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Case Study - Todo Puebla Traffic Growth


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Tudo Puebla is an online hub for business, social and cultural information in Mexico. They came with an initial requirement of an easy to use framework running on an SQL database. Traffic increased by 50% in sic months.

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Case Study - Todo Puebla Traffic Growth

  1. 1.       1  WWW.TODOPUEBLA.COM  -­‐  A  CASE  STUDY• What  it’s  about  o Who  uses  it  o Main  features  of  the  site  • What  they  wanted  o Original  reason  for  creating  the  site  o Technologies  they  needed    • What  we  built  o Business  logic  analysis  o Technologies  we  used  o Consultancies  offered  • How  it’s  doing  now  o Sales  o Visitors  o Branding  and  Positioning  WHAT  IT’S  ABOUT  is  a  portal  that  revolutionizes  the  way  to  find  business  information,  social,  cultural  and  entertainment  in  Puebla,  which  is  located  in  East-­‐Central  Mexico.  The  state  supports  industries  such  as  textiles,  tourism,  agribusiness,  storage,  medical  services,  furniture  making  and  logistics  services  in  clusters.  In  2010,  Standard  &  Poors  reconfirmed  the  state’s  ‘mxA+’  rating  with  a  stable  outlook  due  to  the  state’s  finances.  The  portal  has  been  designed  with  the  highest  standards  of  quality,  adhering  to  proven  methodologies  to  ensure  ease  of  use  while  catering  to  different  segments  of  the  population  enabling  them  to  find  easily  what  is  happening  in  Puebla.    The  content  that  is  available  includes:  • Companies  and  professionals  presented  in  an  innovative  format  and  graphical  re-­‐sortable  lists  to  quickly  find  products  or  services  of  specific  interest.  • Social  Events  featured  Puebla  society,  with  the  events  of  the  best  magazines  available  in  Puebla.  • Youth  Forums,  where  everyone  speaks  about  their  likes,  interests  and  place  of  study  or  work.  All  the  kids  from  Puebla  have  their  own  space  on  the  internet  and  add  their  friends.  • Commercial  cinema  and  culture,  where  users  no  longer  have  to  navigate  multiple  sites  to  find  all  the  movies  that  are  playing  because  it  is  listed  succinctly  in  one,  easy-­‐to-­‐access  place.  You  can  also  filter  movies  by  genre  or  classification.  Going    to  a  movie  has  never  been  easier.    • Events  with  calendar  of  concerts,  sports,  theater,  conferences,  exhibitions  and  more.  Local  residents  can  quickly  look  up  events  they’ve  heard  about  on  the  radio  or  a  banner  they  saw  on  the  road.        
  2. 2.       2  What  the  customer  wanted  The  site’s  mission  is  to  disseminate  business  information,  social,  cultural  and  entertainment  in  an  innovative  and  easy  to  use  on  the  Internet,  helping  to  take  everything  good  that  happens  in  Puebla.  The  conviction  is  that  Puebla  must  be  put  ahead  and  for  this,  things  must  be  done  with  passion  and  excellence.  Furthermore,  the  portal  aims  to  spread  the  culture  in  an  innovative  way  for  young  people  by  encouraging  a  growing  appreciation  for  cultural  activities.  They  came  with  an  initial  requirement  of  an  easy  to  use  framework  running  on  an  SQL  database.  They  wanted  the  site  to  be  able  to  handle  massive  traffic  volumes  centric  to  the  residents  of  Puebla.  As  such,  the  site  needed  to  handle  multiple  search  volume  simultaneously  while  offering  an  admin  portion  for  managing  the  10,000+  user  visits  the  site  was  expected  to  have  daily.              What  we  Built  We  opted  for  the  open  source  Cake  PHP  framework  which  is  known  for  its  robustness,  developer  friendliness  and  its  ability  to  add  module  after  module  onto  its  original  structure  even  after  deployment.    MySQL,  another  open-­‐source  SQL  database,  supported  the  Cake  PHP  framework.    We  surmised  that  an  initial  user  volume  of  10,000  daily  visitors  would  soon  balloon  to  include  most  of  the  internet  savvy  residents  of  Puebla.  Some  research  into  the  state’s  demographics  and  infrastructure  gave  us  an  insight  into  what  a  general  user  might  look  for  in  a  sight.    Among  the  modules  developed  were:  • Main  landing  page  that  contains  a  snapshot  of  all  that  is  relevant  happening  in  Puebla  • Movie  listing  containing  a  list  of  all  popular  movies,  theatres,  shows,  etc.  that  are  playing  along  with  their  showtimes.  Users  can  vote,  comment  and  visit  the  movies  right  from  the  cine  portal  itself.  
  3. 3.       3  • Events  are  listed  according  to  VIP,  recommended  and  datewise  events  that  are  happening  in  and  around  Puebla.  It’s  a  great  tool  for  organizers  to  get  publicity  for  their  events,  for  generating  buzz  and  to  get  feedback.  • Companies  which  are  interested  in  hiring,  sourcing  fresh  talent  and  providing  various  services  are  listed  along  with  their  Google  Business  listings.  • Photo  Albums  from  in  and  around  Puebla  which  is  primarily  User  Generated  Content  which  acts  as  a  showcase  of  life  in  the  city.  • Blogs  created  by  the  admin  and  users  talking  about  various  articles  of  specific  interested  and  also  general  blog  topics,  entirely  in  Spanish.  • News  portal  containing  an  RSS  feed  from  the  various  newspapers  and  news  channels  of  Puebla  for  keeping  residents  up  to  date  on  what’s  important.  • People  profiles  containing  general  networking  information  about  the  users  and  residents  of  Puebla.  The  client  wanted  an  information  dispensing  portal.  We  built  him  a  gateway  for  Puebla  residents  to  connect,  socialize,  work  and  generate  awareness.  It  would  not  be  too  wrong  to  say  that  is  Puebla’s  avatar  in  the  internet.    How  it’s  doing  now  The  visitor  count  is  currently  averages  20,000  –  25,000  visits  everyday  with  traffic  volumes  peaking  to  30,000  unique  visits  on  holidays  and  during  festive  occasions.  The  portal  migrated  servers  twice  in  order  to  keep  up  with  the  rush  in  traffic  with  the  coding  requiring  minimal  change.  The  site  navigation  was  streamlined  after  analyzing  what  content  the  users  prefer.  The  site  is  earning  revenue  through  special  promos,  through  paid  companies  and  advertisements.  What  started  out  as  a  pet  project  for  a  city  is  now  a  self  sufficient  portal  that  informs,  educates  and  thrives  in  Puebla.          
  4. 4.       4  Traffic  1  year  ago:      Traffic  Now: