Chocolate fragrances


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Chocolate fragrance oils used to make candles and soaps from Natures Garden Candle Suppl

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Chocolate fragrances

  1. 1. Marble Cake Fragrance OilA decadent, blend of vanilla and cocoa.Reminds you of cake batter. Very fresh!
  2. 2. Better than Sex Cake FragranceOilAn NG Original Fragrance! Germanchocolate cake is blended with semi-sweet chocolate chips and laced withcrunchy toffee bits in this decadenttreat. Vanilla creme and butterscotchsyrup create a luscious undertone,while hints of almond and coconutcomplete the yummy blend.
  3. 3. Cafe Mocha Fragrance OilThe perfect arrangement of fragrancenotes reminiscent of fresh brewedcoffee, chocolate syrup, creamy vanilla,and marshmallows.
  4. 4. Chocolate Amber TypeFragrance OilThis romantic fragrance engages thesenses with a warm heart ofsandalwood and patchouli that blendswith jasmine blossoms. Richundertones of musk are sweetenedwith precious amber and hints ofvanilla. A lingering accent of cocoabean creates a heady twist for thescent.
  5. 5. Chocolate Chip CookiesFragrance OilThe wonderful aroma of freshly bakedcookies with base notes of semi-sweetchocolate and vanilla.
  6. 6. Chocolate Con ChurrosFragrance OilAn NG Original! Natures GardensChocolate Con Churros fragrance is awonderful blend of fresh pastry churroswith warm notes of creamy darkchocolate and vanilla.
  7. 7. Chocolate Covered CherriesFragrance OilThe aroma of sweet maraschinocherries smothered in milk chocolate,with a dry down of French vanilla.
  8. 8. Chocolate Covered StrawberriesFragrance OilHints of orange liquor accent the freshfruity tones of this luscious confection.Ripe red strawberry is surrounded bycreamy milk chocolate notes to create adecadent treat. Sweet vanilla cremeand rich maple combine at the base ofthe scent.
  9. 9. Chocolate Cream CheeseCupcake Fragrance OilAn NG Original Fragrance! A Best Seller!The news on the street is that cupcakes area hot commodity! In order to expand yourproduct line, we have worked closely withour perfumist to develop an entire cupcakeline of fragrances! You are going to just loveour Chocolate Cream Cheese Cupcakefragrance! This fragrance begins with acreamy top note of coconut; followed by awarm middle note of buttercream; and wellrounded with a base note of dark cocoa.Amazing!
  10. 10. Chocolate Lovers TypeFragrance OilFusion of lemon, orange, bergamotand mandarin, lily of the valley andcoriander emerged with unmistakablenotes of sweet chocolate, along withwarm vanilla and musk.
  11. 11. Chocolate Raspberry DrizzleFragrance OilAn NG Original Fragrance! Thisdecadent treat is sure to please. Arich dark chocolate accord surroundsluscious ripe raspberry tones for thefragrance signature. Green stemnotes create natural appeal for thefruit character, while a generous baseof velvet musk and sweet vanillacompletes the yummy sensation.
  12. 12. Cookies N Cream Fragrance OilA sweet sugary aroma of a freshbaked sugar cookie with abackground of chocolate.
  13. 13. Cool Cocoa Fragrance OilAn NG Original Fragrance! Nothingtastes better on a snowy, winter daythat a cup of gourmet hot cocoa.Weve taken hot chocolate to the maxwith this amazing fragrance. Coolcocoa fragrance begins with top notesof cocoa and peppermint; followed bymiddle notes of vanilla andspearmint; with base notes ofgourmet dark chocolate and vanillabeans.
  14. 14. Creamy Chocolate CupcakeFragrance OilAn NG Original Fragrance! The news on thestreet is that cupcakes are a hot commodity!In order to expand your product line, wehave worked closely with our perfumist todevelop an entire cupcake line of fragrances!This fragrance begins with creamy top notesof bittersweet chocolate and buttercream;followed by warm middle notes of corn syrupand amaretto; and well rounded with basenotes of vanilla sugar, malt, dark cocoa, andespresso powder. Amazing!
  15. 15. European Mochanut CafeFragrance OilAn NG Original Fragrance! Creamychocolate and roasted nuts are perfectlybalanced with the rich European coffeesignature of this gourmand delight. A hintof coconut adds creamy undertones tothe blend.
  16. 16. German Chocolate CakeFragrance OilThe aroma of fresh baked chocolate cakewith notes of pecans, butter, vanilla, andcoconut.
  17. 17. Gourmet Dark ChocolateFragrance OilRich, slightly bitter aroma of gourmet darkchocolate.
  18. 18. Hot Cocoa Fragrance OilA Best Seller! The aroma of warm hotchocolate with melted marshmallowtopping.
  19. 19. Hot Fudge Brownies FragranceOilA Best Seller! The aroma of freshly bakedchocolate brownies smothered in hotfudge sauce with a hint of vanilla.
  20. 20. Irish Mocha Fragrance OilA rich combination of creamy cappuccino,heavy cream and sugar, with a base noteof rich dark chocolate.
  21. 21. Kickin Cocoa Fragrance OilAn NG Original Fragrance! Gourmet HotChocolate with a fancy twist! KickinCocoa fragrance begins with a top note ofrum; middle notes of whipped cream,coconut, and creamy caramel; and basenotes of cocoa, coffee, vanilla, andchocolate.
  22. 22. Peppermint Patty Fragrance OilThe aroma of creamy peppermint andvanilla with a strong down of bitter sweetchocolate.
  23. 23. Red Velvet Cake Fragrance OilAn NG Original Scent! The delectablearoma of freshly baked red velvet cake.This fragrance begins with top notes ofdark chocolate, strawberry syrup, and redcurrant; followed by middle notes ofcocoa powder, buttermilk, and sugarcane; while sitting on base notes ofcreamy sandalwood, Tonka bean, andvanilla extract.
  24. 24. Truffles Fragrance OilThe rich, sweet appeal of truffles isrecreated in this luscious temptation.Creamy tones of shredded coconut arewarmed with a hint of spice and blendedwith rich caramel accents to create agourmand delight. A smooth accord ofvelvety white chocolate & powdered richchocolate surround the candy sensation.
  25. 25. White Chocolate Fragrance OilThe aroma of creamy cocoa butter,marshmallow, meringue, white chocolate,and vanilla beans.
  26. 26. White Chocolate TruffleFragrance OilAn NG Original Fragrance! Simplyexquisite! The luxury aroma of whitechocolate truffles comes to life! Whitechocolate truffle fragrance begins withtop notes of caramel and sugar; well-rounded with middle notes ofbuttercream, maple, and molasses. Drybase notes include vanilla, whitechocolate and white flour. Treat yourselfto the best!
  27. 27. Chocolate FudgeA truly decadent temptation withoutthe calories! Rich, dark chocolateswirled with ribbons of butterycaramel and vanilla crème, sprinkledwith toasted almond slivers andcreamy hazelnut.
  28. 28. Thank you for your patronage and support over the years! Due to this support, Natures Garden has become the largest distributor of fragrance oils in the USA;serving more than 80,000 customers! We could not do any of this without YOU! 42109 State Route 18 Wellington, OH 44090 1-866-647-2368 1-440-647-0220 (fax)