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Results from Qualitative Questionnaire


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Results from Qualitative Questionnaire

  1. 1. ‘’sharing the mood of event with large scale celebrations’’‘’a celebration’’‘’festival is an event where we can celebrate some special occasions with large gathering’’‘’celebration of traditional events and social gathering’’‘’a festival is a celebration which allows people to get together’’‘’a celebration of an event or a social gathering
  2. 2. ‘’Diwali’’‘’Hay festival’’‘’Vaisakhi’’‘’Hindu festivals’’‘’T-Mobile festival’’‘’Cannes Film festival’’‘’Wireless’’‘’Blastbeat’’
  3. 3. ‘’Religious festivals – amazing, got to new people’’‘’Good experience – refreshing, enjoyable and memorable experience with family and friends’’‘’Very entertaining and the atmosphere was brilliant’’‘’Good to meet new people that celebrate in the same style as you do’’
  4. 4. ‘’Music’’‘’Entertainment’’‘’Food’’‘’Games and fun activities’’‘’Dance and music’’‘’live performances’’‘’Lots of people’’‘’Everything you can possible fit in’’
  5. 5. ‘’Music festivals’’‘’Religious festivals’’‘’Any festival, that has free food’’‘’Dance festivals’’‘’Music festivals’’‘’Award festivals’’‘’Film festivals’’
  6. 6. ‘’No, but now I know!’’‘’Yes – music performances’’‘’Yes – kids from our school performing’’‘’Yes – costumes’’‘’No – food, food and food’’‘’Yes – games for little ones’’