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Mobile Boot Camp


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Session for Future of Marketing 2017 covering mobile user demographics and how to think about mobile campaigns, ads, and landing pages.

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Mobile Boot Camp

  1. 1. Mobile Boot Camp Top Tool and Tricks to Survive and Thrive in Today’s Mobile First World Navah Hopkins @navahf #CAPECODMARKETING
  2. 2. Navah Hopkins Customer Success Team Lead @navahf Meet Your Presenter @navahf #CAPECODMARKETING
  3. 3. @navahf #CAPECODMARKETING
  4. 4. Agenda • Mobile Landscape • Account Structure: Campaigns + Keyword Theory • Bid Modifiers: Focus the Budget • Ad Copy: Optimizing Copy For Mobile + Mobile Extensions • Landing Pages: Path to Conversion + Mobile User Experience @navahf #CAPECODMARKETING
  5. 5. Mobile Landscape @navahf #CAPECODMARKETING
  6. 6. Lay of the Land – We’re in the Mobile Age 50% of all searches expected to come from mobile by 2018 @navahf #CAPECODMARKETING
  7. 7. Men & Women 18-29 Have 92% Adoption Rate @navahf #CAPECODMARKETING
  8. 8. Men & Women Over 65 Have 42% Adoption Rate @navahf #CAPECODMARKETING
  9. 9. Regardless of Income Level, At Least 60% Adoption, &Rises to 93% of Consumers Making Over $75K @navahf #CAPECODMARKETING
  10. 10. Long Story Short: Your Customer is on Mobile @navahf #CAPECODMARKETING
  11. 11. 40% Of Mobile Searches Have Local Intent (Google Mobile Moments Study) @navahf #CAPECODMARKETING
  12. 12. Average smartphone conversion rates are up 64% compared to the average desktop conversion rates. (CMS Report) @navahf #CAPECODMARKETING
  13. 13. Mobile Market Share @navahf #CAPECODMARKETING
  14. 14. Mobile Search Result Pages (SERPs) Mobile Desktop VS. @navahf #CAPECODMARKETING
  15. 15. By 2019, mobile advertising will represent 72% of all US digital ad spending. (Marketing Land) @navahf #CAPECODMARKETING
  16. 16. What did we learn • Mobile market share is skyrocketing and not having a mobile plan is profit suicide • The SERPs are different between desktop and mobile and our messaging should reflect that. • All demographics have a sizable mobile market and they convert better than their desktop counterparts. @navahf #CAPECODMARKETING
  17. 17. Account Structure @navahf #CAPECODMARKETING
  18. 18. Budget, Location, & Schedule Set At Campaign Level • Be sure to select all features • No Search with Display Select • Try to only include one region per campaign (timezone, bids, and how people search) @navahf #CAPECODMARKETING
  19. 19. Mobile Specific Campaign • Schedule for peak mobile hours (think commuting) • Exclude Desktop traffic to avoid duplicates • Still try to only include one region per campaign (timezone, bids, and how people search) @navahf #CAPECODMARKETING
  20. 20. Making an Existing Campaign Work By the Data @navahf #CAPECODMARKETING
  21. 21. Schedules for Mobile: Account for Intent @navahf #CAPECODMARKETING
  22. 22. Who Wins? @navahf #CAPECODMARKETING
  23. 23. Conversions May Surprise You Friday Monday @navahf #CAPECODMARKETING
  24. 24. A Campaign Forced to Accommodate Too Many Initiatives Will Break… Curse you leg/balance/back/arm day…. @navahf #CAPECODMARKETING
  25. 25. Budget For Mobile • Mobile bids need to be aggressive: aim for position 1- 1.5 • Lead to conversion rate for form-fills vs. calls • How many new customers are you getting now, and where can that number grow to? @navahf #CAPECODMARKETING
  26. 26. Keyword Theory: More Conversational on Mobile • Where can I find… • Ok google, where is… • How much is ___ in… • Find me a ___ in… @navahf #CAPECODMARKETING
  27. 27. What Did We Learn • While there are industry benchmarks, every account is unique and will have unique bid adjustments (ideally at the ad group level). • Different devices have different intents/auction prices, and keyword, scheduling, and budget choices should accommodate that. • Budget for mobile within an existing campaign unless the bids are too different – then build a mobile exclusive campaign. @navahf #CAPECODMARKETING
  28. 28. Bid Adjustments @navahf #CAPECODMARKETING
  29. 29. Device Bid Adjustments & Negatives Set At Ad Group Level Reasons to use bid modifiers at the ad group level: • One ad group seems to do/better or worse on a particular device. • The intent of the ad group is more/less transactional than the others. • You do not find traffic from a particular source valuable. @navahf #CAPECODMARKETING
  30. 30. Bid Modifiers: Focus the Budget! Obvious to cut tablet traffic, but conversion rate on mobile implies there could be a landing page problem! @navahf #CAPECODMARKETING
  31. 31. Tablet Traffic Less Transactional = Save for “Off-Hours” Nothing like spending the weekend shopping for… @navahf #CAPECODMARKETING
  32. 32. What Do You Do When The Data Tells a Conflicting Story? Vanity metrics: • Lots of Impressions • High CTR Low Clicks & Impressions • Low CPA with bad conversion tracking Success metrics: • High CTR High Clicks & Impressions • Low CPA with corresponding real world customers @navahf #CAPECODMARKETING
  33. 33. Data Can Be Confusing and Conflicting: Mobile Wins On Everything But Conversion Rate .05% vs. .03% conversion rate 3.10% vs. 4.48% Click Through Rate $2.58 CPC vs. $2.49 CPC Landing pages to blame? @navahf #CAPECODMARKETING
  34. 34. What Did We Learn • Bid adjustments can be campaign or ad group specific and should be used to focus the budget • Tablet traffic tends to be recreational searchers while smart phone and desktop tend to be transactional searchers • Use conservative bid adjustments to test ideas, and big ones (50%+) to direct traffic. @navahf #CAPECODMARKETING
  35. 35. Ad Copy: Taking Winning Ad Copy Mobile @navahf #CAPECODMARKETING
  36. 36. Ad Copy: Breaking Down An Ad @navahf #CAPECODMARKETING
  37. 37. What Does The User See Ad takes up most of the SERP @navahf #CAPECODMARKETING Keyword-centric engaging copy
  38. 38. What Happens When You Get Too Keyword Centric? Ad takes up most of the SERP @navahf #CAPECODMARKETING
  39. 39. Don’t Kick A Dead Horse With Your Messaging @navahf #CAPECODMARKETING
  40. 40. Break Down an Ad: Headline Does the “call” call to action make one better than another? VS. @navahf #CAPECODMARKETING
  41. 41. Expanded Text Ad vs Standard Ad on Mobile @navahf #CAPECODMARKETING
  42. 42. Expanded Text Ads Win! @navahf #CAPECODMARKETING
  43. 43. Bonus: “If” Customizers Can Consolidate Ad Groups/Campaigns @navahf #CAPECODMARKETING
  44. 44. Let’s Give Our Ads A Stretch @navahf #CAPECODMARKETING
  45. 45. Ad Extensions: Crafting copy for Mobile Extensions Call outs and structured snippets are much more likely to be truncated. Try to use “call” as often as possible in calls to action Google my business now dynamically will create extensions: opt out if you don’t want them. @navahf #CAPECODMARKETING
  46. 46. Ad Extensions That Favor Mobile: Message Extensions @navahf #CAPECODMARKETING
  47. 47. Ad Extensions That Favor Mobile: Price Extensions @navahf #CAPECODMARKETING
  48. 48. Click to Call Ads: When Your Landing page Can’t Convert Phone leads convert better for you. Landing page isn’t mobile optimized Sale requires a relationship (website can’t close the deal) @navahf #CAPECODMARKETING
  49. 49. What Did We Learn • Don’t assume your winning ad communicates across every device! Use real estate to engage the prospect on the device they’re on. • Ad extensions should enhance the path to conversion, regardless of device. • Know whether your landing pages are equipped for a mobile user, and if not, use click to call ads! @navahf #CAPECODMARKETING
  50. 50. Landing Pages @navahf #CAPECODMARKETING
  51. 51. Bad Landing Page Wall of Text Image Instead of Form Small Buttons @navahf #CAPECODMARKETING
  52. 52. Bad Mobile “First” Landing Page Wall of Text Unclickable Number Tiny Menu @navahf #CAPECODMARKETING
  53. 53. Google Punishes Bad Pages Because: • 61% of users are unlikely to return to a mobile site they had trouble accessing • 40% visit a competitor’s site instead. (MicKinsey & Company) @navahf #CAPECODMARKETING
  54. 54. Good Landing Page Calls to Action Calls to action Big Bold Promotional Copy @navahf #CAPECODMARKETING
  55. 55. What Did We Learn • Make sure your beautiful landing page is mobile responsive and gives the same beautiful experience • A good mobile landing page will make contacting you front and center + super easy! • Walls of text are never a good idea: make sure messaging is to the point and formatted to guide the user to action @navahf #CAPECODMARKETING
  56. 56. @navahf #CAPECODMARKETING
  57. 57. Action Item #1: Decide if Mobile Specific Campaigns Are Right For You @navahf #CAPECODMARKETING
  58. 58. Action Item #2: Use bid adjustments to focus your budget @navahf #CAPECODMARKETING
  59. 59. Action Item #3: Check your negative keywords for “conversational” terms @navahf #CAPECODMARKETING
  60. 60. Action Item #4: Audit your ads for mobile creativity and uniqueness of messaging @navahf #CAPECODMARKETING
  61. 61. Action Item #5: Audit your landing pages for mobile user experience @navahf #CAPECODMARKETING
  62. 62. Navah Hopkins Customer Success Team Lead @navahf Thank You! Questions? @navahf #CAPECODMARKETING