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ConversionTonic - Introduction


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Our first in-house product. My team has worked for past 4 months over this and its now in a state where we can put it to test. Have made this simple presentation to share the idea as lot of folks are asking for it over messages.

Its a product for website owners who wish to increase the user engagement and shoot up the 'conversion rate'. We are calling this application - ConversionTonic. Our team has developed an intelligent way of creating, customizing and timely displaying popups that do the job of engaging visitors at the right time. As user's behavior on your site is used as triggers to show popups...they are never annoying!

I would like to show the possibilities of increase in Conversion rate of your website by using one of our thoughtfully designed popups. Just leave a comment or shoot a mail at

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ConversionTonic - Introduction

  1. 1. Conversion Tonic An Introduction
  2. 2. Welcome, dear reader! Through this deck of 17 slides you will learn about 1. What is ConversionTonic and why are we building it? 2. What have we planned about launch and expansion? 3. How can you help? It took us a long time to compile this deck. We think you will love it, please grab a your seat and be ready!
  3. 3. What is Conversion for website? It is the percentage of visitors that make a purchase or request service, or fill a form, or subscribe to your updates. According to wikipedia, the conversion rate is defined as... The proportion of visitors to a website who take action to go beyond a casual content view or website visit, as a result of subtle or direct requests from marketers, advertisers, and content creators. Visitors Ideally! Customers
  4. 4. Number of visitors who became your ‘customers’ Number of visitors who ‘visit’ on your website = Conversion rate
  5. 5. Number of visitors who became your ‘customers’ Number of visitors who ‘visit’ on your website = Conversion rate High Conversion rate is equal to success! Success of website
  6. 6. Conversion Tonic Number of visitors who became your ‘customers’ Number of visitors who ‘visit’ on your website Increases Conversion rate of the website. = Conversion rate High Conversion rate is equal to success! Success of website
  7. 7. Who is it for? What does it do? Its for everyone who has developed a website for business. Here is how Conversion Tonic will help them... - Increases user engagement - Allow them to interact with visitors who are leaving the website - Allow them to direct their attention to the most important page - Allow them to help visitors find what they need - Help visitors find and get in touch with website owners easily - Get the most out of their website development+marketing investment
  8. 8. Market problem High investment but very low conversion rate - Website owners spend a lot of money in development + marketing - The conversion rate is drastically low, website does not even get leads - Large ratio of visitors visit the site, but abandon it immediately No friendly solutions to increase conversion rate - No awareness and no easy to use services to increase conversion - It requires an understanding of design and development - No solution exists in market that guides non tech people like friend Expensive methods without any guarantee of return - Making new content, changes in website are expensive and tedious - Spending in marketing to get traffic also goes into drain
  9. 9. Our Observation Website owners are ready to spend There is a definite set of website owners who are ready to spend for trusted solution and getting results with reports! Website owners want to monitor results and control outcomes The want a dashboard of traffic activity and user behavior. And they want to control the loss of visitors and make the site profitable With proper study of consumer behavior, its possible to get these results Even after the website is complete, the conversion rate can be improved drastically. Its possible to repeat this for ‘n’ number of websites We have been developing website since 4 years from now and speaking of experience
  10. 10. We took it seriously We need to make an application that helps every website owner in need. Application should be simple. Easy to install and ready to use in no time. It should stop visitors who are leaving the website. Grab attention of the visitors with elegance & show them what matters. Help visitors who are trying too hard to find something on the site. Show website owners the live reports. Simple, actionable analytics. We can do this!
  11. 11. And made this possible! Studying the reasons why and when visitors leave the site We did lot of study on user behavior and his mental model while browsing any website. There are some fixed patterns we found Tracking cursor velocity of the visitors and using it as triggers We built a sensor that calculates activity of cursor on the website, We used parameters like time of visit, halt and velocity recorded for all Intelligently designing pop-ups for visitors Based on the recorded cursor activity, we show the visitors smartly defined pop-ups. Imagine a popup making a visitor who was going to leave the website and persuade him to Buy!
  12. 12. The code capabilities Track Our Algorithm tracks the cursor movements of each visitor of the site in real-time. Records the pattern, engagement, time spent and interest Recognize It recognizes what is the mind set of the user. Just arrived, returning, curious, interested, confused, leaving, browsing other sites and so on! Act The algorithm calculates the history of gestures, time spent on the site, pages visited, scrolls and accordingly overlays a pop up which compels the visitor to think and take required action. This successfully increases the conversion rate.
  13. 13. Intelligent use of pop-ups can Stop leaving visitors Win attention Quickly increase sales Help active visitors Greet returning visitors Get contact information Isn't this what every website owner wants?
  14. 14. How will we price it? Free for first 100 invited users. We will evaluate and act on their feedback. See the value to customers. Release a new version, finalize on pricing at this stage. Plans for digital marketing agencies. Because these people have numerous clients. Plans for developers. Because these people are awesome! * open to advice from experienced entrepreneurs on pricing.
  15. 15. What is done - Brand identity and domain name - Research and study - The core algorithm is ready - Marketing website is in progress - User dashboard working in progress - Basic product ready to test - Team is excited to test market! What is to be done - Immediately, get 100 people to try it on site - Get their feedback. Work on it. Launch. - Go and sell to the world. We need good vibes! - Our product is not perfect (yet) - We are learning daily from people feedback - We want to develop something that matters - We want to work hard and grow - If you want to help, next page is for you!
  16. 16. Whom we need - People with website and willing to try our product (100). - People who want to talk to us about their conversion issues. - Advice form entrepreneurs who have worked in IT domain. - Interns who are passionate about digital marketing. - People who love us for being awesome. Mail if you are any of the above - You will put a big smile on our faces!
  17. 17. Will you join hands with us? We really want to take this to global charts. Four years of experience teaches us that conversion is most crucial aspect for every website owner. And our aim is to help all of them globally with our smart-simple tools and passionate team pushing the technology. Conversion Tonic +91-9769503450