Job placement in Tamilnadu


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My own conceptions about placement which is happening in tamilnadu engineering colleges .

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Job placement in Tamilnadu

  1. 1. Placement who will give placement? why you need placement? What you should have to be placed better?
  2. 2. Current Era of Placement Major Companies are CTS,Wipro,Infosys,TCS etc.. Main Questions you need to answer before getting placed in the above companies. ● How is work culture in those companies? ● How much growth it gives to you? Have you discussed with your friends working there? ● Are you satisfied? ● Are you completely ready or prepared to step in?
  3. 3. For me, Answer: NO, if you want to really grow Reason: ● Limited exploration & Limited growth ● Lot of constraints & formalities ● No Real time projects mostly ● Underdog values(getting in $, giving to you in Rs) ● NO FREEDOM ● finally NO WORK
  4. 4. References: If you don't believe with-indian-it-industry
  5. 5. So, What it can be? Work is important in your life Work is worship http://www.slideshare. net/seanwes/doing-whatyoulove
  6. 6. How your work should be? It should give you the satisfaction & feel Whatever you do, It is not the matter of size.It is all about matter of invlovement. So, Better to be good worker for producing some goods.
  7. 7. My suggestions step 1:Try to get some knowledge on your own You are going to create something that is confirmed. but, Where? & What? May be, ● Do startup ● Search some product companies that does good to people (ex..Apple, Dropbox, Flipkart, Redbus..etc..)
  8. 8. Be failed should-get-used-to-failure/ # of Failures ~= Amount of experience But, Not failed TO ENJOY on every move
  9. 9. What are the misconceptions between placed guys & not getting ● placed guys are safe.Unplaced guys are not worthy to meet the needs ● placed guys are settled.others have to struggle in their life This is funny and untruth :-)
  10. 10. I think it could be real you need to take risk. you need to be stronger you should not get settled soon love the failures.. bet on you on every move because this world has mean and nasty places
  11. 11. finally... be not to get placed by your college current placement scenario is poisonous :-( start freshly.. conditions: This is only applicable for tamilnadu engineering students