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Code for Sustainable Homes case studies - LABC


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A presentation done for LABC on case studies of CSH 3-5 buildings, using natural materials and building systems from Natural Buidling Technologies.

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Code for Sustainable Homes case studies - LABC

  1. 1. CSH 2009 and Beyond…. Matt Robinson
  2. 2. UK Construction: Some Shocking Facts 50% of new builds miss ‘as designed’ energy use by up-to 50%. 30% of new builds fail infiltration standard of 10ach@5pa Energy Saving Trust (2004) Room in roof U-values on average 104% worse than ‘as calculated’ Average full-fill cavity wall was 20% worse than ‘as calculated’ Dept. Environment Travel Regions (DETR) (2001 report) Energy use in residential buildings has increased by 20% since 1970 Building Research Establishment (BRE 2003+2007)
  3. 3. Step Change Today 2016
  4. 4. The route: Policy • 2006, 2010, 2016 building regs – Part L • Code for Sustainable Homes • Low Carbon Building Programme • Green Taxes?
  5. 5. Issues: Is Zero truly 0 ? • What if we use a lot of energy and resources, and create a lot of pollution to do ‘Zero’? • What if ‘Zero’ doesn’t exist? Is there a ‘sweet spot’ just below ‘Zero’?
  6. 6. CSH:- Deeply flawed • Heat loss Cheating • Water Leaking – Due to SAP calculations – Too high a credit for and basing ‘reductions’ on recycling, rather than savings against notional efficiency. buildings. – No account of energy • Fuel Factor Fudging taken • Green Guide Greenwash – Bung a ASHP on and its easy. – ‘Should not be used to – See SAP problems specify products’!!! • Eco B*ll*cks – Who monitors claims and performances?
  7. 7. 2010 Currently CSH and SAP under review and consultation CSH 2010 SAP 2010 • Absolute energy use in • Becoming more like PHPP kw/h/m2/year and • Absolute energy use in CO2/m2/year kw/h/m2/year and • Responsible sourcing of CO2/m2/year materials • Stop ‘ticking the box’ • Simplified Water – Eg Y-values calculated for • Post occupancy each dwelling monitoring?
  8. 8. If I was to go there, would I start here? UK Construction industry 2008 UK Construction industry 2016
  9. 9. Achieving CSH - Strategy Matt Robinson
  10. 10. Eco or Sustainable or.... Passive Haus – ‘Ultra low energy building standard.’ R2000 – ‘...based on an energy consumption target.’ Minergie – ‘...quality label for new and refurbished low-energy- consumption buildings.’ UK 2006 L2 – ‘Conservation of fuel and power...’
  11. 11. CSH Case Studies Matt Robinson
  12. 12. Dunham Road, Dundee 23 Homes for Abertay Housing Association Lifetime homes standard, secured by design Winner, Sustainability Design Award, Angus Project Value £2.2m (incl. services and roads) Wellwood Leslie Architects
  13. 13. Dunham Road • Wall U-values 0.15- 0.18w/m2/K • Roof U-values 0.15w/m2/K • Infiltration 3m3/h/m2@50pa • Minimal use of solar orientation • Solar Thermal • Electric resistance heating • MVHR
  14. 14. Dunham Road Timber frame, cold roof. Timber double glazed Pavatex Diffutherm or Pavaclad, Hemp Insulation Modern lime renders and plasters by Baumit Breathable NBT Contract Eco Paints Minimal VOC’s / Toxins in fit out , FSC etc
  15. 15. Dunham Road
  16. 16. Dunham Road • Clear performance specification • Simplicity and proven products • Good team • Overall sustainability theme (eg healthy homes)
  17. 17. Lincoln Grove, Bladon 9 New Homes in Cotswold Style Kingerlee Homes and Lifehaus Started at CSH3..... Project Value £3m ALP Architects Post occupancy monitoring.
  18. 18. Lincoln Grove, Bladon Walls 0.22w/m2/K, Roof 0.18w/m2/K, Floor 0.2w/m2/K, Windows 1.4w/m2/K Excellent overheating control Infiltration 4m3/h/m2@50pa Solar Thermal Passive Stack Ventilation Biomass and Gas heating
  19. 19. Lincoln Grove, Bladon Issues • Technical design team:- – eg Cold bridging from structural engineers • Build issues:- – Infiltration problems due to missing parge coat in hidden areas – Window performance • ‘Different’ materials and specifications.
  20. 20. Old Apple Store, Ecos Homes • 5 new residential properties in rural Somerset. • CSH 5 certified (one of only 2 in UK?) • Pippin Properties main contractor • 2006 ‘Best sustainable development in the UK’
  21. 21. Old Apple Store, Ecos Homes • Timber frame • Super insulated – Warmcell and external Pavatex board • Wood pellet heating • Solar thermal • Simplified design • Procured in packages
  22. 22. Old Apple Store, Ecos Homes • CSH 5 Certified • Walls 0.14w/m2/K, Floor 0.15w/m2/K, Roof 0.12w/m2/K, Windows 1.2w/m2/K • Infiltration of 3m3/m2/hour • Passive ventilation, solar thermal, PV and rainwater harvesting • Central internal service run, minibore pipes, reduced pipe runs, no radiators in living space • Apart from infiltration, would exceed PassivHaus
  23. 23. Old Apple Store, Ecos Homes • Experience led them down the envelope led route • Off-site panel manufacture, onsite insulation and airtightness • Whole house monitoring of energy, water, temperature and humidity • Still a long way from ‘Zero Carbon’
  24. 24. Future & Current Projects One Brighton for Crest Princes Foundation – Nicholson and Bioregional Natural House at BRE Quintain
  25. 25. Resources