Executive NTMPS DW/ ODS or NAFL datamart, allowscentralized source of integrated and trusted data to Officers, Training Officers, Career Counselors and other Active Duty and Reserve Enlisted and Officers tosatisfy a wide variety of MPTE needs throughout MPTE managers to access numerous MPTE-based view and print all documented information on theirthe Navy and is the source of data for the NTMPS reports to assist in monitoring and managing training individual training and education accomplishments.suite of applications which include: requirements, unit manning, personnel and training Specifically, the ETJ allows sailors to view • NTMPS Afloat (NAFL) Datamart status. FLTMPS leverages the integrated data from administrative data, Navy Enlisted Classification • FLTMPS (Afloat and Shore) • Electronic Training Jacket (Afloat and Shore) NTMPS DW/ODS to provide standardized reports to (NEC) codes, Navy Officer Billet Codes (NOBCs), • Online Application Reporting System (OARS) Fleet users. FLTMPS includes information concerning Additional Qualification Designator (AQD)/officer (Shore). activity training requirements and deficiencies, modules sub-specialties, language skills, training • Enterprise Performance Metrics (EPM) (Shore to locate personnel with certain skill sets and training, completions, qualifications/ certifications, Armed Only) activity billets and personnel assigned, projected gains Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB)/ The NTMPS Suite of Applications and losses, Leadership Development Program statistics, Basic Test Battery (BTB) scores, enlisted and officer class convening schedules, available class quotas and education level/college (Advanced Education),The NTMPS Suite of Applications, including the Catalog of Navy Training (CANTRAC) data. FLTMPS enlisted/officer career history and awards. The ETJNTMPS DW/ODS, provides users the tools needed users may view selected reports online, print reports Afloat functionality has been selected to be includedto access MPTE data via standard or ADHOC and/or download reports into Excel documents for in the Sea Warrior Program - Navy Career Toolsreports developed by the Subject Matter Experts viewing at a later date. FLTMPS provides Fleet users (NCT) suite of Afloat applications.(SMEs) at the NTMPS Support Office. NTMPS with instant access to information critical to makingapplications have a proven track record in providing sound training management decisions. Online Application Reporting Systemeasy to access reports that can greatly enhance user (OARS)productivity by providing timely and accurate data. Fleet Training Management and Planning System (FLTMPS) – Afloat OARS is a web application which allows NTMPS NTMPS Afloat (NAFL) Datamart users to apply for accounts to the FLTMPS, FLTMPS Afloat provides training officers, career FLTMPS Afloat and EPM applications.The datamart is a SQL Server database which is counselors and shipboard personnel access to a subset Applications must be signed by the user andproduced on a weekly basis and tailored to the of manpower, personnel, training and TYCOM approved by a government or military supervisor of