Minutes - 11th November 2011


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Minutes - 11th November 2011

  1. 1. Minutes of Meeting Planning the MusicalDate – Friday 11th November 2011 – Period 4 – A136Participants – Marie, Nazish, Khatra, Logan, Sara, Navina, Sathma, Michael, Parnyan,Rajan and ZahraAbsent – GeorgeMinutes taken by – NavinaPoints discussed Checked how far Assistant Director – Nazish, has reached in re-editing the script. Checked whether pairs, who worked on composing lyrics for scenes on Tuesday 8 th November, have completed it and sent to Mr. Wasiq to be checked. Discussed on the dates mentioned in our production schedule for certain tasks to be started and completed. Discussed on changing the dates for holding the auditions, due to lack of preparation time. Listed down and discussed tasks each person needs to do in the next lesson, according to the tasks related to their individual roles.Action agreed By whom 1. Assistant Director – Nazish to complete the whole script (the Nazish th editing, adding and remove bits) by next week, Monday 14 November. 2. Parnyan to re-send the lyrics for scene 15 to Mr. Wasiq or Sathma Sathma by lunchtime. 3. Michael and Rajan to type up their composed lyrics for scene 4 Sathma and email to Sathma by the end of the day. 4. Moving forward the date for holding auditions for the whole Everyone in the school, on Monday 21st November. team 5. Spend the second hour in Creative & Media after school Everyone in the session, to go over and read the whole script together. team 6. Individual tasks, every person in the team has to do in the next lesson: Logan – Research into lighting. (What lights and colours Logan would create which moods etc.) Parnyan – Brainstorm ideas for set designs. Do at least Parnyan 2 drafts of drawings. Nazish – Continue working on and editing the script. Nazish Sara – Work on creating one routine-exercise. Sara Zahra – Work along side Nazish and Navina to create Zahra character profiles and also decide on dates for holding auditions. Marie – Start by creating a title for our musical. Marie Khatra – Brainstorm/list props that might be needed. Khatra Michael – Start creating drafts of costume designs for Michael at least 2 characters. Rajan – Get hold of all the lyrics from Sathma/Mr Rajan
  2. 2. Wasiq and start editing lyrics composing book.Sathma – Check if a music room is available to compose Sathmamusic or develop melodies.Navina – Complete any pending minutes and also Navinasupport Zahra in completing character profiles.