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Time To Grow Search Marketing Summit


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Signals and soundbites to diagnose and solve for budget issues in google ads, Microsoft advertising, and Facebook.

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Time To Grow Search Marketing Summit

  1. 1. | #SMSSYD19 @navahf Time to Grow: Signals & Soundbites for Growth By: Navah Hopkins
  2. 2. | #SMSSYD19 @navahf I am a bounty hunter of happiness and profit (& a Star Wars nerd)
  3. 3. | #SMSSYD19 @navahf • Am focused on the business metrics of my stakeholders (clients). • Know when to invest and when to hold back. • Live for the thrill of winning for my stakeholders. This means I:
  4. 4. | #SMSSYD19 @navahf Talking Money is Hard – Talking Profit is Easy
  5. 5. | #SMSSYD19 @navahf By the end of this session, each of you will have the tools to be a fellow bounty hunter of happiness and profit
  6. 6. | #SMSSYD19 @navahf | @navahf What We’ll Be Covering ➔ Baseline/Questions to Ask ➔ Poor Performance Caused by Lack of Budget ➔ Can’t Spend the Budget ➔ Account is Winning ➔ Casestudy Navah Hopkins Services Innovation Strategist
  7. 7. | #SMSSYD19 @navahf Baseline/Questions to Ask
  8. 8. | #SMSSYD19 @navahf Before We Can Begin Hunting, We Need to Do Some Reconnaissance
  9. 9. | #SMSSYD19 @navahf Are All Parts of the Business Equal, or Are Some Worth More?
  10. 10. | #SMSSYD19 @navahf Are There Hubs of High-Value Customers, or Are They Truly Spread Out?
  11. 11. | #SMSSYD19 @navahf Are Phone and Website Leads Equal? Do Conversion Rates and Auction Prices Align?
  12. 12. | #SMSSYD19 @navahf • Impression Share • Auction Price • Conversion Rate/Value Three Trails Good Hunters Follow:
  13. 13. | #SMSSYD19 @navahf Most Advertisers Struggle to Achieve 50%+ of Available Impressions Based on 2973 accounts with at least $.01 in search spend Average impression share is 47%
  14. 14. | #SMSSYD19 @navahf Search Auction Prices Vary by Industry – don’t bring a blaster to a lightsaber duel
  15. 15. | #SMSSYD19 @navahf If You Know You Have An Easier Time Winning on Mobile/Desktop, Don’t Be Afraid to Focus There Mobile: 4.39% CTR $34.79 CPA
  16. 16. | #SMSSYD19 @navahf ✓Location Targets ✓Duplicate Keywords ✓Structure of the Campaign ✓Match-types of keywords ✓Bidding strategies Raising Budget is a Last Resort – Check the Following First:
  17. 17. | #SMSSYD19 @navahf Poor Performance Caused by Lack of Budget
  18. 18. | #SMSSYD19 @navahf Wasted Spend is the Enemy
  19. 19. | #SMSSYD19 @navahf If there’s a hint of wasted spend, it can be hard to convince clients to open up budget.
  20. 20. | #SMSSYD19 @navahf Here’s the problem: a budget that isn’t aligned with the structure it’s asked to support will always be wasted spend
  21. 21. | #SMSSYD19 @navahf Can your budget support 10 “top of page clicks”?
  22. 22. | #SMSSYD19 @navahf Here’s what, “Top of Page” looks like:
  23. 23. | #SMSSYD19 @navahf If Not, Assess if You Can Get The Traffic With Different Search Ideas Based on $369 spend between October 25th and November 23rd 2017
  24. 24. | #SMSSYD19 @navahf Check The Search Terms For The Real Heroes! 3% cheaper & perfect conversion rate!
  25. 25. | #SMSSYD19 @navahf Broad Keywords Can Drag Your Budget into Unintended Auctions 162% More Than Average
  26. 26. | #SMSSYD19 @navahf If they’re all too high, find out if clients can live without that Traffic
  27. 27. | #SMSSYD19 @navahf • Use extensions to communicate valuable ideas without paying a premium. • Bid adjustments can focus the budget. • Lumping strategic initiatives together can cause all to fail. Not all profit centers are equal:
  28. 28. | #SMSSYD19 @navahf Daily Budgets Needed For AT LEAST One Lead Based on 2018 Average CPC Monthly budget will be 30.4 X daily budget
  29. 29. | #SMSSYD19 @navahf Bing’s Auction Prices Can Be More Forgiving
  30. 30. | #SMSSYD19 @navahf Starting Bing Is As Easy As Setting Up An Auto- Import
  31. 31. | #SMSSYD19 @navahf • Be transparent about industry costs and whether budget expectations are realistic. • Offer options that work within the requested budget. • Give realistic timelines for growth When crafting marketing budgets/assessing clients:
  32. 32. | #SMSSYD19 @navahf Can’t Spend the Budget
  33. 33. | #SMSSYD19 @navahf It can be intimidating to ask for more budget, when you’re struggling to spend existing budget.
  34. 34. | #SMSSYD19 @navahf Your Campaign is Likely Losing Impression Share to Rank
  35. 35. | #SMSSYD19 @navahf • Too many targets • Bids and auction prices not aligned • Search volume isn’t there for “important” keywords Here are the most common culprits:
  36. 36. | #SMSSYD19 @navahf| #SMSSYD19 @navahf There’s only so many signals a budget can accommodate
  37. 37. | #SMSSYD19 @navahf Targeting 5+ locations without bid adjustments can cause budget allocation issues
  38. 38. | #SMSSYD19 @navahf Different Locations Have Different Auction Prices, Search Patterns, & Time Zones
  39. 39. | #SMSSYD19 @navahf Number of ad groups can also choke a budget: 5-7 is the golden ratio! 60% of impressions Budget will only go to “winners” instead of everything
  40. 40. | #SMSSYD19 @navahf Bid to budget ratio is only part of the equation: if the bids are too low, you won’t even enter the auction
  41. 41. | #SMSSYD19 @navahf While it is true Google can up to double your budget, you can’t bank on it delivering premium volume if you’re consistently under bidding
  42. 42. | #SMSSYD19 @navahf Search volume is an important mechanic in account health
  43. 43. | #SMSSYD19 @navahf Google’s not going to waste its time or your money on pages that lack transactional value
  44. 44. | #SMSSYD19 @navahf But those pages may be important to clients
  45. 45. | #SMSSYD19 @navahf • Turn important low volume keywords into site links/callouts • Make a low budget “experiment” campaign to house these ideas • Ask the client if they’d be open to content marketing being responsible for those ideas. Here are three easy solutions:
  46. 46. | #SMSSYD19 @navahf Account is Winning
  47. 47. | #SMSSYD19 @navahf Congratulations! You’ve vanquished your enemies and achieved profit!
  48. 48. | #SMSSYD19 @navahf But we’re bounty hunters of profit and happiness…there’s always more to be had
  49. 49. | #SMSSYD19 @navahf • Can your client handle more leads or are they at capacity? • Is this seasonal – should we invest now, or hold for next season? • Should the budget go to existing initiatives, or would you rather expand to new platforms/parts of the business? Before we continue:
  50. 50. | #SMSSYD19 @navahf Here is what I look for in a winning campaign Consistently above 75% impression share! Campaign live for at least three months
  51. 51. | #SMSSYD19 @navahf Important: Never dump large amounts of money into a winning campaign all at once!
  52. 52. | #SMSSYD19 @navahf Gradually increase budget by 10-15% each week over a month
  53. 53. | #SMSSYD19 @navahf A great way to expand is to layer in display! In-market display ad with affinity content!
  54. 54. | #SMSSYD19 @navahf Display Average CPC’s Are Cheaper – Build Your Perfect Audience to Be Picked Up By Search Remarketing 10% conversion rate vs 4% conversion rate
  55. 55. | #SMSSYD19 @navahf Display Can Bring Users Your Branded and Remarketing Search Campaigns are Poised to Pick-up $496 Monthly Budget 168550 Monthly Impressions 701 Monthly Clicks *Average monthly budget, impressions and clicks across 4000 accounts (no budget over $50 and no budget under $1)
  56. 56. | #SMSSYD19 @navahf Don’t Forget About Facebook! 26% Of Clicks Result In A Conversion (Spark Central)
  57. 57. | #SMSSYD19 @navahf • Average CPC is $1.72, but this is determined by how many folks click on your ad! • Budgets can be ad set or campaign level – choose the level of control that suits you! • 19% of time spent on mobile is on Facebook. Facebook Budgets
  58. 58. | #SMSSYD19 @navahf By running campaigns on other networks, you can expand your Google market:
  59. 59. | #SMSSYD19 @navahf New Campaigns Are Expensive – the first 1-2 months of a campaign will be about data acquisition
  60. 60. | #SMSSYD19 @navahf Client Story: Koru K9
  61. 61. | #SMSSYD19 @navahf Budget conversations are a game of transforming “cost” into “investment”
  62. 62. | #SMSSYD19 @navahf • CTR • Quality Score • Impression Share • Extensions • Match-types Clients won’t care about:
  63. 63. | #SMSSYD19 @navahf • Quality of leads • Return on ad spend • Volume of leads (as long as quality isn’t impacted) • Year over year growth • Growing the value of a customer Clients will care about:
  64. 64. | #SMSSYD19 @navahf If we want to grow the budget, we need to speak their language
  65. 65. | #SMSSYD19 @navahf Meet Koru K9:
  66. 66. | #SMSSYD19 @navahf Koru K9 Grew Through Online Marketing! Benchmark (November 2015) ➔ Spend: $1,295.75(AdWords) ➔ Impressions: 30,570 ➔ Clicks: 368 ➔ Average CPC: $3.85 ➔ Conversions: 23 ➔ Conversion Rate: 6.25% ➔ CPA: $56.34 Post Optimizations (March 2019) ➔ Spend: $6,100 (Google Ads/Bing/Facebook) ➔ Impressions: 59,000 ➔ Clicks: 2,000 ➔ Average CPC: $2.69 ➔ Conversions: 225 ➔ Conversion Rate: 9.6% ➔ CPA: $27.07
  67. 67. | #SMSSYD19 @navahf • Built trust by identifying and eliminating wasted spend brought in by broad terms and tangential searches. • Focused budgets by geos served and replicated winning structure across those areas. • Layered in display to educate markets on why their approach to training works. How did we achieve victory?
  68. 68. | #SMSSYD19 @navahf For Profit!
  69. 69. | #SMSSYD19 @navahf| #SMSSYD19 @navahf Build trust through transparency about budgets and timelines.
  70. 70. | #SMSSYD19 @navahf| #SMSSYD19 @navahf Use extensions to promote expensive ideas when your budget cannot.
  71. 71. | #SMSSYD19 @navahf| #SMSSYD19 @navahf Honor thy bid to budget ratio and conversion rates
  72. 72. | #SMSSYD19 @navahf| #SMSSYD19 @navahf Check for alternative ways to achieve expensive traffic, but if the ROI is there, invest!
  73. 73. | #SMSSYD19 @navahf| #SMSSYD19 @navahf Acquisition costs go down with increased exposure to brands – Display brings the audience!
  74. 74. | #SMSSYD19 @navahf Thanks! Questions? @navahf