Flower Pot Soap Recipe


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Learn how to make flower pot soap. Recipes you can make with melt and pour soap. Fragrance oils from Natures Garden that you can use in soap.

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Flower Pot Soap Recipe

  1. 1. Potted Sunflower Soaps Recipe makes 1 Potted Soap with 3 SunflowersGOATS MILK Melt and Pour SOAP Flower Pot Mold from flexiblemolds.comSLS FREE Glycerin Melt and Pour Soap Alcohol in a spray bottleSunflower Type Fragrance Oil ToothpicksFUN Soap Colorant- Brown Oxide 1 oz. Stainless Steel SpoonFUN Soap Colorant- Yellow Oxide 1 oz. Cookie SheetEmbed Mold - Daisies Cheese GraterFUN Soap Colorant- Neon Yellow 1 oz. Microwave Safe DishFUN Soap Colorant- Kelly Green 1 oz.FUN Soap Colorant- Black Oxide 1 oz.8 oz. Clear PET Bullet BottlesBlack Fine Mist Sprayers 24/410Disposable Pipettes
  2. 2. Clean & Sanitize your work area and all of your packaging materials. It is suggested that youwear gloves, protective clothing, and a hair net while preparing this recipe.Each block of Natures Garden Goats Milk Melt and Pour Soap is perforated into 40 cubes.Each cube is approximately 1 oz. You will need a total of 19 cubes of soap to make thisrecipe. Plus an additional 2 cubes of SLS Free glycerin melt and pour soap.For the Flower Pot:This portion of the project will need 8 cubes of melt and pour soap. Place the cubes into amicrowave safe dish. Melt the soap in 30 second increments. Continue this until all the soapis melted.Once the soap is all melted, add 6 drops of FUN soap colorant brown oxide and 2 drops ofFUN soap colorant yellow oxide to the soap. Add 1/2 oz Sunflower fragrance oil. Stir.Pour mixture into Flower Pot mold. Spritz with alcohol to remove air bubbles.To make the dirt: Melt 4 cubes of melt and pour soap. Once melted add 11 drops Fun soapcolorant black oxide and 7 drops Fun soap colorant Brown oxide. Stir.Next, pour the dirt into a cookie sheet. Once this hardens, carefully pull the soap out and rollit. Then, take the rolled soap to a cheese grater. Place this aside.Additionally, take 1 cube of melt and pour soap (white), and grate it over the dirt. This willsimulate the potting soil.For the Flowers:This portion of the project will need 5 cubes of melt and pour soap. Melt this the same wayas you did for the flower pot.Once all the soap is melted, add 5 drops FUN soap colorant neon yellow, and 1 drop yellowoxide. You will also add 1/4 oz fragrance oil. Stir.Pour mixture into daisies embed mold. Spritz with alcohol to remove air bubbles. Set aside toallow for set up.
  3. 3. While the flowers are setting up; it is time to prep the stem portion of your flowers. Melt 1cube of melt and pour soap. Once the soap is completely melted, add 4 drops Kelly GreenFun Soap Colorant and 2 drops of fragrance oil. Stir.While the mixture is still in liquid form, take a spoon and drizzle the melted soap over atoothpick. Put several coats over the middle portion of the toothpick, but still allow thepointed ends of the toothpick to show. These ends will be pushed into the sunflower soapsas well as the pot to allow the flower to stand. Set your covered toothpicks aside to harden.Assembly of the Flower Pot:Pop the pot out of the mold, clean up any imperfections, and set aside. Pop the daisies (akayour sunflowers) out of the mold, and clean up any imperfections. Set aside.Place 1 cube SLS free glycerin melt and pour soap in the microwave, melt this. Once the soapis in a liquid state, quickly spritz the center of the flower with alcohol, and carefully paint thecenter portion of the sunflowers. Then, quickly and carefully, smash a small portion of thedirt together with your fingers and place it over the clear soap. Allow this to dry. Repeat untilall of your flowers are done.Next, carefully take your green toothpicks and insert one end into the flower. Repeat for allthe flowers. Set this aside.Then, melt 1 cube SLS free glycerin melt and pour soap in the microwave. While the soap ismelting, spritz the center of the pot with alcohol. Once the soap is melted, gently pour thisover the center section of the pot. Quickly place the dirt over the melted soap.Finally, carefully pick up the flowers and with the open toothpick end, gently push the flowerinto the pot. Repeat until all flowers are in the pot.Natures Garden is not responsible for the performance of any of the recipes provided on ourwebsite. Testing is your responsibility. If you plan to resell any recipes we provide, it is yourresponsibility to adhere to all FDA regulations if applicable. If there are ingredients listed in arecipe that Natures Garden does not sell, we cannot offer any advice on where to purchasethose ingredients. We also do not offer any advice on formulating or altering recipes.