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6 Tips to Make You Landing Page Effective


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Create effective landing pages today to increase Adwords, Linkedin ads and Facebook ad conversion rate by 100%. Optimize your landing pages with these six tips from SEM experts.

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6 Tips to Make You Landing Page Effective

  1. 1. There are certain norms that every marketersshould follow to make their campaign moresuccessful that is to improve the CPA.They should practise some basic guidelinesand that we called HABITS!!
  2. 2. •Heading•Action•Benefits•Image•Trust•Speed
  3. 3. •Heading is the first thing that catchesvisitors attension.•Heading should be in H1 tag or in bold.•You must keep your discounts, offers orUnique selling points here.•Use larger fonts and make it bold.•If the offer is large; go for sub heading.
  4. 4. •The original name is is Call to Action.•It is the contact form of the landing page.•We can call is Lead collector also.•Use minimum fields in the form. 4 – 5 pointsmaximum.
  5. 5. •Benefits section is the main body part of thepage.•It is consisted of detailed offering, productdescription or services.•Description should be in bullet points.•Lesser text is good for conversion.
  6. 6. •Image is better than text for customerengagement.•High quality stock photoes should be used.•One unique image must be there on yourlanding page.•Video can increaseconversion by almost 80%.•Keep in mind that loading time should beunder 3 seconds.
  7. 7. •Use Customer Logo•Use Testimonials•Use Product Reviews•Use Statistical Data•Use Social Proof•Use Awards You Received•Use Press Release on Popular Platforms
  8. 8. Use text like:•exclusive offers.•Free shipping.•Discount for first 50 customers.•Less supply increase the demand.•Use text like Limited edition.
  9. 9. Website: www.needseoexperts.comPhone No: 033-4025-9595Facebook: