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Vending Machine Business


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Natuals2go is ready to help you start your own Vending Machine Business. We offer you healthy solution for all you supplies.

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Vending Machine Business

  1. 1. Vending Machine Business
  2. 2. The electronic or mechanical based fully automated machines that dispenses customer goods in exchange to cash or credit card payments. What is a Vending Machine? What is Vending Machine Business? Setting up one or more machines at different locations to earn profit from vending machines by serving customer makes a Vending Machine Business.
  3. 3.  Simplicity Once the machines are in place your only duties are to maintain and restock the machines as needed and collect the money.  Low Start up Costs All you need for this business is a machine, a supplier and the transportation used during maintenance.  Scalability You can start with a few machines and expand your business as time and finances permit. Why Vending Machines Business?
  4. 4.  Bulk machines • These are large in size and dispense in bulk like the gum vending machine. • They may be a good option but their profit margin is low.  Mechanical Machines • These are larger than bulk machines and can dispense multiple products. • Prices range from $2,000—$3,000 per machine • The profit margins are much higher than bulk machines.  Electronic machines • The very modern electronic machines utilize touch screens and can accept other forms of payment such as bills and credit cards. • Electronic machines have the highest upfront cost but are more reliable than mechanical machines. Types of Vending Machines Vending machine are made for different product and offers choices according to size and dispensing quantity.
  5. 5.  Starting you business from scratch • It is flexible, as planned only for you. • New business needs resources and planning . • The machines and the areas can be selected according to your finances. • You can start with one and later on expand your business.  Buying a existing vending machine business • It mostly offers immediate cash flow. • As the business route is already there flexibility is limited. • A through research of why the owner wishes to sell have to be made. • Involves inspection of every machines before buying. • There may be previous problems that needs to be solved.  Buying a franchise • Franchises have established business model based on particular product, that can be a advantage. • There is no flexibility and you become restricted to buy and rent products from the franchising company. • Franchisor takes a percentage of the profits . Ways to Start Vending Machine Business
  6. 6. • Check for the legal policies of your state and get a license if needed. • Search and secure locations where Vending Machine can be placed. • Research for product that are in demand at your location. • Get a written bond from the owner of you locations with clear terms and conditions. • Select your vending machine size and type according to your product. Things to do Before Starting a Vending Machine Business
  7. 7. • The location with higher foot traffic serves best for vending machine. • Select the place with less competition can help in gaining more business. • Your product should be in demand at the location. • Discuss the terms and conditions before you buy a location. • Always get a written bond from dealer with clear mentioned terms and conditions. Factors to Consider you Buy a Location
  8. 8. • It is better to compare the prices before deciding a supplier. • Negotiate with supplier for bulk discounts if possible. • Schedule visits to your locations to ensure proper working. • Always keep your machines clean and serviced. • Provide contact information such as an email address on the machines. • Rotate products by "sell by" dates so that the customer can read it. • Maintain good relations with the contact person at the machine locations. • Prefer health and variety and be flexible with your product. Strategies for Better Sale
  9. 9. Natuals2go is ready to help you start your own Vending Machine Business. We offer you healthy solution for all you supplies. We have 30 years of experience of dedicated customer services and are always ready to serve you. We offer location to training service for your all your business needs. Conclusion
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