ONCOLOGY AD-GUYSeptember 15, 2010                     In general, most                     treating oncologists           ...
ONCOLOGY AD-GUY September 15, 2010                                     being in the beginning or end of a print         Ho...
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Oncology Ad Guy, Advertising Trends in Oncology


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The Navicor Group, the Executive Creative Director Marvin Bowe's perspective on future advertising trends that will impact Oncology marketing and advertising. Learn more at http://the.oncology.agency

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Oncology Ad Guy, Advertising Trends in Oncology

  1. 1. ONCOLOGY AD-GUYSeptember 15, 2010 In general, most treating oncologists are approximately 45-55 years of age which means they have been utilizing computers, Internet and other techno- What are some increasing advertising/marketing devices throughout their entire careers. trends in the area of oncology? By Marvin Bowe In the oncology market, similar to we will see more of in the near A level number of oncologists and many other markets like diabetes, future: smart phone applications, an increase in baby boomer female health and HIV, pharma online-rep detailing, and virtual patients in the future means less companies and ad agencies have conferences. And two that I think time for sales reps, particularly been pioneering new approaches we will see much less: journal during prime time. However, the to leverage the cornucopia of advertising and print sales-aids. demand for new information technologies we have at our about the latest therapies fingertips. And I believe the main Each year marks another year of continues to rise. This is a perfect reason why many of the experience with digital technology storm for online-rep details. Each technologies have been positioned for both oncologists and patients. year web-conferencing as a fad is because they were not In general, most treating technologies are becoming more widely understood by clinicians or oncologists are approximately compatible and intuitive for all of always seen as the right approach 45-55 years of age which means us to use more readily. to reach the elderly patient. they have been utilizing Today, hundreds of physicians are computers, Internet and other With all the new developments in taking the plunge into techno-devices throughout their digital communication platforms, communications technology. And entire careers. marketers can expect a shift in every year, a younger, techno- media resources. I believe the savvy person is closer to Just two years ago, the idea of most vulnerable is journal becoming the next elderly patient. mobile apps were off the radar, advertising. To be effective with According to recent studies, now there are thousands of journal advertising, the media oncologists compared to other educational, assessment and spend has to be significant, at specialists are most engaged with reference tools, all tailored to least in comparison to on-line digital media, and baby boomers making the healthcare experience advertising. Online advertising are the fastest growing online more effective and efficient, not can be more efficient because ads user. That said, there are three only for the patient but also the can be targeted and linked to communication platforms I think clinician. specific articles and topics, unlike INTERESTED IN LEARNING MORE? PLEASE CONTACT MARVIN BOWE @ MBOWE@NAVICORGROUP.COM
  2. 2. ONCOLOGY AD-GUY September 15, 2010 being in the beginning or end of a print How is the use of new journal. I believe there are just better, more efficient ways to reach the audience technology/online trends in today’s world. altering advertising and branding approaches in Lastly, print sales-aids have seen better days. In oncology, as with other oncology/oncology specialties, the major flaw with print brands? collateral, even clinical reprints is the fact that they are static whereas a sales As you can imagine, technology is and conversation is dynamic. Being able to will continue to alter our approaches link materials together quickly and quite significantly. The fact of the matter seamlessly as the conversation shifts is that most patients with cancer aging demands a medium that can rapidly shift 60-75 have had some experience with and stay on track with the conversation. computers. But, more importantly, Tablet PCs are being increasingly used, physicians have been leveraging online however those devices were plagued with information for decades. Trends have problems, start up times, battery life, shown oncologists making a shift from processing speeds, etc. New digital reading review articles in magazines to devices like an HP Slate or iPad should using online sources. This shift may be able provide a more usable flow of reduce the amount of journal advertising information. spend. On the flip side, online media allows for advertising to be more efficient What are clients needs and dynamic. Now a skyscraper ad can and how are agencies be placed at a lesser cost and have more meeting those needs (or relevance. In addition, the Internet has allowed for “brand on-demand” how has the agency detailing. Every day another sales rep done this in the past)? gets turned away due to the physician’s lack of time. Through video conferencing, they can reconnect when it Client needs are similar today as to what is more convenient. Smart phones, pico- they were in recent past. They include projectors and the new slate devices are Online communities increasing brand awareness, all making selling aids more dynamic, like Sermo and differentiating products from the mimicking the flow of a natural competition and establishing a brand’s custom digital radio conversation. For years sales reps have value. But the rules are always changing; struggled with lugging around the right programs such as the regulatory environment is much more detail aids for the call. . Even laptops, as restrictive. Also, new products are being Reach MD, and other cool as they were in the nineties were launched with niche indications. Because never practical for a day of detailing. new media available we need to work within the confines of a Boot-ups, processing issues and battery today provide product label, we leverage the strength of life all plagued the devices making print disease-state communication in addition oncology brands the documents the preference. Now these to branded promotion. By painting the more nibble devices give reps the reach of mass media picture of the ongoing unmet medical flexibility of a dynamic conversation with without the cost. need, the differences in molecular targets the ease of print selling tools. and mechanisms of various therapies we Marvin Bowe are helping the clinician make a more informed decision when selecting a treatment approach. Marvin leads the new media development for Navicor, focusing on Internet linking strategies; engaging physicians, patients, and caregivers through online social community dialogue; tracking online trends and enhancing SEO by maximizing user-generated content for client’s brands. INTERESTED IN LEARNING MORE? PLEASE CONTACT MARVIN BOWE @ MBOWE@NAVICORGROUP.COM