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My Naturehood


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Published in: Science
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My Naturehood

  1. 1. my naturehood what’s REALLY on your doorstep?
  2. 2. Why? The problem • We have fragmented wildlife • We have fragmented communities • People want to help but lack the tools and information • People don’t believe their individual actions make a difference
  3. 3. What would make people get involved? • People want to live in a “good” neighbourhood/community • Empowers people to be responsible and have an impact in their patch • Recognise that people can get involved in their way • Personal recognition • Local status e.g blue flag beaches, Britain in Bloom • Bringing communities together • Businesses can contribute to their communities • Greater than the sum of parts
  4. 4. “naturehood”it’s as much about community as it is about nature
  5. 5. • High level overview of your neighbourhood including indexed score – community connection with and action for nature • Profile of naturehood biodiversity • Key data shown on map
  6. 6. • Tag nature sightings • Record actions for nature • Individual • Community • Layers including • Trails “mapmywalk” • Greenspace • Nature deserts
  7. 7. naturehood actions individual and community
  8. 8. Communities – recruitment and selection Open call for communities to get involved? Ask Big Lottery for selection of winners? Ask communities already engaged with partners?
  9. 9. Communities - selection criteria • Representative of ethnic/economic mix in UK • Nature rich and nature poor • Fast turnaround • Strong community leadership or organisation to bring people together • Urban to rural
  10. 10. Prototyping- next steps • Involve community in co-creation • Learning from previous projects – failures/successes • Being clear about pour design principles (e.g. open data) • List of MVP features • What data do we need?
  11. 11. Partners • Swarm – bringing people together (community co-creation) • mySociety – development and design • NIU partner organisations – resources, strategy, contacts, data • Data providers • OS • Statutory bodies • Media partner (could be part of benefits to community) • Funders – Big Lottery, HLF…
  12. 12. Timeline • Tomorrow – incorporate ideas from Swarm • May – funding and planning • June – rapid sprint. Develop mvp for testing and get access to seed communities • July/August – pilot. Iteration based on community feedback • September – wrap up, final design, funding applications, business plan