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Script for Cookery Show

  1. 1. Hello and welcome to ‘Cooking with master chef Navina’! Today I am going to beteaching you how to cook a fantastic musical! It’s quick and very easy, howeveryou will need several ingredients and a lot of concentration in order to make aperfect musical. So let’s get started!You will need:1 fermented plot1 clear storyline5tbsp of romance and/or comedy and/or horrorMore than 3 characters – depending on your tasteMore than 3 songs – remember it’s a musical!More than 3 types of dances3 litres of dialogue2 bowls of lighting1 bowl of sound effects20kg of energyHandful of costumes1 whole target audienceTo start of with, you will need a good plot. Having a strong plot will act as ourbase and give the right shape to our musical. It is extremely important for you tohave a strong and clear plot because if you don’t, then your musical will fallapart, which we don’t want to happen, do we?! To make our fermented plot, youwill need 1 clear storyline, 5tbsp of romance and/or comedy and/or horror,depending on what type of theme you want your musical to have. Mix themixture constantly and roll out a perfect plot.Now let’s spice up our plot. To make sure that our musical will taste good, add allthe characters, songs, dance, sound effects and dialogues onto your plot. Nowkneed the dough until its tightly firm. Remember to add a variety of dances andmusic so that the musical is not boring. Also make sure the timings of thelightning are correct.To give our musical a good look, add in a handful of costumes. Make sure thecostumes are appropriate otherwise the whole musical would look messy.Once you’ve done that, take your mixture and put it in the oven and let it cook forat least a week, depending on how good all the rehearsals are. If the musicalneeds more time to cook, then give it more time because we want our finalmusical to be perfect! Before putting the musical in the oven, sprinkle 20kg ofenergy. This will help the musical to rise!Once you think the musical is ready, take it out oven, and perform it fresh with 1whole target audience.