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Map Your Walk


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Published in: Science
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Map Your Walk

  1. 1. Mapyourwalk Walk on the wildside
  2. 2. Families tend to do the same walks, 90% of the time it is one of 3 routes they take
  3. 3. “We should all become famous for 5 miles, that is all you ever need, draw a 5 mile radius around your home, start from your front door and work outwards. A life long apprenticeship to a place and knowing everything within it.” Gary Synder
  4. 4. Could we create the maps of the walk the family goes on? Could we map your walk?
  5. 5. Could we make that map and populate it with the photos, videos and sounds you record? Could it be the journal and memory bank of your family over time?
  6. 6. You could print out the map Take noticings as you go And then email them when you get back home Over time, you could be sent emails to nudge to you take certain noticings over time “Flood line” “First Daffodils” “Bird nests”