6 Tips to Increase Sales on eBay


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6 inexpensive ways to increase your Ebay sales to make your auctions more attractive and to find new avenues to find new customers. It is more important to optimize your eBay store to build traffic and generate sales. This tip will boost your eBay sales by 400%.

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  • We also saw increases in Ebay sales due to tweaking a few metrics. You can read about it here: http://theauctionbayseller.com/improve-ebay-ranking
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6 Tips to Increase Sales on eBay

  1. 1. 6 Tips to Improve Sales oneBayEbay is an online marketplace that allows people andbusinesses to sale products to interested buyersthrough product listing and auctions.Per day on an average one mobile accessory and abeauty product is sold every minute, one Tablet issold in every 11 minutes, Watch sells on every 5minutes!!Interested to know the secret of selling on eBay?
  2. 2. Optimize Your Store &Product Description•Multiple, high quality pictures of the item.•Pictures should be in focus.•Item description should include the color and size ofthe item.•Supply a shipping charge for each item.•Offer multiple shipping discounts to encouragebuyers.•Optimize product description with keywords.•Write new keyword enriched content.
  3. 3. Build a Brand That PeopleCan TrustOnline buyers cannot touch the items that you areselling, so you need to build trust with the followingsteps.•Open an eBay Store.•eBay store owners sell up to 25% more items.•Include custom designed eBay store logo.
  4. 4. Sell To Your CustomersPlace links to other eBay items inside of your eBayauction listings to drive more traffic to your storewhere your customers can make additionalpurchases.Consider starting an eBay Store Newsletter topromote new items to your customers.add links to your eBay store by adding links to ALL ofyour eBay store pages and listings to encourage yourbuyers to browse your eBay store more.
  5. 5. Use Enhanced ListingFeaturesFirst photo - increases chances of selling by 15%Gallery - Typically sell for 12% moreSubtitle - Typically sell for 10% more
  6. 6. Sell Internationally & AcceptMultiple Payment Methods•Selling internationally, on average, sell for 16%more.•Offering a number of payment options reassurebuyers.•Over 90% of eBay listings offer PayPal as a methodof payment. So, offer PayPal as a payment option.
  7. 7. Use Auction Listing SoftwareUsing listing and auction management softwarecan speed up the process of listing items andmanaging auctions. You can use:•BoostMySale•Turbo Lister•Seller Manager
  8. 8. Want to Boost Your eBaySales and Profits?Register for Free Demo:URL: www.boostmysale.comContact No: 033-4025-9595Skype: sandy_palod1Mail: support@boostmysale.com