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Nature-Fit Flyer (Customer)


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Nature-Fit Flyer (Customer)

  1. 1. Why suffer years of pain when there is a better way? Rigid Orthotics - Soft Orthotics - Custom Orthotics can hurt more often than help Just like a high sugar diet, custom orthotics usually feel good at first, but that good feeling disappears quickly, leaving you with the original problem. All custom orthotics begin with a cast or image of problem feet. That’s like making a mold of a crippled person’s feet. All that does is freeze the feet in their current (painful) state Except for soft orthotics, which break down and make things worse. Fix Feet - Don’t Freeze Them Physical therapists have the right idea, strengthen the body by exercising it, making it more able to do its job. They use specialized equipment to insure the limbs move in precisely the same way as they should during the exercise. To do the same job for feet, the feet need to move in precisely the way they should to improve, and that takes a special flexible support. Nature-Fit Orthotics Mimic the Ideal Foot Nature-Fit orthotics are made to the profile of an ideal foot, not just at rest, but as the foot moves. They feel very firm, yet they flex as the foot pronates with body weight applied. The foot must move and work, as an ideal foot would. For most people their feet will be moving and working much more than they have in many years. It’s best to ease into this increased foot exercise, but after a few weeks the feet will be much improved. Very Affordable & Fit Nearly Every Shoe Theseorthoticsareavailableintwotypesandsevensizes,makingthemveryaffordable. Most users of Nature-Fit orthotics have several pairs, one pair for each favorite shoe. Their ultra-thin design makes it simple to use existing shoes, with no size increases. Speak To Your Doctor Today
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