Europhar Meeting Valencia 2013 Navicelli


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Europhar Meeting Valencia 2013 Navicelli

  1. 1. Navicelli Presentation
  2. 2. The Company Founded in 1982, Navicelli is a municipal in-Housecompany of Pisa A public capital company: 33% City hall of Pisa, 33% Provincia of Pisa 33% Chamber of Commerce of Pisa Company’s duties Command Port on the Navicelli Canal: Administration and Management of maritime domain along the canal Maintenance and Dredging of the Canal Coordination and Navigation Control YachtingLab Service & Research Center Administration
  3. 3. Navicelli Docks FiguresLength(mt)Width(mt)Depth(mt)NAVICELLI CANAL(Pisa - Leghorn)17,000 33 3HARBOUR OF PISA 200 70 3Port’s facilities• nr. 1 travel-lift to launch and towing• Quay of about 600 mt• nr. 6 others quays along the canal• nr. 1 railway track on the dock’s quayconnected to the Italian railway network• The area is close to the main national roadsand motorways, and to the “G.Galilei”International Airport
  4. 4. Navicelli Area Figures Nr. 15 historicalcompanies located alongthe Navicelli Canal (mostof them shipyards andtransports) Nr.1 Customs Agency About 500 units of directworkers and employees Business: 160 millioneuros
  5. 5. Future Development• Total development area:over 600,000• Shipbuilding area: 270,000• Office/laboratory/services area :125,000• Logistics area: 40,000• New dock 500mx80m: 40,000• New companies in the area: about 50“SVILUPPO NAVICELLI SPA”HARBOUR OF PISA NEW COMERS:
  6. 6. .• The coastal territory of Pisa is characterized by a particularriver-maritime circuit with a great potential, linking thehistorical cities (Pisa) and ports (Marina di Pisa and Leghorn),through the Navicelli Canal and the Arno River• An enhancement of waterways would provide an effectiveway for implementing tourism and logistics• One of the main project is the realization of Navicelli’sWater Gate, in order to restore the ancient link betweenthe Arno river and Navicelli Canal.
  7. 7. .• The marina is still under construction (the water basinwas just filled on February 2013)• The work will be completed during 2013 .• The plan is the realization of nr. 475 berths, equipmentand port services.• Along the left bank of the Arno river there is a long-established nauticalreality. In this bank there are about 30 little businesses that offers nauticalservices and provides mooring to 500 boats (5 – 15 mt).
  8. 8. Freight on the Navicelli CanalMain Objective Reactivate transport of goods along the inland waterway “NavicelliCanal” from Pisa to LeghornMedium Term Objectives Interception of Mediterranean routes(ie. motorways of the sea) Access point for the Tyrrhenian coast Restoring railway connection directlyon the docksTest Case 2010:Freight Trasport of glass materialsfrom Pisa (Saint Gobain) to Salaise-sur-Sanne (FR)
  9. 9. Some Recent Projects …ENERGY & ENVIRONMENTA.P.E.A. NAVICELLI 2020(Area Produttiva Ecologicamente Attrezzata - Environmentallyequipped productive area)SMART GRIDS NAVICELLI(“Smart” electrical distribution networks)SOMAIN(new standard of sustainability and governance for the supplychain, Life cycle of yachts)BIOPILA-BIOSED(testing pilot-scale biopile plant on part of Navicelli dredgingsediments)TRANSFER of KNOW-HOW(CROSSBORD PROJECTS)MISTRAL (Web Portal to support High Mediterraneanmarines)SERENA (Strengthen the work of public employmentservices to help the marine industry development)
  10. 10. …Next ProjectsENVIRONMENTERA 2012 (Ecosostenibilità e Riqualificazione Ambientale – Environmental SustainableRedevelopment: Second development on Navicelli area as environmentally equippedproductive area: i.e. Restoring Navicelli’s quay and railway connection)LOGISTIC & SECURITY(CROSSBORD PROJECT)LOSE (Logistic & Security related to freight transport:i.e. Implementing a security system along the waterway)
  11. 11. Possible areas of interest incollaboration with EUROPHAR ENVIRONMENT(i.e. Dredging management, Improving water quality and environmentalsubstainability) LOGISTIC(i.e. Improving services, transport of passengers and goods, Connecting port andcity) SECURITY(i.e. Implementing Port Security Plan)
  12. 12. Eng. Giovandomenico CaridiDr. Marco Sammataro