Social media assessment for BSL


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A social media assessment that I made for a postion at Business School Lausanne, using the Social Media Academy models

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Social media assessment for BSL

  1. 1. INTRODUCTIONData Strategic Social Media EngagementAll data and information used within this BSLThis report has been aggregated without anyinteraction with the respective company. The Starting with a thorough assessment, performing areports are built exclusively based on publically SWOT analysy, creating a strategy and developingavailable data. The following sites were assessed a social media plan, organizational developmentand queried for details to address requirements with budget and resource plan and then executionas they relate to partners, customers, the BSL and reporting.brand and competitors.Information sources used in this report are fromthe following companies, sites: Facebook Twitter Assessment SWOT Strategy Social Media Organization/ Execution/ Analysis Plan Development Reporting LinkedIn Google YouTube Purpose driven, cross functional social media engagement Blogger Communities News SourcesVarious tools were used to assess conversations,sentiment, reputation and public opinion of the
  2. 2. ASSESSMENT METHODBased on the Four Quadrant Assessment modelAssessment Customer Brand (You)SMACAD used our proprietary four-quadrantassessment model. This model looks at, in detail,the discussions, sentiments (positive, negative andneutral) that are present for the BSL brand,customer, partner and competitors. The proposaladdrese each of the areas to create market buzz,word of mouth (WOM), understand negative Partner Competitorsentiment for the BSLbrand and competition,as well as attract new customers into the BSLcommunity.
  3. 3. FOUR QUADRANT ASSESSMENT MODEL Customer AssessmentCustomer For any school the main goal is to attract prospective graduate students. It s important to listen what potential students & alumni students are saying about the school. Also school website & school-related websites have a greater influence than published rankings. They will most likely follows recommandation from actual or alumi students. Potential, current, and alumni students Place and spaces (where) Keywords: "BSL Lausanne" "Business School Lausanne"
  4. 4. FOUR QUADRANT ASSESSMENT MODEL BSL have a average presence in the most representative SM spaces: Brand Almost 200 000 results on Google related to BSL Lausanne. The Facebook page is quite weak and it s the same for Twitter. (You) 1 official page (313 Likes) only accessible from the main Website ? 2 official accountsFacebook: There are several opportunities to develop fans and a large community on BSLSwitzerland / 3 users & 3778 viewsthe fan page. Utilizing this platform correctly will provide BSL Lausanne with the BSLSchool / 15 users & 8175ability to connect directly with alumni, current, and prospective students. There are 2 official accountsseveral opportunites to explore, for sharing of photos, events (e.g alumni reunions), @BSL_switzerland / 339 Followerswhen famous speaker come to school, advices (travels tips or programs), enhance the / 82 Followersstorytelling (e.g school foundation). 107 results Facebook assessment : The total number of fan at BSL Lausanne page is 1 official company page 313 which is quite low, especially a well know Business school. - Business School Lausanne Alumni Association (362 members) - Business School Lausanne Executive MBA Alumni (151 members) - BSL-Business School Lausanne (18 members) - Alumni CEFCO Business School Lausanne (13 members) - Business School Lausanne BBA Alumni (8 members) - Business School Lausanne - Class of 2010 (6 members) - Business School Lausanne (6 members) - ESCEA / BBA in Economics in 1997 (9 members) - EMBA Alumni (8 members) - BO / BSL Alumni EMBA 2011-2012 (6 members) ¨- ESCEA / BBA in Economics in 2000 (5 members)
  5. 5. FOUR QUADRANT ASSESSMENT MODELTwitter and Brand related Sentiments:The reviewed sentiment of BSL Lausanne obtained by monitoringTwitter ismostly neutral mentions. Most tweets are from the school not from outsidesources (ex. alumni or current students, external speakers and atc.).There are several opportunities to develop, for example more work can be doneon gathering and sharing Information. Because schools are educationalinstitutions, it can be used to highlight their internal experts, as well as theresources they make available to the public. This includes tweeting and but alsopublicizing news involving the school appearing in mainstream media sources.We can also see a pilot program call the application tweet in an effort to attractapplicants. The business school can ask applicants to explain, in a tweet of 140characters or less, their qualifications for admission into the school.
  6. 6. Top Partners/InfluencersFOUR QUADRANT ASSESSMENT MODEL PartnerESM - Management and CommunicationFSEP - The Swiss Federation of Private SchoolsLEMANIA GROUP OF SCHOOLSATHENAEUM - School of Architecture & DesignAVDEP - Association Vaudoise des Ecoles PrivéesBSCC - The British Swiss Chamber of CommerceCEFCO- Specialist in continuing educationCVCI - Chambre Vaudoise du CommerceUnited Nations Global CompactSACC - Swiss-American Chamber of CommerceMasterstudiesEFMD - European Foundation for Management DevelopmentPRME - Principles for Responsible Management EducationCMI - Chartered Management InstituteCFA - Chartered Financial Analyst - InstituteCEEMAN -International Management Development AssociationFEDE - The European Federation of SchoolsPEP- Plate-forme des EntreprisesSwiss Venture Club
  7. 7. IMD COMPETITOR ASSESSMENT SENTIMENT The sentiment is quite positive. People are speaking about the school and their incentives are talked. They have an excellent brand image on Social Media. We can feel the school life at IMD.Presence 1 official accounts IMD / 1253 users & 1 181 865 views
  8. 8. GENEVA BUSINESS SCHOOL SENTIMENT The sentiment is quite positive. People are speaking about the school and their incentives are talked. They have an excellent brand image on Social Media. We canCOMPETITOR ASSESSMENT feel the school life at IMD.Presence 1 official accounts IMD / 1253 users & 1 181 865 views