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A short presentation on OPSEC as it relates to common questions received from OMBUDSMEN and other family support organizations.

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  1. 1. Ombudsman Hot Topic: Social Media Trends Naval OPSEC Support Team Navy Information Operations Command, Norfolk 757-417-7100
  2. 2. OPSEC. Because you are not a Navajo code talker, and you’re really not fooling anyone. Naval OPSEC Support Team
  3. 3. OPSEC Best Practice Operations Security is a 5-step process that: 1. Identifies Critical Information 2. Identifies credible threats 3. Assess vulnerabilities 4. Assess risks associated with vulnerabilities 5. Develop countermeasures
  4. 4. Bumper stickers. Because every random stranger driving near you should know exactly how many children you have and where they go to school. Naval OPSEC Support Team
  5. 5. OPSEC Best Practice • Look at your daily activities from the enemies’ point of view. • Understand what an enemy might learn about you and your family from the information and details that you make available. • Assess the level of risk that this places on you and your family. • Develop and apply counter measures, which help to prevent the enemy from obtaining your critical information and using it against you.
  6. 6. Most people don’t know this, but you don’t need to post, tweet, blog, chat, pin, upload, whisper, snap chat, text, email, Skype, or facetime every time you go to the gym. Naval OPSEC Support Team
  7. 7. OPSEC Best Practice What you really learn from Facebook pages and profiles: • Average income • Security clearance level • Family makeup • Current psychological state • Current location and contact information • Ships roster • Sensitive deployment dates and locations • Relative readiness condition
  8. 8. “Well here is your problem! Privacy never includes the internet.” Naval OPSEC Support Team
  9. 9. OPSEC Best Practice • Your security settings are only as good as your most public friend • One persons private tweet is another persons public post • Security settings are often underutilized and easy to bypass
  10. 10. Who needs your home address when I have access to your Instagram? Naval OPSEC Support Team
  11. 11. OPSEC Best Practice • Understand your technology • Always consider how else this information can be used
  12. 12. The smarter the phone the greater the risk. Naval OPSEC Support Team
  13. 13. OPSEC Best Practice • • • • Anti virus? Password protected Malware: there’s an app for that Convenience vs. vulnerability
  14. 14. SnapChat. Because anything that needs to be deleted after 15 seconds is never a bad idea. Naval OPSEC Support Team
  15. 15. OPSEC Best Practice • If it sounds too good to be true, it is. Every single time. • Don’t trust third party applications with personal, private or critical information • There is no such thing as private online • Consider how your content can be used against you • There is no true delete function on the internet
  16. 16. If you have to ask “can I post…”, the answer is always no. Naval OPSEC Support Team
  17. 17. OPSEC Best Practice • Never share anything you would not tell directly to the enemy • Never post private or personal information • Assume any information you share will be made public
  18. 18. Loose lips still sink ships… And rob homes, compromise personal information and drain bank accounts. Naval OPSEC Support Team
  19. 19. OPSEC Best Practice Knowledge is power …. for both you and the adversary • Understand the value of your information • Be suspicious of unsolicited phone calls, online requests, or emails • Be suspicious when information about you and your family is requested • Always ask yourself, do they have the “need to know” • Share the OPSEC message with friends and extended family members
  20. 20. Questions? Naval OPSEC Support Team Navy Information Operations Command, Norfolk 757-417-7100 Ombudsman Hot Topic- Social Media Trends