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7 Tools To Get Your Product In Front Of The Right Customers


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This guide is for anyone who:
- is looking to launch a new product or service,
- has a startup that has proven organic growth and is looking to further optimize user acquisition,
- has an established small business (maybe you've tested paid channels such as Facebook or Google Ads),
- or you simply want to learn because there's a cool push or pull funnel you've been working on for a couple weeks

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7 Tools To Get Your Product In Front Of The Right Customers

  1. 1. 7 Tools To Get Your Product In Front Of The Right Customers NEW USER ACQUISITION by Navi Kang
  2. 2. This guide is for anyone who: These are just tools. The framework and approach you use is probably more important than the tool itself. It's not about using a cool tool just for the sake of saying you're using a cool tool. Begin with an hypothesis and select each tool based on how it will create growth in a particular stage of your customer lifecycle. Build your growth stack together so that for every objective, you're testing a tool and measuring its impact. Note: I present multiple options for some of the recommended tools. The tool you go with will depend on your specific business goal and need. Are you looking for an easy setup process so you can get started right away? Are you an e-commerce business? What’s your budget? A range of factors and tests need to be considered before deciding on the final tool. Remember to think about your goal and the customer lifecycle. Have fun experimenting! This guide contains 7 acquisition tools you should consider for your growth stack. A couple notes before moving on: is looking to launch a new product or service, has a startup that has proven organic growth and is looking to further optimize user acquisition, has an established small business (maybe you've tested paid channels such as Facebook or Google Ads), or you simply want to learn because there's a cool push or pull funnel you've been working on for a couple weeks.
  3. 3. ClickFunnels Build landing pages and high performing sales funnels With simple drag and drop features, you can use ClickFunnels to create slick landing pages and marketing funnels to maximize conversions. Instapage Small businesses, consultants, agencies, e-commerce, freelancers, and B2B companies. Each page helps drive visitors to a particular type of conversion, whether that's inserting an email, downloading a free guide, or registering for a webinar. What I love about ClickFunnels is how fast and simple it is to get up and running. You can easily test new email and paid marketing campaigns by using templates (broken out by industry) or customize pages to represent your own brand. What is ClickFunnels? Why should I care? Who's it for? Tool #1 Another recommended option:
  4. 4. BuzzSumo Analyze what content performs best for any topic or competitor BuzzSumo is a content analysis tool that allows you to plug in any URL and view key performance indicators for that specific page, including backlinks, Facebook engagements, and total shares. Any business using content marketing or running SEO campaigns - so most of us out there. Two reasons. First, you can find what content is being shared on social media. A simple search for presidents day get's you an NBC article on Trump that received a ton of engagement on Facebook. What is BuzzSumo? Why should I care? Who's it for? Second, you can find the right influencers to share your message. Tool #2 Food for thought: Are you more likely to trust brand posted content or when a industry expert retweets it?
  5. 5. Unsplash As the company states, "Beautiful, free photos." What started out with a few independent photographers has grown with contributions from 100,000 photographers and over 800,000 high quality (free) images. As the company states, "Photos for everyone" Unsplash offers beautiful images to stand out from competitors. Use this content in your twitter feed, blog articles, or email campaigns. In a Twitter study by Buffer, the company found that tweets with images receive 150% more retweets than those without images. What is Unsplash? Why should I care? Who's it for? Additionally, Unsplash allows you to search by a keyword or collections that are organized by themes. Tool #3 Last but not least, due to the courtesy of its photographers - it's free:)
  6. 6. SEMrush SEO tool for keyword and competitor research Find the exact keywords that your competitor’s rank for and track backlinks and brand mentions coming to your site. Any business serious about having a digital presence What I love about SEMrush is you can find opportunities to grow by analyzing what competitors are doing and how people are searching for products and services like yours. Double down on those keywords to grow your rankings so your best users can find you easily. All plans include the following: What is SEMrush? Why should I care? Who's it for? Ahref Another recommended option: Tool #4
  7. 7. Drift Connect your sales teams with your future customers Drift is a conversational marketing platform that allows for a one-to- one approach to marketing. Anyone looking to provide immediate answer to visitors on their website or mobile app. If you have a contact form on your site and it typically takes more than a day for your support team to answer a question, you should check out Drift. Implement Drift’s chatbot on your site. It can help you qualify leads on your website without forms by asking the right questions to visitors. The result is that you immediately answer visitor questions, thus increasing your chance of converting them into leads. What's cool is that Drift can also book meetings for your sales team after a lead is qualified. What is Drift? Why should I care? Who's it for? Intercom Another recommended option: Tool #5 Drift Overview Video
  8. 8. Branch Deep linking tool that helps you to acquire, engage, and measure across devices, channels, and platforms. A deep link is a link that takes the clicker right into a product or page beyond the homepage. It works by creating a branded link, which is pointed to specific content inside your app, rather than stalling visitors on login pages or landing pages. Branch works together with all the tools in your existing growth stack. It integrates with email providers, social platforms, data analytics tools, and ad networks. Branch allows you to track your install source and build awesome personalized, deep link enabled user experiences. Essentially deep links help you close the gap between customer discovery and conversion. What is Branch? Why should I care? Who's it for? Find out how Airbnb was able to improve its mobile install rate by 19% using Branch. Tool #6
  9. 9. Klaviyo Email Marketing Software Klaviyo helps growth-focused e-commerce brands drive more sales with super-targeted, highly relevant email, Facebook and Instagram marketing. Constant Contact Mailchimp There are a ton of email marketing platforms out there but which one you use will depend on your business goals and needs. With Mailchimp you get a easy setup process where you can get going in a short amount of time. Constant Contact is another great tool if customization and integrations are important to you. If you have a e-commerce brand, Klaviyo is a software you defintely want to check out. I highly recommend it. What I love about Klaviyo is how well it integrates with all major e- commerce platforms like Shopify, Shopify Plus, BigCommerce, and Magento. It's also simple to use. Let's say you want to segment customers based on certain behavior or properties, such as those who spent more than $500 the past 3 months - it's intuitive with Klaviyo. Their integration with Facebook gives you added targeting abilities. All of these things ultimately make Klaviyo a powerful tool for seeing results in your bottom line in a relatively short time frame. What is Klaviyo? Why should I care? Who's it for? Other recommended options: Tool #7
  10. 10. I'm Navi. I help purpose-driven companies solve interesting problems. My work sit at the intersection of data science, growth marketing, and software. During college I walked onto a Division I soccer program. I was also invited to a math competition at Harvard University called the Putnam Mathematical Competition. After graduating, I landed a comfy job at a large bank. After working on problems around customer satisfaction, engagement, and retention, I decided to leave my cozy job as a data scientist to pursue my dreams of building a restaurant empire. I helped build a business from the ground up focusing my efforts on marketing, operations, and customer experience. During our grand opening we had a line out the door for the entire weekend - my team would agree, it was actually pretty scary as a new business. I also quickly woke up to the harsher realities of being an entrepreneur. I didn't love it as much as I thought I would. Here's where my life changed. I decided that I was going to spend the rest of my life finding my best version. You could say, I was committed to evolving. After helping build processes and systems, I sold my equity in the restaurant. Interested in the startup ecosystem and technology, I joined a early stage venture capital firm as a Entrepreneur In Residence (EIR). Following a steep learning curve during a 18 month period - I decided it was time to go build something (hopefully) extraordinary. That brings us to now. I run a growth consulting startup called Northpeak ( We use data and software to help companies through the build, measure, learn cycle. We recently helped a startup go from 0 to $800k in 10 months. Our goal is to help build durable companies. If you're interested in chopping it up about growth tactics, product-market fit, data science, technology, self development, fitness, human evolution, meditation or you just want to bounce ideas - holler at me. -Navi My story
  11. 11. Making small improvements every day