Beauty secrets from the silk road: Indonesia


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Beauty secrets from the silk road: Indonesia

  1. 1. FROM NATURE TO YOU Beauty secrets from the silk road Step n°4: Indonesia
  2. 2. SOUTH KOREA JAPAN THAIL ANDINDIA NEPAL CHINA TURKEY INDONESIA A legendary road connecting Asia and Europe, whose story begins 2,200 years ago…
  3. 3. Indonesia Secrets from
  4. 4. Indonesia is the world largest archipelago with more than 17,000 islands including Java, Sumatra and Bali well-known for their remarkable beauty. It is a strange and fascinating paradise with a mysterious and sublime tropical jungle, and breathtaking beaches. Its tropical climate and geographical extent make Indonesia the second largest biodiversity zone in the world after Brazil with 47 different ecosystems and 51 national parks. Maritime trade has fundamentally shaped Indonesian history since the 1st century, thanks to its strategic position as a maritime crossroads between India and China, at the heart of the silk road. The archipelago is made of many ethnic goups taking inspiration from both Chinese and Indian culture. They are all rich in traditions and intricate dance rituals like the sacred Lelong, danced by young and beautiful girls adorned with luxurious dresses. This dance, the most beautiful Balinese dance, is a hymn to the epitome of femininity and grace. It represents the heavenly ballet of nymphs and is based on very precise movement. Indonesian women have always cultivated the art of beauty and have extremely sophisticated rituals.
  5. 5. Moisturizing COCOS NUCIFERA FRUIT EXTRACT Glycerin extract 100% pure botanical No preservative Naturex code: HA100675 Naturex origins: Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand OK China Energizing ● Hair Shine CANANGA ODORATA FLOWER EXTRACT Glycerin extract 100% pure botanical No preservative Naturex code: HA100545 Naturex origin: Thailand OK China Calming ● Antioxidant Radiance ● Hair shine HIBISCUS SABDARIFFA FLOWER EXTRACT 3 grades: non titrated glycerin extract / 10% AHA glycerin extract / titrated 45% AHA decolored powder extract 100% pure botanical No preservative Naturex code: HA100355 / HA200115 / HA050110 Naturex origin: Sudan, West Africa OK China COCONUT YLANG-YLANG HIBISCUS Calming ● After sun ● Hair shine ● Scalp soothing ALOE BARBADENSIS EXTRACT Different grades: glycerin, glycerin organic, oily, juice, powder 100% pure botanical No preservative Naturex codes: HA130102, HAC00075, HA010009, HA600466, HA025170 Naturex origins: Mexico, China OK China ALOE VERA
  6. 6. THE RITUAL INSPIRING INDONESIAN RITUAL #1 JAVANESE LULUR Beauty secret inherited from the Javanese Royalty, the sumptuous Javanese lulur ritual was traditionally given over the course of 40 days to the bride-to-be of the Royal families leading up to their wedding ceremony to cleanse, exfoliate, smooth, soften, and rejuvenate the skin. Lulur, meaning scrub, is a blend of indigenous herbs, spices and flowers like ylang-ylang, jasmine, coconut, turmeric, ginger and rice. For Indonesians, Ylang-Ylang is the flower of life and is sprinkled on the nuptial bed for its charming addictive and delicate scent… Mixed with the moisturizing coconut, the skin is smoothed, softened, ready to welcome other indulgences… 1 2 3 BODY CARE Lulur Body Scrub Creamy formula with exfoliating apricot seed powder and moisturizing coconut to smooth the skin. Lulur Bath foam Perfumed light bath foam with Ylang-Ylang and Coconut to transform your bath into a smooth and relaxing delicate cloud of nourishment. Lulur Body Lotion Hydrating and revitalizing lotion with coconut and Ylang-Ylang to moisturize and soften the skin after the bath, leaving a delicate scent. Other Naturex ingredient: Apricot seed powder Coconut & Ylang-Ylang
  7. 7. THE RITUAL INSPIRING INDONESIAN RITUAL #2 RADIANCE JAMU Jamus, traditional herbal remedies, were used in the 17th century by the ladies from the royal palace to preserve their beauty and well-being. The dukun (Javanese shamans) developed this holistic medicine throughout the centuries, taking into account both the person and its environment. Nowadays, Indonesians consume a Jamu every day to prevent the diseases and preserve their beauty. Aloe Vera is prized by the Indonesians for its hydrating and soothing benefits and can be found in many gardens of the archipelago. 1 2 3 FACE CARE Jamu gentle exfoliating gel Fresh and delicately perfumed gel with exfoliating alpha organic acids from Hibiscus flower. Harmoniously balanced with the soothing power of Aloe Vera for a gentle and peaceful exfoliation. Jamu soothing day mist Refreshing day mist for a real cocktail of actives with the antioxidant power of Hibiscus flower and all the comforting and soothing benefits of aloe vera juice. Jamu plumping night serum Last daily step for a perfect and plump skin. Highly concentrated in aloe vera gel for its soothing and deep hydrating powers. Aloe Vera & Hibiscus
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