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How to Manage Multiple Marketplaces


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The best multichannel marketplace management tool to increase sales by 400%. Manage your eBay, Amazon, Facebook Store from one place.

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How to Manage Multiple Marketplaces

  1. 1. Multi Channel Product ManagementTool
  2. 2. eBayAmazonTradusFacebookGoogle shopTop Online Marketplaces
  3. 3. A single window interface that can manage all of yourproduct listing on different platforms.We provide:•Social Store•Mobile Store•Web Store•NewsletterSingle Window Interface – Boost MySale
  4. 4. Drive more sales and increase visibility byselling your products on global marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon, etc.Sale on Multiple Marketplaces
  5. 5. Reach a wider audience by creating andconnecting your social commerce store onfacebook, twitter, pinterest, instagram.Create Your Social Store
  6. 6. Market your products using mobile andtablet optimized version of your site withsecured credit card processing.Mobile & Tablet Optimized Webshop
  7. 7. Measure results and maximize profits withour advanced analytics, reporting tools andalerts.Advanced analytics tool
  8. 8. Get a competitive edge by promoting yourproducts and deals through email blasts ande-marketing newsletters.Free Newsletters
  9. 9. Multiple payments, shipping and logisticsintegrated into the systemMultiple Payment Gateways
  10. 10. Call US on 033/4025-9595Skype @ sandy_palod1Mail US @ support@boostmysale.comWe are willing to help you!!